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[01:48:44] <Bytram> what makes you so doubtful?
[01:49:09] <Bytram> btw, just updated the site_news block with updated income stats
[07:14:15] <Xyem> Bytram: Partly because I'm not sure I would accept it if it was sent to me :)
[07:14:41] <Bytram> based on what I've seen so far, that suggests that it is probably in pretty good shape! =)
[07:15:03] <Bytram> call it the anti-Dunning-Krueger perspective
[07:15:07] <Xyem> Haha :)
[07:15:45] <Xyem> It's cleaner in one sense (less duplictation) but messier in another (the new conditionals).
[07:15:53] <Xyem> duplication*
[07:16:12] <Bytram> I kinda liked the first spelling!
[07:16:31] <Bytram> is that like repeating, I say, repeating yourself when taking dictation?
[07:16:36] <Bytram> ;)
[07:16:40] <Xyem> Morning, by the way.
[07:17:01] <Bytram> yes, too early in the, but yes. Good morning to you, too.
[07:17:09] <Bytram> is about 0715 for you?
[07:17:22] <Xyem> 08:15
[07:17:34] <Bytram> oh, right.
[07:17:42] <Bytram> subtract 5h and you've got my time.
[07:18:25] <Xyem> Nice..
[07:18:33] <Xyem> Planning to sleep?
[07:18:43] <Bytram> It was^wis a dark and stormy night.
[07:19:27] <Bytram> yep, woke @ 0230 or so, hit the can, take meds, and wait about an hour for them to take effect before going back to sleep.
[07:19:36] <Xyem> Ah I see.
[07:21:12] <Bytram> and just made a slight change to a story that just went live when I saw a link appear in the #rss-bot channel and noticed that link was not already in our story.
[07:22:52] * Bytram finishes 2nding a story
[07:24:14] * Bytram looks at the weather radar and notices that it only seems like the rain is heavy right now... is gonna get a lot worse in about 15 minutes. :(
[07:24:23] <Bytram> so glad I have a roof over MY head tonight.
[07:31:11] <Bytram> ... and that I do not live here: https://earth.nullschool.net
[07:32:23] <Xyem> Indeed.
[07:32:29] <Bytram> or... here: https://earth.nullschool.net
[07:32:30] <upstart> ^ 03earth :: a global map of wind, weather, and ocean conditions ( https://earth.nullschool.net )
[07:33:50] <Bytram> I find that page to be mesmerizing... playing with all the controls for different things to display... could prolly watch it all day long!
[07:37:09] <Xyem> Just don't forget you need to sleep and stuff
[07:37:41] <Bytram> yep
[07:56:12] <Bytram> okay, that's it for me.
[07:56:26] <Bytram> Xyem: nice chatting with ya! Hope you have an excellent day!
[07:57:00] <Xyem> Rest well and speak to you again later.
[15:55:52] <Xyem> Would someone have a look at the purchase (gift)? subscription on dev and let me know if it looks good (aside from the excessive whitespace under the fieldset legend)? https://dev.soylentnews.org
[15:55:53] <upstart> ^ 03subscribe
[23:56:19] <Bytram> Xyem: clicky
[23:56:26] * Bytram reads page
[23:56:45] <Bytram> there's a minor thing, but it's been bugging me for a while wrt:
[23:56:46] <Bytram> Payment is handled by Stripe (credit card/BitCoin) or PayPal (PayPal/credit cards).
[23:57:09] <Bytram> might be better if the same things are in the same place in the parenthesized parts
[23:57:39] <Bytram> Also, in one place it is credit "card" (singular) and in another it is credits "cards" (plural)
[23:57:42] <Bytram> so, maybe:
[23:58:01] <Bytram> Payment is handled by Stripe (credit cards/BitCoin) or PayPal (credit cards/PayPal).
[23:59:10] <Bytram> So that was one thing.