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[19:11:47] <FatPhil> paulej72: regarding https://soylentnews.org voodoo code - where's the current repo, I can pull it and have a look
[19:11:47] <aqu4>  ^ "3SoylentNews Comments | Moderation Roundtable"
[19:12:37] <FatPhil> been doing nothing but perl for the last few days, becoming immune...
[19:13:02] <paulej72> https://github.com is the location of the new apache 2 code that we will be releasing soonish
[19:13:02] <aqu4>  ^ "3SoylentNews/rehash · GitHub"
[19:14:04] <paulej72> It has been a while since i looked for that bug so I am no sure where the code is but look here first:https://github.com/SoylentNews/rehash/blob/master/themes/default/htdocs/comments.pl
[19:16:28] <FatPhil> fewer than 1000 lines, should be easy to find!
[19:17:39] <paulej72> but the stuff is loaded from here: https://github.com and then there are the db calls that might do the work as well.
[19:17:40] <aqu4>  ^ "3rehash/Comments.pm at master · SoylentNews/rehash · GitHub"
[19:19:39] <paulej72> good luck FatPhil
[19:21:11] <FatPhil> Ah, 2700 lines, that's more like a fun evening.
[19:21:46] <paulej72> and it could be hingding in one of the templates as well :)
[19:21:52] * FatPhil summons a 2L plastic bottle of krepkoe...
[19:22:03] <FatPhil> to help get to the ballmer peak quicker
[19:23:38] <paulej72> quick hide the chairs
[19:24:47] <FatPhil> I hate emacs' syntax highlighting. It gets confused by so many single 's and "s in regexps etc.
[19:25:30] <FatPhil> # this sucks, but it is here for now
[19:27:21] <FatPhil> hmmm, how does it interact with javascript - a quick git grep for 'Read the rest of this comment...' shows 3 hits
[19:27:36] <FatPhil> themes/default/htdocs/collapsible_comments.js:// + Expand comments that have a "Read the rest of this comment..." link
[19:27:44] <paulej72> it does not use javascirpt for this
[19:29:01] <paulej72> the collapsable_comments.js just loads the full comment into the dom. it does not set the limit
[19:32:50] <FatPhil> cool
[19:32:53] <FatPhil> $options->{show_pieces} ?
[19:37:58] <FatPhil> so presumably maxcommentsize is in bytes?
[19:38:53] <FatPhil> yup, as it's being compared to $comment->{len} = length($comment_text);
[19:42:55] <FatPhil> $constants->{comments_hardcoded} = 0, presumably
[19:44:49] <FatPhil> If so, the "this sucks" can be nuked. No need to have dead code in the tree
[19:46:21] <FatPhil> which brings me back to $options->{show_pieces} ?
[19:55:32] <FatPhil> WTF? I can't see where the truncation is actually performed at all!
[19:59:03] <FatPhil> probably here: $abbrev_text = chopEntity($abbrev_text, $this_len);
[20:14:00] <FatPhil> Oh what a tangled web we weave...
[20:14:10] <FatPhil> yeah, that's a tricky one.
[20:24:59] <FatPhil> time for stronger beer
[20:26:01] <paulej72> yep that looks familar. I think I was in the same area.
[21:43:32] <FatPhil> paulej72: got some totally booze-fuelled bogo-patches - should I e-mail them to you?
[21:43:55] <FatPhil> no ability at all to test them, all just using my sense of smell.
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[22:16:10] <FatPhil> if the patches are bollox, I'm well past the ballmer peak now. Je regret rien.
[22:19:57] <takyon> !grab FatPhil
[22:19:57] <Bender> Added quote 7
[22:21:29] <FatPhil> alas, I'm still thirsty. coding's thirsty work.
[22:21:46] <FatPhil> Damn, the Lithuanians make good beers.
[22:34:09] <paulej72> FatPhil: yes email them to me at paulej72@soylentnews.org
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