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[00:03:32] -!- TheMightyBuzzard [TheMightyBuzzard!~bob@Soylent/Staff/Developer/TMB] has joined #dev
[00:31:45] <paulej72> juggs: I am in and trying to find out where the init scripts for the irc services.
[00:32:05] <paulej72> server is centos 6.5
[00:33:21] <juggs> /etc/init.d ?
[00:33:40] <paulej72> not that I could find
[00:33:46] <TheMightyBuzzard> s'not something simple like it being a systemd service, is it?
[00:34:41] <juggs> or etc/rc.local ? Ugg, does that version of centos run systemd?
[00:34:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> dunno
[00:34:52] <paulej72> does not seem to be setup in a normal manner. centos uses init scripts not systemd
[00:35:09] <paulej72> looked in rc.local and not finding it yet
[00:35:53] <TheMightyBuzzard> grep -rIHn /path/to/binary . yo
[00:36:06] <TheMightyBuzzard> assuming yer in /etc that is
[00:36:14] <juggs> haha I was just about to suggest a recursive grep :D
[00:36:24] <juggs> ninja'd
[00:36:49] * TheMightyBuzzard is all about the recursive grep
[00:37:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> i'd hafta use an ide for all my dev without it. or actually remember where stuff is.
[00:38:49] <juggs> It doesn't help that different distros have their little nuances on where they like to keep things :D It's always a case of - I know it's around here someplace
[00:39:17] <paulej72> I know centos and this is not done the centos or rh way
[00:39:23] <juggs> paulej72, might also be worth looking at the crontab for the ircd user
[00:39:32] <paulej72> no crontab
[00:40:05] <juggs> grr system crontab?
[00:41:07] <paulej72> not in system crontab as grep did not find anything in /etc
[00:41:28] <juggs> perhaps it was all installed to the user's ~/bin and started manually, not as a service at all. I've seen quirkier things :D
[00:42:09] <TheMightyBuzzard> could be, could be
[00:43:44] <paulej72> probably. The server rebooted april 13 at 00:00. ircd was started at 00:36
[00:46:09] <juggs> how quaint
[00:46:31] <TheMightyBuzzard> have to write your own init script i spose
[00:47:49] <paulej72> server { listen; server_name stats.sylnt.us; location / { root /home/sylnt/public_html/stats/; index index.html; } }
[00:47:50] <paulej72> server { listen; server_name logs.sylnt.us; location / { root /home/sylnt/public_html/logs/; index index.html; } }
[00:48:04] <paulej72> nginx config on irc server
[00:50:33] <juggs> hmm - I get 404 - is there anything actually in those roots?
[00:51:43] <paulej72> the logs.sylent.us is the irc logs. stats I am not sure of
[00:52:26] <paulej72> stats: stats are comming
[00:54:41] <juggs> Privacy / Legal link on the logs page points here... http://cdn.cdncomputer.com hmmm.
[00:55:07] <NCommander> paulej72, for the sake of sanity + speed, you could migrate this crap on beryllium
[00:56:01] <paulej72> NCommander: I need to figure out everything that needs to go and where it is. I can put it on beryllium if needed.
[00:59:14] <NCommander> paulej72, do you have that sinking feeling we're dealing with a blackbox?
[00:59:43] <paulej72> to some extent yes, but it cant be that bad
[00:59:54] <NCommander> paulej72, you know, I said somethng similiar about slash :-)
[01:00:05] <NCommander> !grab paulej72
[01:00:05] <Bender> Added quote 6
[01:00:14] <paulej72> If we can figure that out we can figure out anything
[01:00:29] <NCommander> NCommander's Rule 27: Always log quotes where folks tempt fate
[01:01:50] <paulej72> NCommander: there is a non standard apache running
[01:02:24] <NCommander> paulej72, our Apache is perfectly standard, its just old enough to vote
[01:03:23] <paulej72> It is not the default Centos one. Plus all of the config files are set to 600 root:root
[01:03:47] <juggs> o.O
[01:08:15] <NCommander> The fuck
[01:08:37] <juggs> eloquently stated NC
[01:09:24] <paulej72> looks like the web chat is running off a TwistedWeb server.
[01:13:03] <NCommander> I think I need drugs :-P
[01:13:08] <NCommander> I'm going to get food first though
[01:13:58] <paulej72> I think the web chat is Atheme iris
[01:15:20] <chromas> qwebirc
[01:15:57] <juggs> wasn't iris a fork or continuance of qwebirc?
[01:16:34] <chromas> Could be; qweb looks abandoned
[01:19:31] <juggs> paulej72, does the nginx config have a block for http://chat.soylentnews.org ?
[01:20:10] <paulej72> yes it points to http://irc.sylnt.us:3989 as a redirect
[01:20:34] <juggs> aha - and iris runs on 3989 I assume
[01:21:14] <paulej72> i believe nerdrpg runs from irc.sn
[01:25:34] <paulej72> UID PID PPID C STIME TTY TIME CMD
[01:25:35] <paulej72> sylnt 3764 1 0 Apr13 ? 00:36:13 ./ircd
[01:25:37] <paulej72> sylnt 3801 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:02:42 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:38] <paulej72> sylnt 3802 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:49 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:40] <paulej72> sylnt 3803 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:03:03 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:41] <paulej72> sylnt 3804 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:35 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:43] <paulej72> sylnt 3806 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:10 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:44] <paulej72> sylnt 3808 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:03:36 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:46] <paulej72> sylnt 3809 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:03:04 -ircd ssld daemon helper
[01:25:47] <paulej72> sylnt 3810 3764 0 Apr13 ? 00:00:00 -ircd bandb daemon
[01:25:49] <paulej72> sylnt 3889 1 0 Apr13 ? 00:03:28 ./atheme-services
[01:25:50] <paulej72> sylnt 5333 1 0 Apr13 ? 00:44:56 /usr/bin/perl ../bot.pl
[01:25:52] <paulej72> sylnt 5976 1 0 Apr13 ? 05:18:01 python2.7 ./bin/jsb-fleet
[01:25:53] <paulej72> sylnt 7558 7555 0 00:11 ? 00:00:00 sshd: sylnt@pts/3
[01:25:55] <paulej72> sylnt 7559 7558 0 00:11 pts/3 00:00:00 -bash
[01:25:56] <paulej72> sylnt 16979 1 0 Apr14 ? 00:34:23 python logbot.py
[01:25:58] <paulej72> sylnt 17404 7559 1 01:24 pts/3 00:00:00 ps -fu sylnt
[01:25:59] <paulej72> sylnt 22253 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:22 nginx: worker process
[01:26:01] <paulej72> sylnt 22254 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:20 nginx: worker process
[01:26:02] <paulej72> sylnt 22255 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:19 nginx: worker process
[01:26:04] <paulej72> sylnt 22256 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:23 nginx: worker process
[01:26:05] <paulej72> sylnt 22257 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:26 nginx: worker process
[01:26:06] <paulej72> sylnt 22258 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:20 nginx: worker process
[01:26:07] <paulej72> sylnt 22259 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:18 nginx: worker process
[01:26:08] <paulej72> sylnt 22260 22248 0 Apr13 ? 00:04:16 nginx: worker process
[01:27:23] <juggs> so presumably bot.pl is idleRPG / nerdRPG ? :/
[01:28:32] <juggs> oooh jsb-fleet is a bot framework as well. Not heard of that one before/
[01:29:20] <juggs> at least that's in the ubuntu repos
[01:34:29] <paulej72> jsb is jason bot ie bender
[01:36:00] <paulej72> missed this
[01:36:03] <paulej72> sylnt 22477 1 0 Apr13 ? 00:59:50 python2.7 ./run.py
[01:36:17] <paulej72> that is the iris server running
[01:36:22] <juggs> that's usefully named :D
[01:37:26] <paulej72> looks like python 2.7 and nginx were installed in /usr/local/ by root and there is a perl5 in the sylnt direcory
[01:38:20] <paulej72> bot.pl is nerdrpg
[01:40:40] <juggs> millions of voices suddenly cried out in terror
[01:41:20] <paulej72> perl5 dir is empty
[01:42:11] <juggs> this is taking on the feel of an archaeological dig :D
[01:44:47] <paulej72> exactly
[01:45:09] <paulej72> I am now trying to find bender’s files
[01:48:14] <juggs> and no sign of znc running on the box? typically runs as user "znc"
[01:48:47] <paulej72> juggs: running from xlefay’s user accunt
[01:49:34] <juggs> ooh I could so do some sed nastiness with that :D
[01:53:43] <paulej72> jsb files are in .jsb directory
[01:54:34] <paulej72> who the fuck puts these files in a hidden directory
[01:55:31] <juggs> it keeps them safe don't ya know ;)
[02:01:22] <paulej72> found the karma files :)
[02:03:05] <paulej72> I have the quote file
[02:10:20] <paulej72> http://stats.sylnt.us
[02:11:10] <NCommander> paulej72, yay
[02:11:45] <juggs> poor mrcoolbp and janrinok all the way over their on their lonesome :(
[02:11:50] <juggs> there*
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[02:18:36] <mrcoolbp> juggs: yeah that's weird
[02:18:44] <mrcoolbp> I wonder how that thing is built
[02:18:57] <juggs> http://www.jibble.org
[02:19:02] <mrcoolbp> thx
[02:19:51] <juggs> it's interesting moving forward through the images (sequential numbers)
[02:25:25] <juggs> http://stats.sylnt.us appears to be the last in the series
[02:25:56] <mrcoolbp> juggs is it only in #soylent?
[02:26:04] <mrcoolbp> that wouldn't really capture it all
[02:26:49] <juggs> I have no idea. It seems so from the #Soylent watermark
[02:31:50] <paulej72> http://stats.sylnt.us
[02:32:20] <paulej72> from march 31. I guess that xlefay truned this feature off because of some issue
[02:32:49] <juggs> perhaps it was gobbling up space with thousands of images :D
[02:33:48] <paulej72> 675M
[02:33:53] <paulej72> cd ,,
[02:34:27] <paulej72> 1.1 G fro all of the stats. dev editorial help irpg soylent style test wiki
[02:38:59] <juggs> nothing too unwieldy then - what's a gig a month between friends right
[02:56:12] <TheMightyBuzzard> should use imagemagick and generate them on the fly. save space.
[02:58:01] <juggs> reading the author's paper on PieSpy - the idea is to stitch the png's into an mpeg to be able to see the network evolve over time. They reckon ~10MB mpeg for ~12 hrs per channel.
[03:02:21] <paulej72> going to not setup the stats for now.
[03:05:23] <juggs> makes sense to get the ircd, services and webchat up first - I'd consider that the critical bits
[03:05:37] <paulej72> i have the atheme command log from the begining of the server
[03:05:57] <juggs> does that help?
[03:06:15] <paulej72> not sure, but it is something to look at
[03:06:18] <juggs> and are you referring to atheme-services or atheme-iris ?
[03:06:26] <paulej72> services
[03:30:51] <paulej72> I am going to bed, but I have a copy of the sylnt directory fro irc now in my directory on carbon.
[03:31:07] <juggs> ok sleep well
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[14:59:11] <paulej72> nginx setup on carbon and running. seems to be ok.
[14:59:51] <TheMightyBuzzard> coming right along then
[15:01:43] <TheMightyBuzzard> that makes me wanna reconsider porting slash to apache/mod_perl 2.x
[16:09:35] <paulej72> ircd recomplied and running
[16:41:15] <paulej72> atheme-services up and running. Skynet is active and online.
[16:42:10] <paulej72> I have these only started as test services so I can get the bus out. I will need to recompile as and put evertything in it final locaions
[16:44:22] <TheMightyBuzzard> good progress though
[16:54:28] <paulej72> shitton of depedncies for atheme-iris
[16:54:43] <paulej72> needed to install java
[17:31:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> should see the fun i'm having porting slash to apache2/mod_perl2
[17:32:13] <TheMightyBuzzard> gotta rewrite every Makefile.PL
[17:34:08] <TheMightyBuzzard> all 74 of em
[18:11:32] <TheMightyBuzzard> well fuck, i got deploy almost working with apache2 but some wiseass wrote part of Slash::Apache::User in c and used mod_perl.h
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[18:17:57] <TheMightyBuzzard> two goddamned .xs files in the whole slash tree but they're enough to keep me from getting it working.
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