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[00:30:30] <mecctro> Woops, was trying to push the wrong file, no-wonder it never updated
[00:33:26] <TheMightyBuzzard> s'why i keep a good .gitignore file, so i can git commit -a
[00:33:56] <mecctro> I'll probably have to have one handy soon lol
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[02:36:43] <mecctro> I fixed the SQL issues you mentioned under the perl branch, and updating everything to compile and work with 5.24.0, there probably needs to be more testing before a pull, though it does install and seem to function properly.
[02:36:52] <mecctro> updated*
[02:37:37] <mecctro> there were a few other things, but it's pretty straight-forward.
[02:39:54] <mecctro> oh yea I tacked in parallel compilation / testing
[02:40:39] <mecctro> need a cross-platform way to pull logical core count for it
[02:44:10] <Bytram> mecctro: write a script that, depending on the OS on which it is running, uses the OS-specific mechanism to count the cores and return that as a value, if error, then return 0
[02:45:15] <Bytram> would be interesting to see how Win 10's anniversary edition, which has a full bash, etc. implemented, handles such a query.
[02:45:58] <mecctro> I'm sure it'd be "fun"
[02:47:21] <Bytram> cat /proc/cpuinfo | grep processor | wc -l
[02:47:55] <Bytram> nvm that one... this shouild be better:
[02:47:56] <Bytram> getconf _NPROCESSORS_ONLN
[02:49:59] <mecctro> does it take uname?
[02:50:11] <Bytram> here's a better one: CORES=$(grep -c ^processor /proc/cpuinfo 2>/dev/null || sysctl -n hw.ncpu)
[02:50:16] <Bytram> should work on linux and OS X
[02:50:21] <Bytram> i dunno
[02:50:36] <Bytram> http://stackoverflow.com
[02:50:37] <aqu4>  ^ "3linux - Number of processors/cores in command line - Stack Overflow"
[02:50:49] <mecctro> so that'd probably be bsd compatibly too then.
[02:51:23] <mecctro> sysctl -n hw.ncpu : I'm not really sure
[02:51:34] <Bytram> http://stackoverflow.com
[02:51:35] <aqu4>  ^ "3bash - How to obtain the number of CPUs/cores in Linux from the command line? - Stack Overflow"
[02:55:41] <Bytram> the latter SO link seems to be more informative than the first
[03:04:50] <mecctro> I'll be sure to check it out
[03:07:32] <Bytram> hth
[03:07:44] <Bytram> break time
[03:08:00] <mecctro> breaks lol
[03:08:11] <Bytram> on second thought... bed time
[03:08:16] <Bytram> ~gnight mecctro
[03:08:17] <mecctro> ;)
[03:08:18] * exec crutchyly formulates a fartbox of flowers for mecctro
[03:08:23] <mecctro> ~gnight Bytram
[03:08:25] * exec buttmagically vomits a buttload of a fart machine on Bytram
[03:08:32] <mecctro> much fart
[03:08:34] <Bytram> I thnk they both stink!
[03:08:39] <Bytram> lol
[03:08:43] <mecctro> peace lol
[03:08:48] <Bytram> have a great night
[03:08:52] <Bytram> ciao for now
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[04:12:56] <mecctro> ok, I think I see what is going on now: DynamicBlocks plugin wants "ajax_ops" installed, but the plugins are installed with no regard for SQL deps, so it tries to install before the Moderation plugin which creates that table.
[04:18:25] <mecctro> either that or DynamicBlocks is really supposed to create ajax_ops, not sure.
[04:19:17] <mecctro> scratch that, it probably comes in from the Ajax plugin
[04:19:29] <mecctro> wew
[04:20:08] <mecctro> what a pain
[04:20:56] <mecctro> yup
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[06:05:22] <mecctro_> hmm the only place I see a reference to ajaxDeleteMessage is in DynamicBlocks.pm, is this not used anymore?
[06:05:42] <mecctro_> if not, I can simply remove that sub and the SQL insert for it
[06:06:18] <mecctro_> there is one other reference in "upgrades_legacy" but I'm not sure how important it is?
[06:15:32] <mecctro_> it didn't seem to cause me any error, not sure if it's a leftover, or something someone was just starting maybe?
[09:40:00] <TheMightyBuzzard> mecctro_, remove the sub and the reference to it and the table creation
[09:40:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> upgrades_legacy can be safely ignored
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[17:21:53] <mecctro_> That was the underlying cause of the annoyance with (some) of the SQL on install
[17:28:47] <mecctro_> points I'm still hesitating with as I'm not sure it should be created with Moderation, as it seems to be called from all-over.
[17:29:40] <mecctro_> I do have another issue, but it's been present since before perl-5.24.0, perl isn't grabbing the global apache response correctly
[17:31:13] <mecctro_> probably a config issue, but it comes back from Slash/Environment.pm
[17:31:19] <mecctro_> through*
[17:39:24] <mecctro_> Slash/Utility/Environment.pm*
[17:39:37] <janrinok> ~gday mecctro_
[17:39:39] * exec disturbingly farts a massive fart a boot of dogfart at mecctro_
[17:39:50] <mecctro_> ~gday janrinok
[17:39:52] * exec single-handedly blows a chest of feminists at janrinok
[17:40:01] <janrinok> sounds like you are having fun
[17:40:17] <mecctro_> all the typical stuffs
[17:40:21] <mecctro_> what the happs?
[17:40:39] <janrinok> nothing - just checking that the story queues are topped up
[17:41:32] <janrinok> and lurking in case someone has a problem
[17:41:33] <mecctro_> good stuff, I'm pretty useless when it comes to that.
[17:41:41] <janrinok> so am I :)
[17:43:12] <mecctro_> should get the rest of my FAH stuff setup by next weekend, hopefully
[17:43:29] <janrinok> on one machine, or more?
[17:45:13] <mecctro_> 5 more dedis (very old / odd though) get a gpu in the other dedi, setup another (old) dedi with a gpu. Then sort another potential machine on intel, and another semi active machine on amd/amd
[17:45:22] <mecctro_> so 8 totalish
[17:45:40] <mecctro_> I have to get the rack setup again though to dip the old guys
[17:46:06] <mecctro_> PXE-boot should be done (so they should just boot up, and start dedi crunching)
[17:46:09] <janrinok> that should suck some power
[17:46:14] <mecctro_> probably
[17:46:36] <janrinok> I've just dedicated 3 cores of my quad-core server
[17:46:42] <mecctro_> I used to use the older rigs for testing distributed code.
[17:47:02] <mecctro_> with winter coming up, they're basically just heaters that happen to crunch slowly lmao
[17:47:22] <janrinok> I have a second machine (standby server) but it throws out so much heat I don't like to use it too often
[17:48:16] <mecctro_> I had thought of getting some odd hardware back up on boinc, but I think the power is too much (2 older IBM bull server, and an old AS400)
[17:48:45] <mecctro_> Something like 3000 watts and a seperate dedicated power line just to run the AS400 lol
[17:48:50] <janrinok> I don't have any fancy GPUs - just on-board graphics so my contrib is fairly minimal
[17:49:20] <janrinok> but they are cycles that wouldn't be doing anything else, so they might as well do FaH
[17:49:32] <mecctro_> yea, mine has taken a plummet as my main rig has been occupied with some machine learning tasks.
[17:50:00] <mecctro_> as far as the old rigs, I really should have them up for other testing either way
[17:50:13] <janrinok> I take it you are in the US?
[17:50:42] <mecctro_> For now, and you?
[17:50:57] <janrinok> I'm a brit but I live in France
[17:51:26] <mecctro_> How's that working for you?
[17:52:02] <janrinok> good. We've been here 10 years in January and we've settled in well
[17:53:20] <mecctro_> cool beans, so it's you and family then (if I may ask)?
[17:54:27] <janrinok> just me and my wife. I retired from the military 10 years ago, and we planned to travel and enjoy life. Then she began to suffer from MS, and is now fully wheelchair bound. I'm her full-time carer.
[17:55:01] <janrinok> I work on the site because I am tied to the house most of the time, and it gives me something to do
[17:55:25] <mecctro_> Well, I hope she's doing ok, and I can understand those sentiments.
[17:55:45] <janrinok> I also program in Python (did perl about 15 years ago but don't really fancy doing it again)
[17:56:16] <mecctro_> I've never been a big python or perl person to be fair.
[17:56:32] <janrinok> Unfortunately, the prognosis for my wife is not good. Just a long slow deterioration which no-one can say how far it will go
[17:56:58] <janrinok> certainly no chance of a recovery
[17:57:09] <mecctro_> Is there anything that helps?
[17:57:20] <janrinok> me!
[17:57:45] <janrinok> other than that, there is some pain relief but little else
[17:57:47] <mecctro_> haha, well, better that then some stranger
[17:58:20] <janrinok> I get nursing help twice a day and I have become quite an accomplished cook after 10 years
[17:59:09] <janrinok> how about you - single, married?
[17:59:31] <janrinok> tell me to mind my own business if I ask too many questions :)
[18:00:31] <mecctro_> well, I'm not married, on principal, but I've been with my girlfriend for 8 years.
[18:00:46] <mecctro_> 9 on the last day of December
[18:00:54] <janrinok> sounds like she can put up with you then
[18:01:16] <mecctro_> She tolerates my neurotic / annoying behavior.
[18:01:18] <mecctro_> lol
[18:01:36] <janrinok> lol sounds like you met at a New Years Eve party?
[18:02:15] <mecctro_> It was just happen-stance, met online (some weird question about yoga on yahoo-answers)
[18:02:19] <mecctro_> talked for like 2 years
[18:02:32] <mecctro_> she bussed out here (I was basically homeless)
[18:02:36] <janrinok> now there's a story for another time ...
[18:02:39] <mecctro_> lol
[18:02:54] <mecctro_> it's a hell of a parable.
[18:03:14] <mecctro_> either way, she just happened to land here on that day, ever since we've been peas in a pod.
[18:03:24] <janrinok> I met my wife in Germany, although she is French/Brit !
[18:03:45] <mecctro_> Holiday or something?
[18:03:51] <janrinok> sounds like you've been lucky - I hope it all continues
[18:04:26] <janrinok> No, I was posted to a base in Germany just after the first Gulf War, and she was employed as a teacher on the base
[18:04:28] <mecctro_> good and bad like everything else. Pretty much house-bound as well.
[18:04:49] <mecctro_> ah, very cool, sounds like a romance film from the 50s
[18:05:17] <janrinok> pretty much, we met on my first day there, and within 2 weeks we were a double act
[18:06:20] <janrinok> no regrets about meeting - although we both wish things had not gone the way that they have, obviously
[18:06:59] <janrinok> her biggest disappointment is that she had to give up teaching
[18:07:18] <mecctro_> I can imagine that would be a pretty big blow... I'm sorry to hear that.
[18:08:07] <janrinok> just the way things are - we both manage to keep a sense of humour and things could be much worse
[18:08:26] <mecctro_> I was just going to ask about comedy, that always seems to be a lift.
[18:09:15] <mecctro_> If you can laugh when things suck, it can be a pretty decent release.
[18:09:29] <janrinok> we probably have at least 3 good laughing sessions each day. We always find something to laugh at, often along with one of the nurses on their visits. They actually look forward to coming to see her/us
[18:10:23] <mecctro_> That's the way to do it.
[18:10:29] <janrinok> they find it a pleasant surprise that someone who is confined to a wheelchair can laugh so much
[18:11:00] <mecctro_> I'm sure it's a weight off everyones shoulders. Just kinda laugh through the dysfunction.
[18:11:38] <janrinok> probably why I fit in here - a very mixed bunch of individuals but plenty of laughs too
[18:12:11] <mecctro_> Family, Food, a bit of comedy... sounds decent to me
[18:13:02] <janrinok> not complaining, well, not today anyway. I do get down from time to time but the Ed team help to keep my spirits up
[18:14:25] <mecctro_> I'm sure some days are worse than others, but I'm glad to hear you're keeping it together.
[18:15:34] <mecctro_> It often times sucks being in a position where your partner can't do shit, and you're in pain. I feel for my better-half having to "deal" with it sometimes.
[18:16:30] <janrinok> we live each day as it comes, and as I say we try to find a few laughs as well
[18:16:49] <mecctro_> It sounds like you have good people around you too.
[18:16:54] <mecctro_> not a bunch of ninnies
[18:16:56] <mecctro_> lol
[18:17:24] <janrinok> no, we have good neighbours - not close or intrusive but there if I need them
[18:17:50] <mecctro_> oh yea, that's how it should be.
[18:18:26] <mecctro_> You don't want "Dan the man" coming over to bust your shit up, party, and spread gossip. lol
[18:18:42] <mecctro_> or any combination thereof
[18:18:55] <janrinok> no, no problems like that
[18:19:09] <mecctro_> My neighbors are a bit of a problem (the loud in your business mouthy types)
[18:19:22] <janrinok> I wouldn't like that
[18:19:35] <mecctro_> I had someone leave a note on my steps because I forgot to pick my raspberries.
[18:19:39] <mecctro_> lol
[18:19:58] <mecctro_> People throw trash in my yard all the time.
[18:20:06] <janrinok> was she telling you off, or explaining why she was taking them ...?
[18:21:00] <mecctro_> It's weird, we planted them years back, and I said anyone could have them in the neighborhood if they wanted. But people started bitching (you shouldn't be giving out food yada yada)
[18:21:09] <mecctro_> I give out all the stuff that grows in my front yard
[18:21:19] <mecctro_> Some people just can't have good things
[18:21:20] <mecctro_> lo
[18:21:23] <mecctro_> lol*
[18:21:29] <janrinok> I can't understand people like your neighbours ...
[18:22:00] <janrinok> damn, its gone dark here already
[18:22:07] <mecctro_> It was mostly for the kids (it's a pretty bad neighborhood). Some of the parents said I was being disrespectful and racist
[18:22:28] <mecctro_> I was just trying to give them fruit rather then sugar-shit.
[18:23:02] <mecctro_> Apparently me feeding there kids is bad, I should just give them welfare
[18:23:06] <mecctro_> their*
[18:23:10] <janrinok> I don't understand their point of view - not sure if its because I'm a Brit or what
[18:23:36] <mecctro_> I never really got it, just ignored them, then people from the city came down in fined me several times.
[18:23:59] <mecctro_> (you can't grow herbs in the front yard, that's a citation, you can't grow raspberries) etc
[18:24:02] <janrinok> fined you for what - not picking your berries and not eating your own food?
[18:24:10] <janrinok> too late
[18:24:20] <mecctro_> They said my herbs were too close to the street (3 inches too close)
[18:24:34] <mecctro_> and my raspberries were too close to the sidewalk (2 inches too close)
[18:24:58] <mecctro_> So If I don't trim them to within an inch, this lady reports me, and I get fined again.
[18:25:09] <janrinok> they are what we would call a jobs-worth. 'Can't let you do that sir, it's more than my job is worth...'
[18:25:13] <mecctro_> She comes over with a tape measure, tramples all my shit, then reports me lmao
[18:25:34] <mecctro_> some people just can't be made happy
[18:25:40] <janrinok> plant poison ivy and digitalis - that'll sort her out
[18:26:11] <mecctro_> It's really funny too, I caught her coming by and picking my flowers
[18:26:16] <janrinok> lol
[18:26:19] <mecctro_> So I told her she couldn't have anything else
[18:26:27] <mecctro_> then a week later I get a fine for 150 for some herbs
[18:26:28] <mecctro_> lmao
[18:27:09] <mecctro_> So much comedy in tragedy
[18:33:23] <janrinok> so what are you working on today?
[18:34:41] <mecctro_> trying to get rehash cleanly updated to perl-5.24.0 and fix a few more minor breakages in the install procedure.
[18:34:59] <janrinok> a never ending task
[18:35:05] <mecctro_> Maybe work a little bit on argute (has some issue pulling apart words for learning language)
[18:35:24] <mecctro_> And, if I have some free-time tonight, work on my distributed-filesystem
[18:35:27] <janrinok> argute - that's a new one on me
[18:35:56] <mecctro_> yea, pretty chinsy bot I was working on in golang
[18:36:01] <mecctro_> am*
[18:36:25] <mecctro_> I'm trying to get it to learn language from irc lol
[18:36:39] <janrinok> damn, there are some interesting languages being used by people on this site. golang, rust, whatever ...
[18:49:54] <janrinok> time for me to be on my way. Take care mecctro_ and thanks for the convo. Perhaps see you later this w/e
[19:11:15] <mecctro_> no worries, I enjoyed the convo as well, catch ya around.
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