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[12:20:08] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: that's strange that we were running apache 2.2 again instead of 2.4... I wonder how *that* happened?
[12:21:39] <Bytram> could it be referenced in the site 'bouncer' script? Or, maybe, when we restart the server, it has the old version referenced in the box startup script(s)?
[12:22:58] <Bytram> hhhmmmm, what box was found to be running Apache 2.2? Is there a URL I can load, remotely, that the header responses could be monitored for when things change?
[12:24:53] <Bytram> looks like that is a no-go... we have the front-ends running nginx which put their headers in the reply
[12:47:54] <Bytram> most importantly: Thanks a BUNCH for taking care of the certs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
[12:48:01] <Bytram> time to get ready for work... laters
[15:57:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> Bytram, beryllium. see sylnt.us.
[23:52:37] <Deucalion> Ahhh Bery.... the swiss army knife,,, all things to all men