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[10:36:10] <fyngyrz> TMB, question.
[10:36:52] <fyngyrz> In my accounts comments listing, the heading/description of "fyngyrz latest X of Y comments"
[10:37:24] <fyngyrz> but when I make a comment in a journal, as I did just now, the comment does nto appear at the top, though it is, indeed, my latest comment.
[10:38:07] <fyngyrz> I'm wanting to call this a bug. Is there any reason this should work this way, or is it something you'd be willing to fix?
[10:39:01] <fyngyrz> If nothing else, it's annoying, because it makes the comment out-of-time order and thus more difficult to find.
[10:40:39] <fyngyrz> Looks to me that the sorting is actually by date of story/journal, then by comment. I would dearly like to remove the first level of sorting.
[10:40:51] <fyngyrz> An option, perhaps?
[10:42:24] <fyngyrz> oh, FFS, it *is* an option.
[10:42:28] * fyngyrz runs and hides
[10:43:41] <fyngyrz> ok, one tiny suggestion: change the heading of the listing based on the option selected, and provide a link to "change sort order" on the user prefs page.
[10:43:45] <fyngyrz> Sigh.
[10:44:49] <fyngyrz> mmm... also, the sort order arrow does nothing when just sorting by comment date. :)
[10:45:54] <fyngyrz> ...doesn't do anything when results are grouped either, although it does flip direction (up/down)
[10:46:05] <fyngyrz> the arrow does, I mean. Not the sort.
[11:52:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> fyngyrz, picked up a cold yesterday. thinking's about code's currently a herculean effort.
[16:39:39] <fyngyrz> ouch, sorry. Cuddle up and feel better soon!
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[21:11:36] <Kuro> Get well soon TMB. Just got over my cold that took almost a week to feel human again.
[23:05:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> cheers, Kuro. spent most of the day in bed so far, so it's been a day well spent in any case.