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[04:44:49] <mecctro> I'll have some more changes for the rehash Makefile (I'm contimplating rewriting portions), but was wondering if you had any specific plans / reliances there before I went on some sort of "rampage" on it.
[04:45:30] <mecctro> (I also didn't want to change too much for posterity, but I imagine that's not as relavent?)
[04:48:15] <mecctro> Some examples of the changes I'm referring to: Better error handling, reduction of user entry redundancy (DBIx), multi-threaded compilation / testing.
[04:49:59] <mecctro> However, I anticipate someone has come across these issues before, and that there might be some particular reason not to do these things. I'm not exactly a perl / make wizard, and I don't know if some of these changes cause issues on other platforms.
[04:50:41] <mecctro> Any takes on this?
[04:52:18] <mecctro> *on a sidenote: I'm happy to test changes on multiple platforms, but I don't know jack about Mac, if that's of any concern.
[08:10:31] <mecctro> this should now install faster and with less user-input: https://github.com
[08:10:32] <aqu4>  ^ "3GitHub - mecctro/rehash-install: Installs rehash on Debian"
[08:10:56] <mecctro> it's pretty janky, and will be thrown away, but it makes it easier for me to break things.
[08:14:35] <Deucalion> thanks mecctro - I lack the skillz to even look at it, need one of the dev guys to take a squiz - but it's always good to have more eyes on the code base :)
[08:15:51] <mecctro> No biggy, just didn't want to have to go through the install manually, this uses the patches I made off my fork to fix the rehash base INSTALL, then automates the install procedure.
[08:17:04] <mecctro> I think I'll make a new theme now
[10:14:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> mecctro, go nuts. bug finding is why we have Bytram
[10:53:54] <mecctro> Sobeit: https://github.com
[10:53:55] <aqu4>  ^ "3Various installation corrections by mecctro · Pull Request #297 · SoylentNews/rehash · GitHub"
[10:57:48] <mecctro> Let me know if I did something wrong, that's my first pull
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[17:06:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> mecctro, will look at it sometime this afternoon. just got done fishing and eating lunch and about to grab a nap.
[17:09:13] <mecctro> no rush, enjoy your nap ;)
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