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[01:45:35] <Bytram> mrpg noted a problem with about.pl -- link to Cowboy Neal leads to a Burial Memorial operation. See #editorial for some details on past use.
[01:46:01] <Bytram> in: default;about;about
[01:46:05] <Bytram> Need to change:
[01:46:22] <Bytram> <p>Slash was originally written by <strong>CmdrTaco</strong> and <a href="http://www.cowboyneal.org/" target="blank">CowboyNeal</a>.</p>
[01:46:22] <upstart> ^ 03404 Not Found
[01:46:29] <Bytram> to be:
[01:46:30] <exec> └─ 13404 Not Found
[01:47:17] <Bytram> <p>Slash was originally written by <strong>CmdrTaco</strong> and <strong>CowboyNeal</strong>.</p>
[01:47:42] <Bytram> see in-memory update (that needs to be updated in the site source) here: https://soylentnews.org
[01:47:43] <upstart> ^ 03SoylentNews: About
[01:47:45] <exec> └─ 13SoylentNews: About
[01:47:49] <Bytram> lol
[01:48:02] <Bytram> and... is time to get some shuteye. laters!