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[13:35:23] <Bytram> Saw something weird today; refreshed story list page and saw: (1) Topic column was blank and (2) Skin was "_none" in all rows. Chromas and I saw a single story showing "_none" a few days ago. Refreshed and it went back to normal, today. cache issue, maybe?
[13:40:46] <cmn32480> ~blame
[13:40:48] * exec points at Bytram
[13:41:17] <Bytram> *chuckles*
[13:41:25] <Bytram> cmn32480: hey! How ya been?
[13:41:39] <cmn32480> keeping my head above water.
[13:41:45] <cmn32480> how about you?
[13:41:55] <Bytram> sounds like a good idea unless you can grow some gills!
[13:42:02] <Bytram> about the same
[13:42:16] <cmn32480> no gills... but people keep chucking cinder blocks at me
[13:42:53] <Bytram> had some excitement with a fire in my apartment building a couple weeks ago, but fortunately was in a unit distant from mine and only two units were damaged enough to make them uninhabitable.
[13:43:15] <cmn32480> ewww
[13:43:16] <Bytram> sure hope you have learned how to duck!
[13:43:17] <cmn32480> that sucks
[13:43:20] <Bytram> nod nod
[13:43:32] <cmn32480> I've learned not to try to catch them
[13:43:45] <Bytram> management company apparently had good insurance; cleanup company seems really professional
[13:43:59] <Bytram> get a trampoline and lob 'em back at
[13:44:11] <Bytram> get a trampoline and lob 'em back at 'em?
[13:44:44] <cmn32480> trampoline won't help treading water... unless it is tall enough to stand on....
[13:44:50] * cmn32480 gives consideration to this idea
[13:44:51] <Bytram> are you on the road again or back home?
[13:44:57] <cmn32480> home for a couple weeks
[13:45:02] <cmn32480> then out for a week
[13:45:02] <Bytram> yays!
[13:45:06] <Bytram> not so yays
[13:45:09] <cmn32480> then home a couple weeks...
[13:45:13] <cmn32480> then gone to France adn scotland
[13:45:17] <cmn32480> for 3 weeks
[13:45:25] <Bytram> NOICE!!!
[13:45:28] <cmn32480> yeah
[13:45:33] <cmn32480> that trip is much needed.
[13:45:36] <Bytram> oui oui!
[13:45:44] <cmn32480> total vacation
[13:46:01] <Bytram> btw, be careful about how and where you say that. ;)
[13:46:04] <Bytram> tru dat
[13:46:17] <Bytram> Good. For. You!
[13:46:39] <cmn32480> I took a oui oui a few minutes ago
[13:46:58] <cmn32480> onyl problem is I gotta take J with me
[13:47:07] <Bytram> lol!
[13:47:10] <cmn32480> I'm kidding....
[13:47:22] <Bytram> how's the "puppy" ??
[13:47:35] <cmn32480> still growing
[13:47:42] <cmn32480> she's a shade over 100lbs now
[13:47:59] <cmn32480> the 2nd one is a shade under 100lbs... but she is full grown
[13:48:21] <Bytram> zoinks!
[13:48:28] * Bytram wonders who takes whom for a walk?
[13:48:30] <cmn32480> yeah.. they are quite the pair
[13:48:36] <cmn32480> I walk them
[13:48:39] <cmn32480> they walk the kids
[13:49:14] <cmn32480> they outwiegh the kids by a fair bit
[13:49:32] <cmn32480> shit... one dog outweighs the 2 smaller kids
[13:49:56] <Bytram> sounds like you need bigger kids?
[13:52:13] <cmn32480> they'll handle that on their own
[13:52:17] <cmn32480> eventually...
[13:52:30] <Bytram> most likely, yup.
[13:53:49] <Bytram> nice chatting with ya, but I should really get cleaned up and start getting ready for work (late shift tonight; get out at 2030-ish)
[13:54:17] <cmn32480> ewww
[13:54:21] <cmn32480> have a good day
[13:54:34] <cmn32480> take it easy oif the raods are crap
[13:55:44] <Bytram> thanks, they are -- about 6" of snow last night
[13:57:57] <Bytram> afk