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[19:58:45] <fyngyrz> So I don't know if anyone's taken any notice of this, but I've been running some of the stories on the front page through my acronym processsor.
[19:59:40] <fyngyrz> I'm up to 465 acronyms/abbreviations as of this moment, and it seems that the code is doing the right things with the content (which is to say, not screwing it up.)
[20:00:33] <fyngyrz> The Github project is here: https://github.com
[20:01:31] <fyngyrz> That project is a stand-alone system that runs on a webserver. Paste in your content, hit submit, copypasta the result out. Works for stories and posts on SN
[20:02:30] <fyngyrz> SN is welcome (of course) to take the acronym file and run with it and incorporate the automatic illumination of abbreviations and acronyms into the story posting.
[20:03:14] <fyngyrz> The actual code to do so is minimal. In my project, I also highlight the missing caps/caps+numbers sequences so I can easily add to the acronym file.
[20:04:03] <fyngyrz> If this is to be done for the SN article editor, I suggest an automated, non-page-leaving way to add them to the file. Because the editor is so slow.
[20:04:14] <fyngyrz> Which probably means Javascript. :)
[20:05:29] <fyngyrz> Or, the processing could occur on the display of TFS when the front page is loaded, and in the preview on the edit page. That'd make sure that TFS was always up to date with the acronym source file.
[20:06:38] <chromas> you could make a porchmonkey script
[20:06:44] <chromas> oh tampermonkey
[20:06:54] <fyngyrz> no idea what those are :)
[20:07:06] <chromas> browser extension that lets you run scripts on web pages
[20:07:22] <chromas> takyon has one that runs on soylent and gives extra tools to editors
[20:07:28] <fyngyrz> that doesn't keep TFA updated, though
[20:07:49] <fyngyrz> I think it'd be best if the actual replacement ran on front page display
[20:07:53] <chromas> It could add a button to detect abbrevs and wrap them in expansion tags
[20:08:16] <fyngyrz> That way, when an acronym is added, the article automatically updates, and the editors can do it after the fact, before, anytime
[20:09:28] <fyngyrz> Say MD isn't in the file (it is, but...) and you write a story with MD in it. A day later, MD is added to the file, then the next time TFS is viewed on SN, it is illuminated
[20:09:28] <chromas> That'd add an extra server hit per page load
[20:10:19] <fyngyrz> the TFS data is already loaded; so all it has to do is run the content through some Perl. It shouldn't add any server hits at all
[20:11:22] <chromas> Should do like some sites and put the abbrev list into the html as a json block then use javascript to look it up and adjust the article in-browser :D
[20:11:45] <fyngyrz> and then it wouldn't work for many visitors
[20:11:56] <fyngyrz> you're pulling my leg, aren't you
[20:12:13] <fyngyrz> this place is seriously anti-javascript
[20:12:59] <fyngyrz> but in any case, that'd add a slowly growing load to the bandwidth over time, which is probably bad
[20:36:47] <fyngyrz> -----------