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[23:14:02] <paulej72> Tachyon_: are you arround?
[23:18:40] <Tachyon_> yup
[23:21:02] <paulej72> Tachyon_: go to dev.soylentnews.org. If you have an relativly older uid, you should be able to log in. go to a story and set you comment mode to Improved Threaded. Let me know what you think
[23:21:40] <Tachyon_> ok, i'll look at it in a minute
[23:21:49] <paulej72> If you have a newer UID, just either go in as AC or create an account there.
[23:21:59] <Tachyon_> i've got 102
[23:22:10] <Tachyon_> and i'm maybe registered
[23:22:29] <paulej72> Tachyon you should be fine then as we cloned the db from production at the begining of April
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[23:25:30] <TK_> I'm perusing improved nested comments
[23:25:44] <TK_> on dev.soylentnews.org
[23:26:26] <TK_> Improved threaded, I mean
[23:26:35] <paulej72> here is a great story that has lots of comments https://dev.soylentnews.org
[23:26:35] <TK_> the expand/collapse works
[23:27:29] <paulej72> good for testing. You can switch modes to see how each behaves under the different options
[23:27:46] <TK_> The short version is that the "hide by score" doesn't work
[23:28:21] <TK_> 4 and 5 posts show regardless
[23:28:50] <TK_> and top level comments show regardless
[23:29:48] <TK_> That's pretty much it
[23:30:11] <TK_> 3 and below comments that aren't top level are collapsed by defauly
[23:30:15] <TK_> default*
[23:30:19] <paulej72> TK_: not sure what you mean by that, I can set the threshold to 4 and only see 4 and 5 posts
[23:31:12] <TK_> I can set my threshold to 0, but the 0 posts aren't expanded
[23:31:18] <TK_> unless they are top-level comments
[23:31:35] <TK_> Does that make sense?
[23:31:52] <paulej72> did you hit the change button?
[23:32:09] <TK_> yep
[23:32:19] <paulej72> I do not have that pull down JS enabled yet
[23:32:53] <TK_> Well anyway, I have to get going
[23:32:57] <TK_> good luck with the change
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