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[11:36:36] <Xyem> TheMightyBuzzard: Sure, feel free to throw them to me whenever
[11:37:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> Xyem, cool beans. i'll see what i can come up with after my caffeine kicks in.
[12:18:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> gah, i'm going to be spending all day updating dev(lithium) and magnesium. still, plenty of time for other stuff while shat compiles.
[12:48:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> fyngyrz, error in your PR. line 32. wrong id for that question. should be "hciss".
[13:49:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> fyngyrz, sent you an invite to the SoylentNews repo on github.
[13:52:41] <TheMightyBuzzard> xyem, sent you an invite to the SoylentNews repo on github
[13:56:52] <Xyem> Awesome, thanks :)
[13:56:58] <Xyem> Unexpected, but awesome nonetheless :)
[13:58:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> well if you're gonna be on the team, it'd be handy to have you able to review/merge pull requests and for me to be able to assign issues to you.
[13:59:55] <Xyem> Very true!
[14:00:45] <TheMightyBuzzard> still work from your own fork and make pull requests like normal though. keeps things tidy. also don't merge your own prs unless they're of an exceedingly trivial nature.
[14:01:41] <Xyem> Okay, no problem.
[14:05:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> Xyem, got you a few to start with. if you have issues finding where the relevant code for one is, just ask. i've gotten pretty damned good at chasing it down in this codebase.
[14:08:44] <Xyem> Thanks, I'll take a look when I get home.
[14:19:20] <TheMightyBuzzard> no rush. i got sidetracked myself today and don't have time to do much except get dev updated.
[16:59:56] <Xyem> What's the deadline for these?
[18:01:40] <fungus> fyngyrz-> 04>should be "hciss" 11Done
[18:51:56] <TheMightyBuzzard> Xyem, hmm... let's go with a tentative answer of June 1
[18:52:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> plenty more where those came from if you finish early though
[18:53:38] <TheMightyBuzzard> fyngyrz, cool, merged
[19:58:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> note to self. read error messages more closely on compiles and you'll save yourself some time when it's being caused by low disk space.
[22:01:45] <Kuro> Low disk space causing errors is the worst thing ever
[22:14:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> no, that's non-alcoholic beer.
[22:15:07] <Kuro> non-alcohilic beers causing errros is the worst? lol
[22:17:49] <TheMightyBuzzard> no, it's just the worst thing ever.
[22:18:14] <TheMightyBuzzard> proper beer lets you forget about the errors
[22:18:24] <Kuro> that is true
[22:19:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> it's a tough race between faux beer and decaffeinated coffee, mind you
[22:19:36] <Kuro> man there's so many errors I wish I could do a low level format from my brain and maybe overwrite with garbage data
[22:19:56] <Kuro> decaf coffee is pretty bad too... it's like why bother?
[22:20:05] * Kuro takes a chug of his coffee
[22:20:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> try a reality tv marathon. that should do the trick.
[22:21:24] <Kuro> Ugggg... I dont want to forget how to fucntion like a normal human being
[22:22:03] <TheMightyBuzzard> normal people are boring, even to each other. us crazy folks always win out in social situations.
[22:22:30] <Kuro> thats true, id rather be "weird" or "odd" than be normal
[22:22:59] <fungus> fyngyrz-> 07(r)Amen
[22:24:07] <Kuro> thankfully all the cool people still use the tools from times of the internet before walled social networks and other trash lol
[22:24:28] <fyngyrz> funny how that is
[22:24:47] <fyngyrz> there's a lot higher concentration of smart, too
[22:25:01] <TheMightyBuzzard> cool, almost got dev ready to be a gcc6 box. soon as glibc gets done building i can start recompiling every single installed package.
[22:25:21] <Kuro> I'm guessing when someone utters the phrase "check my instagram/twitter/facebook page" they cringe? it's not a page... it's an account. you had no part in developing that "page" :p
[22:25:33] <Kuro> That too fyngyrz
[22:26:00] <Kuro> very cool TMB
[22:26:03] <chromas> They don't even say account though.
[22:26:10] * chromas checks his facebook
[22:26:15] <Kuro> exactly chromas
[22:26:28] <chromas> s/account/page/
[22:26:32] <fyngyrz> My SO is all over Facebook. Family is there, etc. She's plenty smart, but I just can't wean her off. But I get to hear about all the idiots she encounters. It's... painful.
[22:27:00] <chromas> It's why Jesus invented Diaspora
[22:27:23] <Kuro> I deactivated my personal fb account about 5-6 years ago, it's been great. no more daily reminders of everyeone having babies, getting married, etc.
[22:27:42] <TheMightyBuzzard> i use facebook as god intended. friend very close friends and family, unfollow all of them who post idiotic shit.
[22:27:43] <chromas> But you don't get the dankest memes
[22:27:46] <fyngyrz> When we say "thank you Jesus" at dinner, we only expect to hear "de nada" at the window.
[22:28:13] <Kuro> If I want the dankest memes I get them a day or two before they go viral on Reddit or 4chan :p
[22:28:51] <Kuro> Is anyone using Diaspora? Been meaning of setting up and trying Mastodon
[22:29:01] * TheMightyBuzzard briefly ponders coding up a meme creator for SN using imagemagick and perl
[22:29:08] <chromas> Probably fewer than those using google+
[22:29:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> mastodon is SJW central
[22:29:17] <Kuro> burn
[22:29:30] <Kuro> really? hmmm
[22:29:37] <fyngyrz> no... thought about it, but nature of the server environment put me off, plus, there's rocket.chat of which I have a running instance, and give us most of what we want for media exchange, chat, etc
[22:29:49] <fyngyrz> it's running on my server, and only the fam can get at it
[22:29:59] <TheMightyBuzzard> diaspora is interesting but i ain't even gonna try getting grandma to set it up.
[22:30:03] <fyngyrz> But it has a definite modern bent as to media exchange and the like
[22:30:10] <fyngyrz> yes, TMB< exactly
[22:30:24] <chromas> She doesn't have to run her own server
[22:30:24] <fyngyrz> rocket.chat is much, much better for my needs.
[22:30:31] <fyngyrz> They have nothing to do other than log in once
[22:30:53] <fyngyrz> no ads, no tracking, just family
[22:30:55] <TheMightyBuzzard> i just call them if i want to talk to them, which i normally don't.
[22:31:04] <fyngyrz> we havea few of those too :)
[22:31:06] <Kuro> rocket.chat like a slack alt?
[22:31:11] <fyngyrz> yes, pretty much
[22:31:16] <Kuro> nvm, first sentance of the site says it is
[22:31:17] <fyngyrz> (to Kuro)
[22:31:23] <Kuro> thanks fyngyrz
[22:31:28] <fyngyrz> you bet. Highly recommend
[22:31:41] <chromas> is it like mattermost?
[22:31:47] <fyngyrz> Download it, you've got the source code, make it into anything you want and don't worry about anyone else
[22:31:49] <Kuro> Never used slack before
[22:32:27] <Kuro> mainly was interested in Mastodon as a twitter alternative and self host to see whats out there and maybe set it up for some friends
[22:32:35] <TheMightyBuzzard> ooooh, hey... we set up dev as a binhost. i only gotta rebuild everything from source once then i can pull binary packages to magnesium.
[22:32:44] <chromas> Looks like an irc-y thing in js https://alternativeto.net
[22:32:46] <exec> └─ 13Rocket.Chat Alternatives and Similar Software - AlternativeTo.net
[22:32:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> JS!?
[22:32:52] <fyngyrz> slack (and Ryver) are pretty nice. Ryver gave up on free accounts for more than 6 members of an instance, so they're of no more use to me, but I do engage with slack with some work-related things, and it's very nice
[22:33:09] <fyngyrz> no, really not like IRC
[22:33:16] <Kuro> I hear that those that use slack love it to death
[22:33:24] <fyngyrz> certainly you can type and talk, buts way more than that
[22:33:27] <TheMightyBuzzard> fuck js. i'm installing a family rehash instance.
[22:33:34] <chromas> It's got the #channels, so it's totally like irc
[22:33:41] <Kuro> lol TMB
[22:33:42] <fyngyrz> um, yeah, no. :)
[22:33:57] <fyngyrz> Nothing wrong with JS if it's YOUR JS
[22:34:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> is so. i had to write it. that's even worse than having to use it.
[22:34:14] <chromas> Other than the language
[22:34:58] * TheMightyBuzzard makes paulej72 do all 5KB of SN js
[22:40:43] <fyngyrz> bah. JS is just "c with shortcomings"
[22:41:02] <chromas> Exactly
[22:41:05] <Kuro> Yup
[22:41:25] <Kuro> JS is wannace
[22:41:36] <fyngyrz> I'm a c / Python guy. A really ridiculous amount of c and c++. Very very comfortable. JS was a doddle to learn.
[22:42:02] <fyngyrz> The thing that is a problem with JS isn't JS, but the proliferation and expectations of usage of the various frameworks, which I just laugh at.
[22:42:23] <fyngyrz> I wrote my own stuff. Then if it breaks, I can bloody well fix it.
[22:42:27] <Kuro> I'm a php user, and by that being I can hobble bits of code together to do simple things with DBs
[22:42:30] <chromas> The web should switch to pre-compiled code instead of js
[22:43:07] <Kuro> then the entire web would be full of each site having it's own app store and no more web pages
[22:43:20] <Kuro> then again thats pretty much the entire "mobile" web
[22:43:28] <chromas> Nah, browsers can still download it the same way. It'd just run faster
[22:43:38] <fyngyrz> I vote for 6809 assembly. With a 64-bit address space. But otherwise, 6809 VMs for all. There's never been a better processor.
[22:43:45] <fyngyrz> instructino-set wise
[22:43:53] <chromas> Sounds Spanish
[22:43:58] <Kuro> oh I see what you mean chromas , i was thinking too distopian and walled gardened
[22:46:03] <fyngyrz> Not that I'm prejudiced or anything
[22:46:18] * fyngyrz looks guilty - and prejudiced
[22:46:34] <Kuro> that the sequel to Pride and Prejudice?
[22:46:51] <fyngyrz> at the very least
[22:47:35] * Kuro is feeling very 90s listening to new order while chatting in IRC.... the good ol days
[22:47:56] <chromas> asl
[22:47:59] <chromas> do you have icq?
[22:48:06] <Kuro> Looooong time ago
[22:48:17] * chromas loads up chathouse.com
[22:48:32] <Kuro> wasnt it a/s/l?
[22:48:57] <fyngyrz> {guilty}
[22:48:57] <fungus> that was all me, sorry
[22:49:06] <chromas> Punctuations for chumps
[22:49:10] <Kuro> I remember chatting in Compuserve chatrooms and playing their muds back in the day
[22:49:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> 328 packages compiling. on a two core processor. this may take a little while.
[22:49:30] <Kuro> good luck o7
[22:49:37] <fyngyrz> That's "punctuation's for chumps", pal
[22:49:37] <chromas> You should switch to centos
[22:49:58] <TheMightyBuzzard> whitespaceisfornoobs
[22:50:12] <fyngyrz> like this: WhiteSpaceIsForNoobs
[22:50:23] <fyngyrz> it's the middle of the road
[22:50:29] <fyngyrz> (choice)
[22:50:36] <chromas> white08spaceis08fornoobs
[22:50:44] <fyngyrz> oh yeah, that works
[22:50:48] <TheMightyBuzzard> i have a differently abled shift key, you insensitive clod!
[22:50:58] <chromas> redspaceisfornoodz
[22:51:03] <fyngyrz> I wonder if I built that into my macro language... seems like I would have.
[22:51:06] <Kuro> \/\/H173$p@C31$4|\|00b$
[22:51:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> chromas, s/space/tube/
[22:51:17] <Kuro> god that hurt to type out and read
[22:51:32] <chromas> Make a script to type it next tim
[22:51:33] <chromas> e
[22:51:42] <Kuro> That makes too much sense
[22:52:00] <chromas> 13375p34k.vbs
[22:52:07] <Kuro> plus im too lazy to figure out how in irrsi
[22:52:25] <TheMightyBuzzard> okay, i'm hungry. ima cook stuff, eat stuff, fuck off the rest of the night, and let dev do its thing
[22:52:36] <Kuro> later TMB have a good one
[22:53:32] <chromas> Netflix has a Castlevania shomicroseries
[22:53:42] <chromas> s/s//3
[22:53:47] <Kuro> yup, and its really good
[22:53:55] <Kuro> season 2 is in the works IIRC
[22:54:00] <chromas> Nice
[22:54:17] * chromas hasn't loaded netflix in awhile
[22:54:29] <Kuro> the two brothers that own the animation studio that made it are pretty chill dudes, least on twitter
[22:58:18] <Kuro> Netflix seems to be focusing more on its own produced works rather than licensing other works. Also Hulu seems to be growing and the netwrosk realizing better to not license to Netflix and keep shows on their own platform
[22:59:14] * Kuro grumbles about Archer and Always Sunny being taken off Netflix
[23:02:31] <chromas> Yeah. The media companies probably figured out there's profit to be had so jacked up their license feeds
[23:02:52] <chromas> fees so they can double dip with hulu
[23:02:53] <Kuro> Or flat out decided not to license out
[23:04:24] <Kuro> Might be just me but it seems silly to have a netflix, hulu, ultra violet, disney streaming, etc accoutn for all these streaming platforms. too much segrigation... but then again capitalism and everyone wants to make a buck
[23:04:53] <Kuro> in the end the market will dictate who wins and who closes up shop
[23:07:47] <fyngyrz> (back) {crumble here we go, easy enough}
[23:07:47] <fungus> (back) HereWeGo,EasyEnough
[23:07:58] <Kuro> wb
[23:08:03] <fyngyrz> lol
[23:09:51] <fyngyrz> not just make a buck, but not share that buck with others, because that dilutes the value of the buck. Doesn't occur to them that there would be MORE bucks. But then there's that whole "monopoly misbehavior" thing
[23:10:13] <Kuro> that too lol
[23:10:49] <Kuro> plenty for everyone, its not like the video files are a finite item.
[23:11:05] <fyngyrz> mself, I'm willing to pay for good, entertaining content.
[23:11:11] <Kuro> same
[23:12:00] <Kuro> but there is some common sense that kicks in where it's like how many streaming platforms do i need to subcribe to where 75% of the library might be the same