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[00:03:50] <Bytram> paulej72: "but we would drop alpha" -- not sure what that means. What would we lose?
[00:04:09] <paulej72> mobil alpha
[00:05:09] <paulej72> it is not part of 16-02
[00:12:56] <Bytram> oh, THAT! okay, thanks for clearing that up.
[00:13:04] <Bytram> I thought it was going to be part of what went out.
[00:23:07] <takyon> look for gaming icon <- note to self
[00:31:58] <Bytram> what kinds of games? would it include video games, card games, board games (e.g. Dungeons and Dragons), other(??)
[00:32:25] <takyon> probably broad as heck, and add Virtual Reality to that list
[00:32:45] <takyon> if I went through my last 200 stories I could probably pick out a handful that would be applicable
[00:33:03] <Bytram> nod nod
[00:33:18] <Bytram> just trying to think of an icon that encompasses all of those... eeek!
[00:33:58] <takyon> oh that doesn't matter much
[00:34:04] * takyon tries to think of an example
[00:34:44] <takyon> our icon for Hardware hardly represents the breadth of scope of stories we slap the hardware topic on
[00:35:00] <takyon> like a new Boeing 787 plane or something
[00:35:06] <Bytram> noted
[00:35:41] <takyon> so an Atari game controller or something? No problemo... so long as it can be clearly associated with gaming
[00:35:49] <takyon> dice are taken heheh
[00:35:57] <Bytram> our topics could use some refinement, BUT beware of changing any existing mapping of topic_id to topic. we've got lots of stories which have an existing mapping to maintain... only add new ones
[00:36:08] <Bytram> ahhh, got it.
[00:36:28] <Bytram> hmmm, "amusements" ??
[00:36:35] <Bytram> or is that TOO encompassing?
[00:39:51] <takyon> lame
[00:40:00] * Bytram offers a crutch?
[00:40:06] <takyon> thanks
[00:40:10] <Bytram> agreed.
[00:41:00] <Bytram> for me, seeing an Atari controller evokes video games, but does not necessarily suggest the others I mentioned. Choosing one of those, again *seems* to preclude the others.
[00:41:13] * Bytram is prolly over-analyzingthings
[00:41:35] <takyon> again, the hardware example
[00:41:46] <Bytram> yep
[00:45:58] <paulej72> pong screen
[00:46:42] <Bytram> hmmm,
[00:46:47] <Bytram> breakout?
[00:51:43] <paulej72> breakout would work better
[00:52:34] <Bytram> boop
[00:52:35] <Bytram> boop
[00:52:37] <Bytram> beep
[00:52:38] <Bytram> boop
[00:52:39] <Bytram> boop
[00:52:45] <Bytram> oops!
[00:53:52] * Bytram pictures an animated gif with the 'ball' stuck in a loop bouncing around the corners and back to the paddle... and shudders at the thought of ANY animation on the page!
[00:59:52] <takyon> probably get crucified for that
[01:00:03] <takyon> might as well put a geocities era burning cross there
[01:04:17] <Bytram> lol
[01:28:25] <paulej72> OK dev has been updated to 16_02
[01:28:41] <Bytram> paulej72++
[01:28:41] <Bender> karma - paulej72: 4
[01:28:43] <Bytram> paulej72++
[01:28:43] <Bender> karma - paulej72: 5
[01:28:43] <Bytram> paulej72++
[01:28:43] <Bender> karma - paulej72: 6
[01:29:29] <paulej72> TheMightyBuzzard needs to merge the 16_02 into his mobil branch so we can deploy that and test
[01:29:59] <paulej72> we should figure out if any of the new features are not working on staff slash
[01:30:05] <Bytram> paulej72: should prolly document that plugin update issue somewhere
[01:30:07] <Bytram> yep
[01:33:24] <paulej72> Note to TheMightyBuzzard when updating the db schemas to version 2 do an update of the var not another instert. the name field is not a key field and can be duplicated
[01:37:47] <TheMightyBuzzard> roger
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