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[00:00:31] <Bytram> Here's another... the default UID for a gift subscription seems to be the UID for "mcasadevall" -- and I have nothing wrong with that -- but it appears without explanation and most people would not have access to a list of ALL of the UIDS and matching nicks.
[00:04:16] <Bytram> brb afk
[00:07:18] <Xyem> Bytram: Thanks for having a look. The UID is from the production site. It's the default when you gift a subscription as AC.
[00:09:02] <Xyem> The logic to use it was only in acsub, but now I've moved it into one template, it shows in both.
[00:13:56] <Bytram> hth, and thanks for the explanation to me, but it still remains that he average user still does not know who UID 6 is.
[00:14:16] <Bytram> also, wrt excess whitespace, just need this in the site (base?) css:
[00:14:25] <Bytram> fieldset > p { margin-top: 0 }
[00:14:39] <Bytram> gotta get back to making dinner... biab
[00:23:58] <Bytram> back, and with a clarification on excess white space...
[00:24:27] <Bytram> I use Pale Moon, and have installed the Firebug addon.
[00:25:48] <Bytram> I added the css rule I posted above and that particular page displayed w/o excess white space... I do NOT know what would happen on other pages on the site, i.e. whether or not there would be problems adding that as a geneal rule for the entire site.
[00:25:53] <Bytram> *general rule
[00:26:27] <Xyem> It's alright, I can fix it without breaking the rest of the site.
[00:26:52] <Xyem> It was more about the tabularised duration/cost and the UID auto-show I was bothered about.
[00:27:01] <Xyem> And the rewording.
[00:35:46] <Bytram> was distracted reading: http://www.os2museum.com
[00:35:47] <upstart> ^ 03PC DOS 1.0, But Not Quite | OS/2 Museum
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