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[09:49:55] -!- malloc_free [malloc_free!~malloc_fr@203.86.ish.hwu] has joined #dev
[09:52:24] <malloc_free> Hi, if there is anyone out there who cares, you guys should have the details for your folding@home team somewhere on the site that is obvious. Good for new comers, and also for those of us who borked something and need to find out the team id without having to search for it. Ignore this if it has already been addressed, but I can't find anything.
[10:18:15] <mecctro> there's channel #folding
[10:18:55] <mecctro> I have no idea about the site, though.
[10:19:49] <malloc_free> k np
[10:19:57] <mecctro> thanks for the contribution btw
[10:20:05] <malloc_free> no worries
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