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[19:19:25] <Freeman> Is this working?
[19:21:22] <Freeman> ?
[19:21:27] <Freeman> There we go.
[19:21:47] <Freeman> <URL:https://www.biblegateway.com/passage/?search=Revelation+3%3A14-22&version=NIV;KJV;NKJV>
[19:21:59] <Freeman> Ends up with a broken link when trying to add it into a comment.
[19:22:35] <Freeman> Specifically, "&version=NIV;" seems to gets remvoed from the link.
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[22:25:20] <SoyGuest7057> Diagnosed:
[22:25:23] <SoyGuest7057> https://dev.soylentnews.org
[22:25:37] <SoyGuest7057> WONTFIX?
[22:25:52] <SoyGuest7057> Possible improvement to be "friendly":
[22:28:25] <SoyGuest7057> Detect dodgy entities in auto-URL-ification at the same time as you detect comment spam. If dodgy &entities=found; then reject as spam with the helpful message "your post contains a malformed URL, please ensure your '&'s are '&amp;'s", or something like that.