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[01:41:22] <Bytram> If you ever need to download a copy of a windows ISO: https://www.thurrott.com
[01:41:44] -!- exec [exec!~exec@crutchys.brothel] has joined #dev
[01:41:51] <Bytram> https://www.thurrott.com
[01:41:54] <exec> └─ 13Tip: Download Windows 7 and 8.1 ISOs - Thurrott.com
[01:41:59] <Bytram> thanky
[21:26:34] <NotSanguine> Hey Buzzard. If/when you have a moment, I received an email from SN entitled "30 day gift subscription to soylent news" with no relevant information about what that means. Would you be able to tell me what's up with that, or should I harass someone else? Thanks!
[21:42:09] <chromas> Sounds like somebody bought you a gold star
[21:43:17] <chromas> The email could be a little more descript though
[21:44:34] * chromas sees ein gold star
[21:51:23] <NotSanguine> hey guys.
[21:51:41] <NotSanguine> Thanks Chromas
[21:52:12] <NotSanguine> I already had a subscription. I went and checked and it seems that I do, in fact, have an additional month tacked on.
[21:52:37] <NotSanguine> But that's anonymous if the user wants it to be, correct?
[21:55:04] <NotSanguine> So I guess I won't get to thank whoever it was that did so. Must have been Khallow or eth, since they always love everything I write. :)
[21:55:57] <chromas> I'm not sure if it even can be non-anonymous. TheMightyBuzzard would know though, and maybe Bytram.
[21:56:15] * chromas suspects others would too
[22:35:29] <NotSanguine> On the subscription page, it says "The recipient of a gift subscription will be notified of your purchase through email. Who do you want the recipient to be told the gift is from?" with a box (35 char limit) to fill out. Mine is populated with my username and I don't recall adding it.
[22:36:58] <NotSanguine> It also appears that gift subscription notification emails are not configurable from the ~user/my/messages page either. Interesting. I guess I will remain forever ignorant of the source of this gift.
[22:46:21] <NotSanguine> Thanks again, Chromas!
[22:46:27] <chromas> You're welcome
[22:46:52] <chromas> They could've left it blank, but I wonder if a staff could look into the db or something to find out. Probably sharing it would be frowned on though
[22:54:31] <NotSanguine> No worries. I don't *need* to know. I do find it interesting that my benefactor chose to be anonymous.
[22:57:18] <NotSanguine> But that's their choice and I respect it. I was more interested in the email than about wanting to know who did it.
[22:58:01] <NotSanguine> Especially since the only supscription-related emails I configured was "Subscription Running Low" in my prefs.
[22:58:59] <NotSanguine> It's nbd. I'll just be looking under chairs for crumpled up CC receipts for a while. :)
[23:48:33] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: I can't seem to put my finger on it now, but someone reported a problem with the journal entries where the date for the entry contained only the last two digits of the year. Simple fix in generic;journal;default
[23:48:35] <Bytram> replace:
[23:48:41] <Bytram> <div class="journaldate">[% Slash.timeCalc(article.day,"%A %B %d, %y") %]</div>
[23:48:51] <Bytram> with:
[23:48:52] <Bytram> <div class="journaldate">[% Slash.timeCalc(article.day,"%A %B %d, %Y") %]</div>
[23:48:58] <Bytram>
[23:49:26] <Bytram> It is currently live on prod so you can see it is working; needs to be updated in the official template.
[23:51:21] <Bytram> NotSanguine: if you are still around, please PM me wrt subscription