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[00:09:44] <crutchy> what's a good dev article to test this script out with?
[00:09:49] <crutchy> prolly any i guess?
[00:12:45] <crutchy> hmm. need a lib function to take sd-key-sid (15/04/17/1849229) and convert it to sid (1222)
[00:13:27] <Bytram> back
[00:13:44] <Bytram> crutchy: you could always submit a story and I could push it through to the main page =)
[00:14:02] <Bytram> ~submit
[00:14:04] <exec> usage: ~submit <url>
[00:14:20] <crutchy> cool. i'll wrap up the submit code into a lib function first. that way i can test it too :)
[00:14:22] <Bytram> crutchy: does submit talk to dev or prod?
[00:14:31] <crutchy> dev i think
[00:15:14] <Bytram> there's others, as well... maybe accept an arg for the domain name? domain=dev.soylentnews.org
[00:15:25] <crutchy> yup
[00:15:37] <Bytram> domain=soylentnews.org
[00:15:39] <crutchy> i could make it a testing setting
[00:15:41] <Bytram> domain=devtest.soylentnews.org
[00:15:42] <crutchy> yeah
[00:15:49] <Bytram> =)
[00:16:03] * Bytram is reading some more stuff about utf-8
[00:16:12] <crutchy> we could have a whole SN testing environment in IRC :p
[00:16:26] * crutchy steps down from his soap box
[00:16:58] <crutchy> hmm. actually using an alias lock (~lock) that might work pretty well :)
[00:20:59] <Bytram> what would you use that for?
[00:21:56] <crutchy> ~say test
[00:21:57] <exec> test
[00:22:01] <crutchy> ~lock ~say
[00:22:02] <exec> alias "~say" locked for nick "crutchy" in "#dev"
[00:22:04] <crutchy> test
[00:22:05] <exec> ~wiki-privmsg test
[00:22:06] <exec> ~privmsg-internal test
[00:22:07] <exec> ~soon test
[00:22:09] <exec> test
[00:22:09] <exec> ~sed-internal PRIVMSG test
[00:22:14] <crutchy> :/
[00:22:15] <exec> ~wiki-privmsg :/
[00:22:17] <exec> ~privmsg-internal :/
[00:22:17] <exec> ~soon :/
[00:22:19] <exec> :/
[00:22:21] <exec> ~sed-internal PRIVMSG :/
[00:22:21] <crutchy> ~unlock
[00:22:23] <exec> alias "~say" unlocked for nick "crutchy" in "#dev"
[00:22:23] <exec> ~wiki-privmsg ~unlock
[00:22:25] <exec> ~privmsg-internal ~unlock
[00:22:26] <exec> ~soon ~unlock
[00:22:28] <crutchy> k needs some work
[00:23:14] * Bytram watches stuff go by, but doesn't quite understand what it did... don't tell me! will wait for more data...
[00:23:19] <Bytram> good luck!
[00:28:49] <crutchy> damn events
[00:28:53] <crutchy> heh
[00:29:06] <Bytram> crutchy: try oddts
[00:29:12] <Bytram> ;)
[00:29:41] <crutchy> i'll just get the test script working. can work out kinks in alias locking another time
[00:29:48] * crutchy puts a todo in the bot code
[00:30:22] <Bytram> locking? as in preventing the bot from being .... something?
[00:31:03] <Bytram> oooh, watch out for overlapping invocations
[00:31:07] <crutchy> hmm. actually i think it might be just a problem with locking the ~say alias
[00:31:14] <crutchy> ~lock ~rainbow
[00:31:14] <exec> alias "~rainbow" locked for nick "crutchy" in "#dev"
[00:31:18] <crutchy> fart
[00:31:19] <exec> 00,09~00,12w00,02i00,06k00,04i00,07-00,08p00,09r00,12i00,02v00,06m00,04s00,07g00,08 00,09f00,12a00,02r00,06t
[00:31:19] <exec> 00,02~00,06p00,04r00,07i00,08v00,09m00,12s00,02g00,06-00,04i00,07n00,08t00,09e00,12r00,02n00,06a00,04l00,07 00,08f00,09a00,12r00,02t
[00:31:19] <exec> 00,02~00,06s00,04o00,07o00,08n00,09 00,12f00,02a00,06r00,04t
[00:31:20] <exec> 00,09f00,12a00,02r00,06t
[00:31:21] <exec> 00,02~00,06s00,04e00,07d00,08-00,09i00,12n00,02t00,06e00,04r00,07n00,08a00,09l00,12 00,02P00,06R00,04I00,07V00,08M00,09S00,12G00,02 00,06f00,04a00,07r00,08t
[00:31:25] <crutchy> dammit :(
[00:31:26] <exec> 00,06~00,04w00,07i00,08k00,09i00,12-00,02p00,06r00,04i00,07v00,08m00,09s00,12g00,02 00,06d00,04a00,07m00,08m00,09i00,12t00,02 00,06:00,04(
[00:31:27] <exec> 00,02~00,06p00,04r00,07i00,08v00,09m00,12s00,02g00,06-00,04i00,07n00,08t00,09e00,12r00,02n00,06a00,04l00,07 00,08d00,09a00,12m00,02m00,06i00,04t00,07 00,08:00,09(
[00:31:28] <exec> 00,02~00,06s00,04o00,07o00,08n00,09 00,12d00,02a00,06m00,04m00,07i00,08t00,09 00,12:00,02(
[00:31:29] <exec> 00,07d00,08a00,09m00,12m00,02i00,06t00,04 00,07:00,08(
[00:31:30] <exec> 00,09~00,12s00,02e00,06d00,04-00,07i00,08n00,09t00,12e00,02r00,06n00,04a00,07l00,08 00,09P00,12R00,02I00,06V00,04M00,07S00,08G00,09 00,12d00,02a00,06m00,04m00,07i00,08t00,09 00,12:00,02(
[00:31:32] <crutchy> ~unlock
[00:31:33] <exec> alias "~rainbow" unlocked for nick "crutchy" in "#dev"
[00:31:34] <exec> 00,02~00,06w00,04i00,07k00,08i00,09-00,12p00,02r00,06i00,04v00,07m00,08s00,09g00,12 00,02~00,06u00,04n00,07l00,08o00,09c00,12k
[00:31:35] <exec> 00,07~00,08p00,09r00,12i00,02v00,06m00,04s00,07g00,08-00,09i00,12n00,02t00,06e00,04r00,07n00,08a00,09l00,12 00,02~00,06u00,04n00,07l00,08o00,09c00,12k
[00:31:35] <exec> 00,06~00,04s00,07o00,08o00,09n00,12 00,02~00,06u00,04n00,07l00,08o00,09c00,12k
[00:31:37] <crutchy> sorry for spam
[00:31:41] * Bytram watches pretty colors go by...
[00:32:12] <Bytram> anagram(rainbow) == brain ow!
[00:33:05] <crutchy> its supposed to allow you to use a function (such as ~rainbow) without having to type the function prefix
[00:33:21] <crutchy> it auto-prefixes with the locked command
[00:33:48] <crutchy> i just didn't do enough testing when i bolted the event system later :/
[00:34:34] <crutchy> most of those were privmsg events firing (sort of like irc messages but handled internally by the bot)
[00:35:50] <Bytram> aha, I see it now!
[00:38:58] <crutchy> moar complexity! :D
[00:40:02] * Bytram has enough already, but thanks for the offer!
[00:41:09] * crutchy is chucking together a sn_get_sid lib function
[00:42:16] <chromas> soon, exec will be as complex as slash itself
[00:42:33] * Bytram has to concentrate on some utf-8 stuff for a few minutes... I shall return.
[00:58:37] * Bytram has a proof-of-concept invocation of the API working now... but what a mess :/
[01:22:31] <crutchy> ~api uid Bytram
[01:22:44] <crutchy> er
[01:22:54] <Bytram> hi!
[01:23:44] <crutchy> ~api
[01:24:01] <crutchy> oops
[01:24:09] <crutchy> channel-locked
[01:24:21] <crutchy> ~rehash
[01:24:29] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file (136 aliases)
[01:24:35] <crutchy> ~api uid Bytram
[01:24:47] <exec> SN uid for user "Bytram" is 4031
[01:25:05] * Bytram goes to take a look
[01:25:12] <crutchy> slow cos a few feed scripts running
[01:25:26] <crutchy> [[ApiDocs]]
[01:25:27] <exec> 13Development - parent
[01:25:27] <exec> 02http://wiki.soylentnews.org/wiki/ApiDocs
[01:25:58] <Bytram> yup, that's the number!
[01:26:17] <Bytram> ~api nick 4031
[01:26:58] <crutchy> might be name
[01:27:09] * crutchy rtfsc
[01:27:09] <Bytram> ~api name 4031
[01:27:12] <exec> SN username for uid 4031 is "Bytram"
[01:27:15] <crutchy> ah
[01:27:17] <crutchy> lol
[01:27:20] <Bytram> ~api name 2
[01:27:23] <exec> SN username for uid 2 is "NCommander"
[01:27:24] <crutchy> needs some documentation i guess
[01:27:25] <Bytram> ~api name 1
[01:27:29] <exec> SN username for uid 1 is "Anonymous Coward"
[01:27:32] <Bytram> ~api name 0
[01:27:37] <exec> error: unable to retrive SN username for uid 0
[01:27:43] <Bytram> ~api name X
[01:27:47] <exec> error: unable to retrive SN username for uid X
[01:27:56] <crutchy> can also do karma
[01:28:01] <Bytram> ~api name
[01:28:04] <crutchy> but that's all i've implemented so far
[01:28:05] <exec> error: unable to retrive SN username for uid
[01:28:21] <Bytram> crutchy: it's a wonderful start! thanks a bunch!
[01:28:41] * Bytram has been playing along similar lines from a windows CMD.exe window.
[01:29:18] * Bytram has base code to submit the query; gather the response; parse it; and display it on STDOUT
[01:29:22] * crutchy is cooking 2 minute noodles for lunch
[01:29:25] <crutchy> ah
[01:29:31] <crutchy> noice :)
[01:29:34] <Bytram> it accepts as an arg the URL to be submitted
[01:30:00] <crutchy> have you tried gitbash?
[01:30:25] <crutchy> not sure whether it can do everything, but it has the basics and ssh
[01:30:41] <Bytram> chromas: no. I've got at least 4 different unix-like command libraries installed
[01:31:07] * Bytram is pretty handy when it comes to DOS batch programs, and augments whose with AWK scripts as needed
[01:31:44] * Bytram does chafe at windows inability to allow nested quotes as EITHER "'" OR '"' .... Grrrrr!
[01:32:13] <chromas> even in powershell?
[01:32:22] * Bytram does not have that on his system
[01:32:26] * chromas hasn't used powershell much
[01:32:35] <chromas> I opened it once, tried to figure it out, then closed it
[01:32:46] <chromas> takes a looong time to start. like 10 seconds
[01:33:16] <crutchy> i think php works on windows :)
[01:33:42] <Bytram> from what I've read, instead of being limited to a single byte-stream like you have with STDOUT | STDIN with powershell, one can construct structures which facilitate sending *records* of information between programs
[01:34:33] <Bytram> helps to ensure that what you sent gets parsed into the right place.
[01:35:03] <chromas> hehe, could send json out stdout
[01:35:03] * crutchy had some code somewhere that wrapped up an entire form in a dll handle
[01:35:28] <crutchy> dlls++
[01:35:28] <Bender> karma - dlls: 1
[01:35:49] <Bytram> vlassic_kosher_DiLLs
[01:35:53] <Bytram> vlassic_kosher_DiLLs++
[01:35:53] <Bender> karma - vlassic_kosher_dills: 1
[01:36:00] <Bytram> =)
[01:36:13] * Bytram is gettin tired
[01:36:21] <Bytram> back in a few minutes
[02:20:49] <Bytram> time for some zzzzzz
[02:20:57] <Bytram> hope you all have a good night
[02:21:08] <Bytram> crutchy: been fun chatting with you... good luck with your bot!
[02:21:27] <crutchy> thanks
[02:21:30] <crutchy> sleep well
[02:21:39] <Bytram> will do!