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[12:36:52] <Bytram> hi all!
[12:37:07] <Bytram> I'm seeing something *strange* on dev.soylentnews.org
[12:37:38] <Bytram> look at the posting date of this story: http://dev.soylentnews.org
[12:38:00] <Bytram> and then look at the posting date of the first comment: http://dev.soylentnews.org
[12:38:25] <Bytram> from my end, it looks like the comment was posted one month *before* the story was!??!!!
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[13:03:29] <paulej72> Bytram|afk: fastforward
[13:06:02] <Bytram|afk> paulej72: I don't understand.
[13:07:58] <Bytram|afk> trying to reproduce. I justput up a sto that should appear within a minute or two
[13:08:25] <Bytram|afk> story is up on dev
[13:09:09] <paulej72> I fastforwared a story from a month back to the top of the list so I sould not have to scroll through your utf8 spam :)
[13:10:03] <Bytram|afk> huh? that changes test data that was in the system, then.
[13:10:51] <paulej72> no it changes the date on the article
[13:11:20] <Bytram|afk> paulej72: *please*!!! In the future, if you *have* to do somehting like that.... UPDATE the story! I saw that and thought we had databasede corruption!!
[13:11:47] * Bytram|afk wasted a lot of brain cycles trying to figure out what happened!
[13:12:09] <Bytram|afk> thanks for explaining what happened, I feel a LOT better
[13:12:11] <Bytram|afk> ok, gtg and get ready for the day job
[13:13:32] <paulej72> Bytram|afk: I am sorry that cuased you an issue, but that is a normal fucion of the site and is used enough on the main site that I thought it would not cause any issues. I am working on subscription code and needed access to a story with comments.
[13:14:14] <crutchy> maybe there just needs to be a fastforward flag?
[13:14:27] <crutchy> some kind of indicator
[13:15:50] <crutchy> maybe instead of "posted by" could say "fastforwarded by" or something
[13:21:42] <Bytram|afk> paulej72: yeah, sorry about the tone of my comment... I was confused and had NO IDEA of what happened. Just gained another datapoint on what the site can do. Pleazse accept my apology
[13:22:26] <Bytram|afk> crutchy: interesting idea, or maybe justinsert a line at the top of the comment <p>Fastforwarded from: date/time to date/time by nick</p>
[13:22:40] <Bytram|afk> ok, I need to be AT work in 20 minutes; gtg
[13:22:49] <crutchy> haf fun :-p
[13:22:50] <Bytram|afk> thanks gain for the explanation!
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