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[02:44:17] <chromas> Did slashdot-it.pl get deleted?
[02:44:50] <chromas> I found a site linking to that (on slashdot). It doesn't work on the current site, and I can't find it or anything similar on sn
[02:45:09] <chromas> That's what we really need—a soyl-it button for websites to put up
[04:18:38] <Kuro> What;s slashdot-it.pl? Guessing an install script?
[04:19:24] <Kuro> I had found this a while ago before getting in touch with TMB Looks to be a fairly comprehensive bash script to isntall rehash https://github.com
[04:20:24] <Kuro> it ran for the most part but would break around the make test of mod_perl IIRC where I believe the make file was being worked on
[13:15:49] <fyngyrz> ANU story done, needs 2nd
[13:15:59] <fyngyrz> gah, wrong sub
[13:19:01] <chromas> From the link on the site, it appears slashdot-it.pl was for submitting stories to slashdot, like digg-it or other icons sites have to submit their bloggin's to sites
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