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[00:01:00] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: I'm over hear.
[00:01:04] <Bytram> *here
[00:01:07] <TheMightyBuzzard> kay
[00:01:14] <Bytram> so, please define "bad karma"
[00:01:34] <Bytram> better, yet please enumerate all bad karma mods
[00:01:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> all comments start with 0 karma. negative is bad, positive is good.
[00:01:57] <Bytram> k
[00:02:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> all the adjustments for registered members, etc... get added to that score during processing.
[00:02:44] <Bytram> you lost me already
[00:02:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> we're talking ultimate base karma. nothing but moderation affecting it.
[00:02:55] <Bytram> this is where I struggle....
[00:03:12] <Bytram> concepts, ideas, grouping terms can have multiple interpretations.
[00:03:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> you know all the ways we can make comments have a higher score or lower score in preferences? none of them are applied to this score.
[00:03:29] <Bytram> Please provide concrete examples.
[00:04:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> and how registered users comments start at 1 while AC comments start at 0. that's what i mean.
[00:04:27] <Bytram> ok, got that... so if I 'friend' someone, and give friend comments a +5 modifier in my preference... thqt would NOT count,here
[00:04:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> all comments actually start at zero and the moderations are applied to that zero. everything else comes at page render time.
[00:05:05] <Bytram> or... a bonus +1 for funny mods
[00:05:14] <Bytram> is that what you are talking about?
[00:05:19] <Bytram> those getting ignored
[00:05:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> yes
[00:05:30] <Bytram> k
[00:05:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> they're not so much ignored as their processing comes after this in the logic chain.
[00:05:57] <Bytram> hmm? oh. nod nod
[00:07:11] * Bytram wanted to improve the strength of his logic chain, but the only nearby links he could find were at a... golf course
[00:07:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> you don't have any zelda games at all?
[00:08:08] <Bytram> nope
[00:08:17] <Bytram> brb... dishes
[00:08:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> good lord.
[00:11:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, i'm out until just before bed. got tv to watch and a book to read.
[00:16:14] * Kuro watches and soaks in the logic chains hoping he'll become smarter
[00:16:24] <Bytram> back
[00:16:50] <Kuro> wb
[00:17:09] <Bytram> sorry 'bout that... pasta sauce needs to be cleaned asap or is a royal pain to cleanup later.
[00:18:02] <Kuro> red or white sauce?
[00:18:15] <Bytram> red
[00:18:21] <Kuro> yum
[00:21:27] <Bytram> yesterday was my day off... coworker called out... I came in and worked the closing shift. Got home 9pm-ish. made dinner, went to bed. woke twice with leg cramps. Had the opening shift this morning... got home 6:30pm-ish, fixed and ate a quick spaghetti dinner, and am trying to grok some new stuff that TheMightyBuzzard came up with
[00:21:46] <Bytram> come to think of it...
[00:22:08] <Kuro> uggg hate when you gotta go in on scheduled off dayd
[00:22:17] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: May I ask what the purpose/goal of this karma aging is?
[00:22:46] <Kuro> try eatting a banana before bed if you suffer from regular leg cramps and also stay hydrated with a high ph water
[00:23:02] <Bytram> bananas--
[00:23:02] <Bender> karma - bananas: -1
[00:23:19] <Bytram> squishy foods activate my gag reflex
[00:23:23] <Kuro> Not a fan of bananas I take it
[00:23:28] <Kuro> ew, thats not good
[00:23:34] <Bytram> nodnod
[00:23:54] <Kuro> try drinking water with high ph levels
[00:24:08] <Bytram> is like looking at ahead of lettuce that has been sitting in the fridge for a couple weeks and has gone a bit slimy?
[00:24:26] <Bytram> one's reaction to eating that?
[00:24:32] <Kuro> no thanks
[00:24:33] <Bytram> is what happens to me when I try to eat a banana
[00:24:44] <Kuro> dont know if I can eat a banana ever again now :(
[00:24:46] <Bytram> zactly. no thanks
[00:24:51] <Bytram> sorry!
[00:25:25] <Bytram> if they are *fresh*, barely ungreen, then I suppose I could handle it.
[00:25:33] <Bytram> but it would still be iffy for me.
[00:25:38] <Kuro> its ok, i have a short term memory and will probably be back to eating them in a day or two and forget your comparison lol
[00:25:46] <Bytram> whew!
[00:25:58] <Kuro> wait... so what about banana splits?
[00:26:46] <Bytram> nope
[00:26:58] <Kuro> gotcha
[00:27:09] <Bytram> so... what is high ph water?
[00:27:37] <Bytram> prolly something basic, I bet.
[00:27:42] <Bytram> ;)
[00:27:51] <Kuro> its water that has a higher ph balance. More or less
[00:28:05] <Kuro> bottled water like core, essentia, and theres one more
[00:28:26] <Kuro> taste wise they have a much better taste in my opnion
[00:29:04] <Bytram> #g ph of baking soda
[00:29:05] <MrPlow> https://sciencing.com - "Feb 9, 2018 ... Baking soda, also known as sodium bicarbonate, has a pH of 9, making it a mildly alkaline substance."
[00:29:30] <Bytram> so, adding a spoonful of baking soda to a glass of water would help?
[00:29:44] <Kuro> mmmm, dont know about that
[00:31:09] <Kuro> its water thats pH balanced to the human bodys level for better hydration
[00:32:29] <Bytram> well, I had a good... 1/2 cup or so of spaghetti sauce with my pasta... so that's gotta have some acidic components to it, I would imagine
[00:33:11] <Kuro> mmmmm, that sounds so good
[00:33:23] <Kuro> and you have left over sauce to make a pizza :D
[00:34:09] <Bytram> takes too long
[00:34:15] <Kuro> lol
[00:34:22] <Bytram> some people live to eat. I don't. I eat to live.
[00:34:49] <Bytram> it seems to be a necessary consumption of time to partake of things which give me sufficient sustenance so that I can actually do the things that I *want* to do.
[00:34:57] <Kuro> thats a good mentality, it's fuel and not entertainment
[00:35:07] <Bytram> don't get me wrong
[00:35:34] <Kuro> you like good food, but it's not the end all be all of living
[00:35:35] <Bytram> A good filet mignon once in a while, or even a fine prime rib, with a nice couple of baked potatoes and some baby carrots... nice!
[00:36:16] <Bytram> OTOH, one cup of rice, one can of chili with beans, one can of water, stir, heat, eat. That works for me, too.
[00:36:28] <Kuro> nod nod
[00:36:49] <Bytram> if there were more things in there to actually *chew* on, then it would be...
[00:36:53] <Bytram> gnawed gnawed
[00:36:56] <Bytram> ;)
[00:37:00] <Kuro> haha
[00:37:31] <Kuro> There are times where i wish i could just take a pill and that would be sufficient for eating/getting nutrients
[00:37:33] <Bytram> I am far, FAR better at consuming and comprehending written information...
[00:37:40] <Bytram> when it comes to auditory input, well
[00:38:02] <Bytram> every time I hear a homonym, my brain follows every. single. path.
[00:38:06] <chromas> [sad beep]
[00:38:47] <Bytram> [I eye] saw [too, two, to] it [awl ready | alreaDY]
[00:39:22] <Bytram> #g tew
[00:39:22] <MrPlow> https://www.merriam-webster.com - "Define tew: to work (leather) by beating or kneading; to prepare for some purpose; beat, belabor — tew in a sentence."
[00:39:32] <Bytram> there's another one!
[00:39:38] <Bytram> #g thew
[00:39:39] <MrPlow> https://www.merriam-webster.com - "Thew has had a long, difficult past during which it discovered its strengths and weaknesses. In Middle English it carried a number of meanings, referring to a custom, habit, personal quality, or virtue. The word began to tire in the 16th century but was soon revitalized with a new meaning: it began to be used specifically for the ..."
[00:40:00] <Kuro> so #g brings the first google result?
[00:40:22] <Bytram> [I | eye] saw [too | two | to | tew | thew ] it [awl ready | already]
[00:40:26] <Bytram> seems so
[00:40:34] <chromas> I think it's like the ol' Feelin' Lucky button
[00:40:41] <Kuro> got it
[00:41:14] <Bytram> so that short, simple sentence has, if I am counting correctly, 20 different interpretations
[00:42:10] <Bytram> many are quickly pruned, but there's a buncha 'noise' (heh!) that comes along for the ride, so listening demands a far larger portion of my concentration than reading does.
[00:44:05] Bytram is now known as bytram|fite
[00:44:29] bytram|fite is now known as bytram
[01:04:49] * bytram doesn't mind the long days so much, but it is the short nights that catch up with me
[01:04:54] * bytram heads to be early.
[01:47:28] <TheMightyBuzzard> bytram, the goal of karma aging is so that even if a site decides to never archive stories it can still have karma for ipids decay so that what someone did ten years ago from an address does not affect someone using it today
[01:48:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> also, i'd like our bad karma to decay without being tied to the archive date.
[01:49:05] <TheMightyBuzzard> i thought it already did and was quite disappointed to learn it didn't.
[01:49:36] * TheMightyBuzzard goes back to his book
[10:54:15] <bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: thanks for that -- it helps a LOT!
[10:55:40] <bytram> my work situation is... interesting. We are severely short-staffed atm and everyone is being asked to put in longer/more shifts. I am mentally prepared for that to happen around the holiday season, but not so much around this time of year.
[10:55:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> wut? my book helps a lot?
[10:56:14] <bytram> Usually, this is the time when I get a chance to recharge my mental and physical resources in preparation for the NEXT holiday season.
[10:56:30] <bytram> yup... oh, and they all live happily ever after!
[10:56:35] <bytram> ;)
[10:56:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> talk do da boss. explain "WTF, yo?!" to him.
[11:01:07] * bytram debates going back to bed
[11:02:10] <TheMightyBuzzard> nah, save that for while you're at work
[11:02:21] <bytram> yeah, right.
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