#dev | Logs for 2018-12-16

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[00:15:15] <fyngyrz> Bug report: in my soylentnews.org prefs, if I select "uncut and raw" for my filter level, then save, it comes back as "Filter Most ACs"
[00:19:08] <fyngyrz> This is in the "MEssages" section, not the "Comments" section
[01:25:53] <fyngyrz> also, I think I've prodded the soylent comment parser into revealing some kind of bug:
[01:25:56] <fyngyrz> http://ourtimelines.com
[01:44:53] <chromas> I wonder if the tag-balancing code is confused by the abbr tag.
[01:45:02] <chromas> Perhaps it think it doesn't needs closing
[01:48:07] <fyngyrz> I've been using it extensively, this is the first post I've tried to make where it came out... funny
[01:48:36] <fyngyrz> so it's been dealing with open/close over and over again.
[01:48:53] <fyngyrz> I've probably made nearly a hundred posts like this until today
[01:49:12] <fyngyrz> both in story comments, and in my journal
[01:49:25] <fyngyrz> and other people's journals, actually
[01:53:43] <fyngyrz> AHA. I found what triggered it. I changed my preferences from "Show link domains in comments and stories" to "Never show link domains" and that broke it. I changed it back, the post works fine
[02:09:43] <Bytram> speaking of which... "Show link domains in comments and stories" does not show domains in Extended Copy for me when viewing a story. :(
[02:40:38] <fyngyrz> lol - the reason I went to turn it off was because of how annoying and pointless it was... the browser shows not just the domain, but the entire link in the status line with just a hover. It just goes to show how differently people use the tools at hand.
[03:29:52] <Bytram> heh, I like being able to see the information, in-line, with no additional action required on my part. I now read 'normal' articles and wonder why it's *not* there! =)