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[23:23:34] <FatPhil> So was it decided that if someone posts and receives no moderation, he can then not get a +1 underrated, however, if he posts and gets a +1 informative, then he can subsequently get a +1 underrated?
[23:24:24] <FatPhil> The above makes no sense (even though it's just happened to me, which reminded me of the patch I'm pretty sure I sent)
[23:37:59] <crutchy> maybe patch hasn't made its way through the system yet?
[23:38:12] <crutchy> the system has been patchy lately :p
[23:39:42] <crutchy> seems like if you wanna get something included you gotta become an official dev (at least by title). not sure if it actually means much beyond a title
[23:40:08] <crutchy> you then get access to the dev box and stuff i guess
[23:40:28] <crutchy> and you enter the 'circle of trust' :)
[23:50:10] <takyon> iirc you can get a "+/-0 disagree" mod and then over/underrated
[23:59:54] <FatPhil> I can rebase and resend. But I wanna check - my logic is sound. Waiting to be up-modded before you can be modded underrated is dumb.