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[07:15:52] <FatPhil> Hmmm, this has slipped through view-at-0-and-above : Well, duh (Score: -1, Interesting) *NEW*
[12:29:55] <Bytram> FatPhil: Ummm, do you have a link? Also, what mode were you using and what were your settings for Threshold and Breakthrough?
[13:50:42] <Bytram> paulej72: TheMightyBuzzard: Good Morning! I *think* I've conceptually narrowed down an issue with &noupdate=1; Whenever I moderate (I'm certain about this) or comment on a story(pretty sure--double check this for me), the returned URl has noupdate=1 in it. That is "sticky". IOW, from that point onwards, it persists in the URL unless I specifically reload the page fresh from the story URL. So, that means that *NEW* does not get reset. N0ot
[13:50:42] <Bytram> sure where to go from here, but I think TMB was on the right path to consider replacing "noupdate" with "update", but that, too, may have problems with persisting in the URL... may need some kind of "out-of-band" way to pass it along... maybe in the DB? I dunno. Undercaffeinated at this point. But I hope that helps in narrowing things down.
[13:50:56] <Bytram> and, with that, I can procrastinate no longer and need to get ready for work.
[13:50:59] <Bytram> afk
[13:52:02] <paulej72> I would like to do it out of band, but I am not sure if it can be done reliably.
[13:53:20] <Bytram> yeah, that's what I've been leaning towards, too... but unsure what mechanisms, short of something in the DB, could work. Anyway, food for thought. Really gtg
[13:53:21] <Bytram> afk
[13:54:20] <Bytram> oh, unless we have a redirect in the page that is returned which then takes one to the same url 8without* the problematic parameter? Wicked messy and more roundtrips to the server. :/
[14:06:54] -!- janrinok [janrinok!~janrinok@Soylent/Staff/Editor/janrinok] has joined #dev
[14:10:29] <paulej72> I was looking into passing vars with the user var. It is currently being hijacked to send the archived state of a story through the system. It could easily be used to send other vars. I just need to find out hou permenent the settings would be. Does mod per build it for every user session, then discard it. or is saved for a longer period?
[14:10:51] <Bytram> janrinok: HI!
[14:11:15] <Bytram> no idea, but we also need to keep ion mind wht happens if we need to restart thew system
[14:11:16] <janrinok> hi Bytram - how goes it, managed to get a bit of rest?
[14:11:29] <paulej72> for short time stuff it should work, so when on the home page, one can set update true for the user and then unset it when reading a story.
[14:11:29] <janrinok> ~gday paulej72
[14:11:38] <paulej72> Hello janrinok
[14:13:23] <Bytram> a bit.
[14:13:23] <Bytram> am trying to get ready for work. whatr about YOU????
[14:13:23] <Bytram> exec is out of commission until cmn32480 gets back
[14:15:33] <janrinok> didn't realise cmn was away! I've had a bit of rest, still need some more, but am receiving treatment for my problems. Other family members are off any immediate danger lists but still require their own care.
[14:15:55] <Bytram> {{{ janrinok }}}
[14:16:30] * Bytram wishes all a speedy and complete recoverey
[14:16:41] <janrinok> thankyou very much!
[14:17:13] * janrinok thinks he likes it without exec ....
[14:17:26] <Bytram> pejalska! (Or however it is speeled)
[14:17:41] <janrinok> I know what you mean :)
[14:18:13] <Bytram> =)
[14:18:22] <janrinok> pozhalyista is probably as close as I can get typing in arabic chars
[14:18:33] <Bytram> nodnod
[14:19:02] <Bytram> hey! If a person who knows two languages is called bilingual, what do you call a person who knows only one language?
[14:19:17] <Bytram> An American!
[14:19:19] <Bytram> =)
[14:19:25] <Bytram> ok, really gtg.
[14:19:30] <Bytram> have a great day everyone!
[14:19:31] <janrinok> have a good one!
[14:20:24] <janrinok> paulej72, you and the team still applying fixes to bugs?
[14:21:00] <paulej72> we took the weekend off, but we have some more to work on.
[14:21:44] <janrinok> it was sounding a bit frazzled in the comments to Bytram's progress reports
[14:22:34] <paulej72> yeah, TMB was totally burnt, and I had some prior commitments that I needed to attend to. Then I was so burnt yesterday I did nothing
[14:23:13] <janrinok> a massive effort on your part, but the majority of comments are positive and constructive
[14:25:33] <paulej72> Yeah, but we need to whittle down the issues.
[14:25:53] <janrinok> any that I can help investigate without looking at the actual code?
[14:27:01] <paulej72> Not really, most have good descriuptions so we know what needes fixed, it is mostly getting the4 time and desire to do so.
[14:27:54] <janrinok> OK, don't hesitate to ask if you think I can contribute - otherwise I will stick to edity things
[14:28:54] <paulej72> sure and thanks
[14:31:22] <janrinok> perhaps a silly question - but have we removed the ability to message people? I've just accessed a submitter's name and it doesn't show the expected message box
[14:34:23] <janrinok> disregard - it was only available to eds, and I've logged on as Arthur the bot.... Ooops :(
[19:31:33] <charon> paulej72, TheMightyBuzzard: I have one more issue to dump on you. when you are reading a story in a nexus, most ofthe links leading out of it start with https://soylentnews.org or /politics/. they probably should lead back to the main site, not the nexus
[19:31:35] <aqu4>  ^ "3SoylentNews: SoylentNews is people"
[19:57:26] -!- janrinok has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[20:13:40] <DECbot> charon: that behavior has be around for a long time. I thought it was an annoying feature. When looking at a nexus article, you back onto the nexus homepage when clicking the "home" link, and then "home" link on the nexus homepage takes you to the the site homepage.
[20:14:36] <DECbot> But it has been around since the introduction of the Meta nexus.
[20:14:37] <charon> yeah, and the main site icon in the upper left is also to the base page.
[20:15:16] <DECbot> also the home link on the bottom of the page.
[20:15:23] <charon> but meta articles are fewer, and politics is probably going to be one/day.
[20:15:34] <charon> nope, the home at the bottom is to the nexus
[20:16:02] <charon> someone reported it in a comment, so i'm passing it along
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[20:32:11] cheater0002 is now known as TheMightyBuzzard
[21:22:35] <paulej72> some links are nexus specific and will go back to nexus, but others are site specifice like anythign user related. thoes links go to the main site
[21:24:00] <paulej72> Will need to look at the home link and how it works.