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[16:47:34] <FatPhil> How about something like this in listStories;admin;default:
[16:47:37] <FatPhil> <a href="[% gSkin.rootdir %]/article.pl?sid=[% story.sid %]"[% IF story.dept %] title="[% story.dept | strip_attribute %]"[% END %] >
[16:48:14] <FatPhil> rather than just a plain href, give it a mouseover hint of the department.
[17:01:11] <Bytram> interesting... /me ponders if there might be some other attributes we'd want to display... and if so, do we want those, instead, or do we find a way to have a multitude of alternate, hoverable attributes...
[17:01:40] <Bytram> or, is that even a good approach... how do you hover on a touch device like smart phone or tablet?
[17:03:54] <FatPhil> if you never even know about the feature, you'll not miss it, so just don't tell anyone!
[17:04:46] <Bytram> don't get me wrong, I like the thinking, am just trying to look past the immediate and see what potential problems (if any) may result... maybe we'll want to add another column just for expanded attributes/notes/etc. ??
[17:04:47] <Bytram> tell'em what?
[17:04:48] <FatPhil> VIEW NOTE is a hoverable button on the submissions page
[17:04:48] <Bytram> be vewee vewee quiet... we are hunting wabbits
[17:06:06] <Bytram> yes, I noticed... and that is what prompted my thinking... I could easily see requests for more things to be made available that way... so was thinking of planning for it, rather than have it happen in an ad-hoc fashion
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[17:21:55] <FatPhil> the '***' notes are implemented differently, of course.
[17:22:13] <FatPhil> So now is definitely the time to decide what method is actually desired.
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