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[01:09:57] <Bytram> Kuro: yes, the site is NOT image heavy -- AFAICR just category icons, and a few 'control buttons' for expanding/collapsing a single comment or an entire comment tree. Also, of course, there's the favicon's and just a few others for 'print', 'atom', and 'rss'
[01:10:16] <Bytram> there might be a few others, but that should cover the majority of it.
[01:10:53] <Bytram> All that's left is txt (HTML), css, and some limited Javscript (for admin tasks)
[01:11:08] <Bytram> and, yes, vidya == video games
[01:12:13] * Bytram is not sure when TMB would be back, so filled you in as best I could from what I know. I'm sure he'll let me know if I missed (or messed up) anything!
[01:31:30] <chromas> We have too many colors in the icons. Colors aren't hip. Time to switch to monochrome
[01:36:49] <Kuro> @Bytram. Thanks for the clarification. Probably a lot lighter bandwidth wise compared to a wordpress or drupal install.
[01:37:23] <Kuro> I figured it was vidya games, wasnt sure if it was code for something else lol.
[01:39:22] <Kuro> Appreciate the help from everyone, seems like my interest in rehash set off a buzz of activity haha. I do appreciate you guys updating and fixing the software. like I had told TMB initially, im in no rush, looking to use this on a personal project thats been itching in the back of my mind for a while
[01:39:38] <Bytram> nod nod
[01:40:04] <Kuro> +1 for monochrome icons.... save all the bandwidths! haha
[01:41:13] <Bytram> there's a phenomenal telling of the early days of the site and the issues faced when trying to go from a many-years-out-of-date repository to a working site; at our three year anniversary
[01:41:32] <Bytram> I'll look it for ya in a few minutes
[01:41:43] <Bytram> dinner prep calls atm, however
[01:41:48] <Kuro> I've read quite a bit of the Meta posts
[01:42:05] <Kuro> like the initial days of the site and the x year anniversary posts
[01:42:49] <Kuro> even came across a post on the gentoo forums about you guys switching over while looking for install guides/tips etc
[01:42:57] <Kuro> no worries :) have a good dinner
[01:49:44] <Bytram> that was what I was thinking of... I think it was told by mechanicjay(?)
[01:58:37] <Kuro> Could have been, I just know there was a lot of reading on my part before jumping on here
[02:36:19] <Bytram> I really appreciate it when someone does their own legwork before jumping in and asking for help!
[02:36:26] <Bytram> Kuro++
[02:36:26] <Bender> karma - kuro: 1
[02:38:09] <Kuro> Haha, same here. Working in IT I have some family/friends ask for random help... usually ask them if theyve googled it. Then proceed to send them a LMGTFY link lol
[02:38:40] <Kuro> Ooooo, the irc bot is named bender and tracks karma? nice!
[02:39:29] <Kuro> Its like... most of the worlds knowledge, especially tech/programming stuff is available online. Just gotta look for it and trial and error
[11:02:59] <Bytram> Kuro: "most of the worlds knowledge, especially tech/programming stuff is available online" -- may be the case, now. When I got started, one had to find a book that was, hopefully, not terribly out of date, or... figure it out yourself.
[11:03:18] <Bytram> aka Trial AND error =)
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[21:47:59] <Kuro> Oh man... talk about memories... you talking before the O'rielly books and like SAMS learn what ever in 24 hours?
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[22:24:42] <Kuro> Alright, lets see how the install goes on an ubuntu 16.04 aws instance
[22:43:01] <Kuro> Looks like cloning from the rehash repo and doing a sudo make build-environment install still errors out at the recipe for target 'stamp/perl-built' failed....annnnddd.. i just learned about reading what commits were done and looks like I jumped the gun lol