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[00:03:01] <Bytram> okay, I've figured out how to explicitize this; another test story with more test data coming in a while... biab
[00:07:33] <TheMightyBuzzard> ha, think i found the flat bug
[00:10:17] <TheMightyBuzzard> oh god damnit. something in TOS broke the shit outa flat
[00:11:02] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'll fix it later. it's important but i'm not pulling another 12h day.
[00:30:04] <Bytram> okay, I've got the permutations I want to create down to 64... now to actually create 'em
[00:30:10] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: yeah call it good for the day.
[00:30:26] <Bytram> if what I am planning pans out, it should make things a LOT easier to isolate
[00:32:12] <Bytram> so close; gonna make dinner while I sort out the rest of my plans
[00:39:33] <Bytram> afk
[00:39:36] <Bytram> biab
[00:43:28] <paulej72> Hola
[00:50:56] <NCommander> $!@#
[00:51:00] * NCommander just had to debug his linker
[00:51:04] <NCommander> Stupid idiotic behavior
[02:01:49] <paulej72> TheMightyBuzzard: I can do the changes needed for New comments, but I would rather do them after you fix your stuff. I am working on getting some of the bugs fixed, like passing page through the redirects
[02:02:05] <paulej72> I am putting them in your code on dev
[02:28:33] <Bytram> I'm on dev and am getting an error trying to post a comment in reply to another comment... instead of the comment preview, I see: "HASH(0x9b53930)" :(
[02:52:38] <Bytram> paulej72: ^^ any idea what is happening here?
[02:53:22] <Bytram> the value of HASH() changes each time I hit either preview or submit
[02:53:52] <Bytram> if I am persistent, I can eventually get a comment to post, but it is hit or miss atm
[02:58:39] <Bytram> I am wondering if I am running into the filter which restricts how many comments you can submit over a certain period of time... but there is no error/warning to that effect
[03:00:42] <Bytram> ahhh, there it is! there is a message at the very top of the page, but I don't see it because when the page refreshes after I click submit, it brings focus back to the comment I am trying to submit -- the warning is way off the top of the screen
[03:03:05] <Bytram> I'm granting test_user_0000 1 day's subscription
[03:03:19] <Bytram> (all of this is on dev, of course)
[03:05:08] <Bytram> yep, that seems to have done the trick
[03:08:40] <paulej72> Bytram: seems like preview may be using the deprecated templates that are puking on TMB's new code
[03:08:51] <paulej72> Moderation is fucked up as well
[03:09:13] <Bytram> whoah! thanks for the warning... as that was the next thing that I was going to use.
[03:09:24] <paulej72> probably need to dedprecate some of thoes templates
[03:10:19] <paulej72> I was trying to track down the moderation issue, but I am not having any luck
[03:10:41] <Bytram> your warning was JUST in time; I had only one more comment to post and then I was going to go on a moderation spree
[03:11:11] <paulej72> we you could have tried, but you would have gotten no where
[03:11:35] <Bytram> how does it go wrong? error message or something?
[03:12:26] <paulej72> it seems like the function is not getting done for moderate inside of comment.pl
[03:12:55] <paulej72> all it does is build the header and then dump some raw html out
[03:13:21] <Bytram> well, I just got lucky!
[03:13:47] <Bytram> I *can* moderate comments from the user's page
[03:13:49] <paulej72> I think the form is getting malformed
[03:13:50] <Bytram> for example: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[03:13:51] <aqu4>  ^ "3 test_user_0000 - Dev.SN User "
[03:14:16] <Bytram> plese don't play with that particular page, as I'm setting up specific test scores there
[03:24:54] <Bytram> and... I was successfully able to moderate comments on a story page, as well... but I was doing that as user martyb who has god mode seclev
[03:27:05] <Bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: paulej72: Here is a test story I created: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[03:27:06] <aqu4>  ^ "320170215e - Test Story - Please DO NOT Moderate and DO NOT Post Comments - Comment Score Testing - Dev.SN"
[03:29:35] <Bytram> top level comment has score -1, it has 4 children, with scores of: -1, 0, 1, and 2; each of THOSE kids have 4 kids of their own
[03:29:49] <Bytram> top level comment has score -1, it has 4 children, with scores of: -1, 0, 1, and 2; each of THOSE kids have 4 kids of their own
[03:31:06] <Bytram> and that does it for me -- I am pooped out.
[03:31:20] <Bytram> best of luck to you all and to all a good night!
[03:48:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> paulej72, dispComment's return value is a hashref now instead of a scalar. anything using it needs to be changed to $hashref->{data} rather than $hashref
[03:50:04] <TheMightyBuzzard> heading to bed now. i'll kick some more of its ass tomorrow.
[03:52:22] <paulej72> well I can't find the issue with moderation
[04:00:48] <paulej72> maybe someone else can find it tomorrow
[11:21:00] * TheMightyBuzzard is back at it
[11:43:58] Bytram is now known as bytram
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[20:11:51] <bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: I'm confused, I'm seeing THREE different styles of comments on one page: https://dev.soylentnews.org
[20:11:53] <aqu4>  ^ "320170215e - Test Story - Please DO NOT Moderate and DO NOT Post Comments - Comment Score Testing - Dev.SN"
[20:12:23] <bytram> There's fully expanded (like Comment_0000 -- because it is top-level)
[20:12:51] <bytram> and, there is "Comment Below Threshold" for those which score less than 3
[20:14:02] <bytram> but I also see some shrunken comments for Comment_0001, Comment_0002, and Comment_0003
[20:14:47] <bytram> I cannot seem to grok why (since those are all below the threshold and breakthrough) that they are appearing as they are (shrunken) instead of as "Comment Below Threshold" which is what I expected for those, too.
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[21:21:21] <TheMightyBuzzard> bytram, if a child hits breakthrough we cannot style its parents as below threshold because that collapses their thread as well.
[22:32:41] <bytram> TheMightyBuzzard: okay, I can see that this explains what I am seeing... how do we explain this in plain terms, along with all the *other* rules that affect whether a comment is displayed and how it appears? I'm trying to embrace this, really I am, but this is not, umm, user-friendly.