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[00:29:48] <bet0x> damn!!!
[00:29:59] <bet0x> xlefay Korora failed to boot after install
[00:30:06] * bet0x using Ubuntu T_T
[00:34:51] <bet0x> NCcommander are you there?
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[03:56:57] <xlefay> Alberto: that's unfortunate, what did you do wrong?
[03:58:41] * xlefay notes he often detaches channels, so I often don't see whatever people say to me directly
[03:58:48] <xlefay> ^ does that mostly when I'm busy doing other stuff. ;-)
[04:06:49] <Alberto> xlefay, well i did nothing bad
[04:06:57] <Alberto> just installed my drivers for video
[04:07:03] <Alberto> after a reboot, no more korora
[04:07:08] <xlefay> didn't say bad, I said wrong ;-)
[04:07:13] <Alberto> tried to repair the thing, didn't work so i installed kubuntu
[04:07:14] <Alberto> T_T
[04:07:28] <Alberto> bcz my crossfire most linux has issues
[04:07:29] <xlefay> hmm
[04:10:00] <Alberto> 01:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750]
[04:10:00] <Alberto> 02:00.0 VGA compatible controller: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Cape Verde PRO [Radeon HD 7750]
[04:10:05] <Alberto> thats what i have installed
[04:11:39] <xlefay> not very useful
[04:12:03] <Alberto> i know
[04:12:23] <Alberto> with 1 card it worked, installed my second and no screen nor anything
[04:12:27] <Alberto> so i started to debug the issue
[04:12:39] <Alberto> but i will use korora on a non-production desktop and see there if i can fix that
[04:12:43] <Alberto> then move to my desktop
[04:12:56] <Alberto> but i need 2 work tomorrow i i will be using Kubuntu til is fixed
[04:13:05] <xlefay> might be worth checking what drivers Ubuntu uses and see if those are available @ korora
[04:13:19] <Alberto> i instaleld in both system BETA drivers for ATI
[04:13:24] <Alberto> installed*
[04:13:35] <Alberto> because normals requieres patching
[04:13:44] <Alberto> on korora because they based their system on FC 20
[04:13:50] <Alberto> wich has a lot of issues
[04:17:19] <Alberto> i will do the time to fix that
[04:17:23] <Alberto> and other things wich i found
[04:17:31] <Alberto> i did a lot of custom distros
[04:18:16] <xlefay> Good luck ;-)
[04:21:10] <Alberto> dunno why nobody did implement apt-rpm right
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[07:24:29] <NCommander> Hrm
[07:24:38] * NCommander has a real easy task for someone to do in slashcode
[07:24:42] <NCommander> Any takers?
[07:30:35] <Alberto> ME
[07:30:39] <Alberto> MEMEMEMEMEME
[07:30:44] * Alberto wants to jalp!
[07:31:00] <Alberto> NCommander ME ME ME ME ME!
[07:31:55] <xlefay> :o
[07:32:37] <chromas> It's perl and therefore obviously a trick question.
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[07:32:47] <Alberto> NCommander ME ME ME ME ME!
[07:32:47] <Alberto> NCommander ME ME ME ME ME!
[07:32:47] <Alberto> NCommander ME ME ME ME ME!
[07:32:48] <Alberto> NCommander ME ME ME ME ME!
[07:32:53] <NCommander> Alberto, we need to set an OpenID Provider in slashcode
[07:33:02] <Alberto> googling now
[07:33:04] <Alberto> :P
[07:33:17] <NCommander> Alberto, http://search.cpan.org
[07:33:44] * Alberto already lost
[07:33:51] <xlefay> -.-
[07:33:56] <Alberto> xlefay =D
[07:34:17] <crutchy> there's some uber geek speak in the #staff log
[07:34:20] <xlefay> Good thing I'm building that API for Bender alone..
[07:34:32] <Alberto> rly need to install to check slashcode
[07:34:37] <Alberto> xlefay, ur using perl?
[07:34:43] <crutchy> you guys were having too much fun methinks
[07:34:44] <xlefay> am now
[07:36:47] <Alberto> Damn, SlashCode was code by monkey with a bottle of tequila and too much coffee
[07:37:47] <Alberto> I need to ask something
[07:38:00] <xlefay> Alberto: it was worse
[07:38:02] <Alberto> Why you didn't code a slash-like website but in other language?
[07:38:19] <xlefay> They weren't monkeys, there wasn't any tequilla and there was only limited amount of coffee <- hence why it's worse ;-)
[07:39:12] <crutchy> we should make a VB version of slash that gets interpreted by java
[07:39:30] <crutchy> and displays in flash
[07:39:31] <Alberto> i mean a dude created pipedot
[07:39:33] <Alberto> from 0
[07:39:40] <xlefay> Alberto: he's using PHP..
[07:39:46] <Alberto> just with a look & feel like slashcode
[07:39:51] <xlefay> http://pipedot.com
[07:39:53] <Alberto> well we can use django an python?
[07:39:58] <Alberto> or you just like perl?
[07:39:59] <crutchy> php makes sense
[07:40:13] <Alberto> well php does makes A LOT of sense
[07:40:25] <crutchy> every man and his dog can do php
[07:40:35] <xlefay> The thing is though, Slashcode WORKS
[07:40:39] <crutchy> and it's really not *that* insecure
[07:40:50] <MrBluze> php is fine, as long as u know how
[07:40:52] <crutchy> xlefay: most of the time :-P
[07:40:53] <xlefay> it does.. and it does it's job well, I'd love to switch to something else but.... it'd take a lot of effort and a long time
[07:40:55] <MrBluze> just like perl
[07:41:08] <crutchy> problem with current slash is future prospects
[07:41:09] <MrBluze> xlefay: .. a new language may be appropriate for new features / new sections
[07:41:14] <MrBluze> as long as we know how the database works
[07:41:26] <crutchy> the database is a monstrosity
[07:41:40] <xlefay> ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
[07:42:27] <crutchy> i was going to copy it out of the slashvm to use on an apache2 vhost... i thought i'll just do a data dump to an sql file... it's only a dev db can't be that big
[07:42:36] <crutchy> hahahaha
[07:42:37] <MrBluze> the database .. indeed it would be good to have a map of it
[07:43:14] <Alberto> its like a blog but bigger
[07:43:26] <Alberto> the good thing of making it from 0 is that you can plan
[07:43:31] <Alberto> what, when and how..
[07:43:53] <crutchy> there's prolly no reason why we couldn't patch into the existing db with a new app (if we wanted to)
[07:44:05] <MrBluze> crutchy: there is no reason why not
[07:44:12] <crutchy> don't have to use all the bullshit in there
[07:44:20] <crutchy> i do kinda like the template files though
[07:44:21] <MrBluze> php and perl play nicely together as long as it's clear what the cookies and whatever other session variables are
[07:44:22] <xlefay> One big reason: A psycho will hunt you down and kill you.
[07:44:25] <crutchy> in files, not in db
[07:44:42] <xlefay> MrBluze: that's why people save sessions into the db
[07:44:56] <Alberto> memcache
[07:45:03] <xlefay> redis.
[07:45:17] <crutchy> could interpret the existing template files with a php script
[07:45:23] <xlefay> crutchy: twig/volt
[07:45:28] <MrBluze> u could, crutchy
[07:45:47] <xlefay> screw the existing templates files then, just rebuild them
[07:45:52] <MrBluze> although arguably it will cause a mess, eventually it can move towards order again .. but is php the best langauge?
[07:45:53] <crutchy> the templates make ui work easy so regardless of what happen i reckon they should be kept
[07:45:54] <xlefay> use twig/volt, so it looks similar
[07:46:13] <xlefay> MrBluze: no
[07:46:14] <Alberto> Is a matter of view
[07:46:22] <Alberto> There is no "bad language"
[07:46:26] <Alberto> just bad coders
[07:46:27] <xlefay> that wasn't the question
[07:46:28] <MrBluze> for reskinning we should strongly consider getting a more widely known language anyway
[07:46:35] <crutchy> i chose php because of ubiquity
[07:46:36] <xlefay> For a project this scale, PHP is a slippery slope
[07:46:44] <xlefay> scale/size/etc
[07:46:46] * MrBluze doesn't mind
[07:46:46] <Alberto> xlefay, bigger than facebook?
[07:46:59] <xlefay> Alberto: and how much did facebook invest into making PHP better?
[07:47:02] <xlefay> HHVM, HACK, etc?
[07:47:08] <crutchy> isn't wikipedia php?
[07:47:10] <MrBluze> but if we want availability of people to help, its no good going for great but niche
[07:47:17] <xlefay> PHP is simply, a slippery slope for a project this size imo
[07:47:22] <xlefay> crutchy: it is
[07:47:39] <MrBluze> xlefay: u are right if there isnt a strict standards control on coding
[07:47:42] <Alberto> so point probed
[07:47:43] <Alberto> :p
[07:47:43] <crutchy> maybe we should ask them :-P
[07:47:50] <xlefay> Alberto: nope ;-)
[07:47:53] <MrBluze> but look at the perl .. it's .. no words for it
[07:47:57] <crutchy> gay
[07:48:01] <xlefay> HHVM + HACK does mean, the point gets proven ;-)
[07:48:10] <xlefay> and wiki? how much hardware do they throw at it?
[07:48:15] <crutchy> i'm never going to bother to learn perl
[07:48:18] <MrBluze> php getting faster
[07:48:26] <xlefay> MrBluze: it's not about it getting faster
[07:48:30] <crutchy> i'm not a masochist
[07:49:15] <crutchy> php is fast enough
[07:49:21] <Alberto> yep
[07:49:26] <crutchy> but it has it's pitfalls
[07:49:28] <MrBluze> then why perl? why!
[07:49:28] <Alberto> no matter what they try to do
[07:49:31] <crutchy> garbage collection for one
[07:49:48] <xlefay> MrBluze: probably because when slashcode was made, PHP was maybe at version 1.0?
[07:49:53] <crutchy> gotta be real careful with foreach
[07:49:53] <MrBluze> right
[07:50:01] <xlefay> crutchy: that got better at 5.4 iirc
[07:50:08] <Alberto> Anyone see the template language module of php?
[07:50:13] <Alberto> a japanese did one
[07:50:15] <Alberto> damn is fast
[07:50:17] <xlefay> heh....
[07:50:22] <xlefay> PHP = a templating language
[07:50:32] <xlefay> although, I do prefer volt/twig while using PHP ;-)
[07:50:39] <crutchy> i just like php cos it's easy
[07:50:44] <xlefay> What's the one named, Alberto?
[07:50:49] <crutchy> if you know C, php is shit easy to pick up
[07:51:09] <crutchy> even if you know pascal, php is shit easy to pick up :-P
[07:51:16] <MrBluze> before studying for my diploma i coded a site, probably as complex as slash (internal email system, file management, blog/news, voting systems etc) in php ... it didnt seem overly difficult at the time
[07:51:20] <xlefay> a 5 year old can pick up PHP
[07:51:20] <MrBluze> and it was ajax
[07:51:38] <crutchy> xlefay: yeah
[07:51:46] <xlefay> if it didn't seem complex, it was probably filled with holes, no offense
[07:51:55] <xlefay> especially, client side.... all that?
[07:51:57] <MrBluze> difficult, not complex
[07:52:13] <crutchy> i tend to avoid client side as much as possible
[07:52:19] <MrBluze> well i ran .. was it nemesis.. against it?
[07:52:21] <xlefay> crutchy: I don't, not anymore anyway
[07:52:31] <Alberto> crutchy, http://alexeyrybak.com
[07:52:37] <xlefay> Sure, I try to keep backwards compatibility, but.. meh
[07:52:41] <Alberto> thats one
[07:53:12] <MrBluze> .. but by just making the whole thing clear and organized before coding it was pretty fast to develop it
[07:53:21] <crutchy> xlefay: seems like might be worth a dabble :-)
[07:53:28] <MrBluze> so i dont think php is much worse than any other scripting language
[07:53:50] <crutchy> we should just go with java and flash :-P
[07:53:51] <xlefay> crutchy: if you do it right, it'll just fall back gracefully without any extra work
[07:53:55] <Alberto> xlefay, http://php.net
[07:53:58] <MrBluze> animated gifs
[07:54:05] <crutchy> php is awesome for debugging too
[07:54:06] <xlefay> Alberto: screw Yaf, PhalconPHP is the way to go
[07:54:14] <xlefay> crutchy: only when you've got xdebug
[07:54:28] <MrBluze> xlefay: hypothetically, if there was a total rewrite announced, what language would YOU choose
[07:54:41] <crutchy> i don't use any of that airy fairly shit... just apache logs and good ol' echo :-P
[07:54:55] <crutchy> but at least the whole app doesn't take a shit when it runs into one error
[07:55:04] <xlefay> I don't know, I would do a global comparison of what we need, etc... then choose a language
[07:55:09] <Alberto> What i love of php
[07:55:13] <Alberto> is Zend Server
[07:55:18] <xlefay> heh?
[07:55:29] <xlefay> I'm dying to know why
[07:55:38] * Alberto joking
[07:55:40] <crutchy> it has zen?
[07:55:49] <xlefay> Alberto: I'm serious, why?
[07:56:04] <crutchy> isn't zend just a framework?
[07:56:14] <MrBluze> i didnt use zend
[07:56:22] <xlefay> eh zend engine (renamed last I checked) powers PHP
[07:56:27] <crutchy> i think i've heard of it, but that's about it
[07:56:29] <xlefay> "Zend Framework" is just a framework
[07:57:07] <xlefay> "Zend Server" is idk, some weird idiotic hellspawn in between
[07:57:12] <crutchy> fuck me google gives about a million zends
[07:57:16] <MrBluze> well whatever the zend server was i didnt use it
[07:57:42] * crutchy has no idea what zend alberto is talking about
[07:57:49] <Alberto> server
[07:57:53] <Alberto> for debug and more
[07:57:56] <xlefay> crutchy: the hellspawn
[07:58:29] <crutchy> we could always use RoR... might get more chicks in then :-P
[07:58:33] <Alberto> crutchy, http://www.zend.com
[07:58:34] <xlefay> OH GOD
[07:58:37] <Alberto> ROR
[07:58:39] <Alberto> WHAT?
[07:58:44] <xlefay> MrBluze: let's kill crutchy!
[07:58:51] * Alberto joins xlefay
[07:58:53] <MrBluze> lol
[07:58:59] * crutchy has never even seen a piece of RoR code
[07:59:07] <xlefay> crutchy: you don't want to either
[07:59:10] <MrBluze> crutchy will kill us first with globals
[07:59:16] <crutchy> and gotos :-)
[07:59:21] <MrBluze> like $_SESSION[ .. ]
[07:59:23] <xlefay> Honestly.. RoR = waaaaaaaaaaaaaay to much magic for my taste
[07:59:28] <xlefay> MrBluze: $_SESSION = good
[07:59:38] <MrBluze> i know.. but its a global
[07:59:40] <MrBluze> ;)
[07:59:41] <crutchy> real me use $_POST
[07:59:47] <xlefay> It's a super global even
[07:59:55] <crutchy> s/m/men/
[07:59:58] <MrBluze> yeah i use $_POST .. good way to have cookies without cookies
[08:00:00] <xlefay> crutchy: real me uses $this->post->get('item') =)
[08:00:01] <crutchy> fk
[08:00:05] <crutchy> lol
[08:00:08] <crutchy> p'oop
[08:00:36] <MrBluze> i'd encrypt all my session data in a hidden post var and keep track of forms that way without using cookies
[08:00:49] <xlefay> say what now
[08:01:05] <xlefay> You don't let the client side know encrypted or not what's in a session, you simply don't
[08:01:19] <crutchy> $_POST has it's disadvantages... makes using hyperlinks harder (gotta submit using js)
[08:01:31] <crutchy> $_SESSION much easier
[08:01:38] <xlefay> and more secure may I add
[08:01:45] <xlefay> (if used right, that is)
[08:01:59] <MrBluze> yeah it is, but it depends on what the problem is u are dealing with
[08:01:59] <crutchy> i looked into post to try to improve security
[08:01:59] <Alberto> http://www.itnewb.com
[08:02:03] <Alberto> Better that
[08:02:04] <Alberto> :D
[08:02:11] <crutchy> to avoid session cookie hijacking
[08:02:13] * xlefay sighs
[08:02:19] <xlefay> Alberto: password_hash(), there you go.
[08:02:28] <xlefay> http://nl1.php.net
[08:02:55] <crutchy> hash cookies
[08:03:02] <xlefay> heh
[08:03:12] <xlefay> the session ID gets stored into a cookie, you simple re-generate that ID, a lot.
[08:03:37] <crutchy> http://en.wikipedia.org
[08:03:43] <MrBluze> ^^^^
[08:03:53] <xlefay> I know what it is ;-)
[08:03:56] <Alberto> how perl handles that¡
[08:03:59] <crutchy> prolly not a big deal for something like soylent though
[08:04:09] <MrBluze> no, bigger deal for sensitive stuff
[08:04:22] <crutchy> unless we do an 'Ask Soylent' for bank details :-P
[08:04:23] <xlefay> crutchy: trick is, you re-generate the session ID all the time - encrypting it won't do any good
[08:04:51] <xlefay> The client will only at any time have a session ID - even if you encrypt it, all someone needs is that string
[08:04:59] <MrBluze> no, xlefay
[08:05:01] <xlefay> That's also why you bind the session to an IP, etc
[08:05:03] <MrBluze> well yes and no
[08:05:20] <crutchy> that's what i did with $_POST... session id was regenmerated on each page transition
[08:05:21] <xlefay> MrBluze: you don't keep anything in that cookie besides the session ID
[08:05:37] <MrBluze> i put a unique id on every page in my post's
[08:05:51] <crutchy> couldn't find how to do a rolling id with $_SESSION
[08:05:54] <MrBluze> each form is issued and can only be submitted once, and i keep track of lost forms
[08:05:55] <crutchy> at the time anyways
[08:06:42] <crutchy> i'm sure it's possible though
[08:06:52] <MrBluze> if the chain is lost on the form id's, the session gets killed
[08:07:04] <xlefay> crutchy: session_regenerate_id(); ?
[08:07:22] <crutchy> how to you make sure it's unique?
[08:07:23] <MrBluze> xlefay: i dont think that is a very old command
[08:07:35] <xlefay> and you do the "id" thing in forms; to ensure against repeated submits and crap
[08:08:00] <MrBluze> xlefay: .. yeah but the id thing in forms i just encrypted some stuff to make it easy to reference it
[08:08:02] <xlefay> MrBluze: which doesn't mean it's bad
[08:08:08] <crutchy> i had my session id's associated with the logged in user and tested to ensure unique id generated
[08:08:14] <MrBluze> true xlefay but i didnt have it at my disposal afaik
[08:08:34] <xlefay> It's been since php 4.3.2: http://php.net
[08:08:41] <crutchy> probably could still do that with $_SESSION, but it was fun figuring out how to get it to work with $_POST
[08:09:30] <MrBluze> crutchy: its good to use more than one route of identification
[08:09:58] <crutchy> my intro to web apps was "MySQL and PHP for Dummies"
[08:10:11] <crutchy> i remember there were a few cautionary notes about sessions
[08:10:19] <crutchy> that's why i looked into $_POST i think
[08:10:24] <xlefay> The forum stuff with a key = awesome for preventing double submit, etc.. for sessions, please - for your own and users sake - use the built in tools!
[08:10:42] <xlefay> Don't tell me you can do better than what's been working safely and properly for years
[08:10:50] <xlefay> _unless_ you can prove it, that is
[08:10:55] <crutchy> reinventing wheels is fun
[08:11:09] <xlefay> crutchy: generally I agree unless it involves your users data ;-)
[08:11:30] <crutchy> don't worry i don't deal with user data... i'm just a gingerbeer
[08:11:36] <crutchy> my apps deal with numbers primarily
[08:11:45] <crutchy> i do like tinkering though
[08:11:47] <xlefay> aah I see
[08:12:23] <crutchy> i'm not a professional IT guru or anything like that
[08:13:07] <MrBluze> sessions are fine, but i made sure that every page served was uniquely identifiable, and so the usage pathway was logged so it could be audited
[08:13:41] * xlefay notes that would be amazingly simple with JS
[08:13:43] <crutchy> having said that, php.net is probably one of my most frequented sites, so if i can use built in features i often do :-)
[08:13:52] <xlefay> or better yet, just install piwik :P
[08:14:22] <xlefay> crutchy: I'm trying out the "SLIM" framework with nerdrpg site, it's pretty neat
[08:14:29] <xlefay> for small things, I would definitely recommend it ;-)
[08:14:30] <MrBluze> do banks use piwik?
[08:14:46] <MrBluze> for their internet banking sessions?
[08:14:52] <xlefay> piwik isn't for sessions perse
[08:15:00] <xlefay> It's like Google Analytics but then self-hosted
[08:15:10] <xlefay> you can use it to follow users pathways if you really want
[08:15:29] <crutchy> Google Bloatalytics
[08:15:33] <MrBluze> lol
[08:15:39] <crutchy> brb
[08:17:27] <MrBluze> that reminds me of a website idea i had, xlefay
[08:17:31] <MrBluze> have to talk to u about it later
[08:17:36] <xlefay> cool :)
[08:17:51] <xlefay> 50/50 percent chance I get money from gov't today
[08:17:59] <MrBluze> lol
[08:18:10] <xlefay> if not, I'm massively screwed; if I do, I've gt a stay from execution ;-')
[08:19:21] <Alberto> frameworks suck
[08:19:41] <xlefay> Alberto: weren't you the one suggesting Django earlier?
[08:19:42] <MrBluze> oops
[08:19:47] <MrBluze> and what does it depend on xlefay?
[08:19:52] <Alberto> on php they do
[08:19:59] <xlefay> MrBluze: Django = a web framework for Python
[08:20:10] <MrBluze> oh .. okay
[08:20:14] <MrBluze> no.. the govt money
[08:20:15] <MrBluze> lol
[08:20:41] <xlefay> Alberto: you're statement sucks and is deeply flawed unless you can provide proof you tested _all_ of them
[08:20:46] <xlefay> also, didn't you just suggest Yaf earlier??
[08:20:56] <xlefay> MrBluze: depends on whether they figured out I'm not a student anymore yet
[08:21:04] <Alberto> because the speed
[08:21:06] <MrBluze> oh .. gocha
[08:21:09] <Alberto> of having a MODULE
[08:21:12] <Alberto> not a "script"
[08:21:23] <Alberto> modules are faster
[08:21:28] <xlefay> Alberto: PhalconPHP is a framework too, as a C extension ;-)
[08:21:31] <Alberto> thats "why" i "may" use a framework
[08:21:34] <Alberto> great then
[08:21:41] <xlefay> Again, your logic sucks
[08:21:48] * Alberto sucks
[08:22:05] <Alberto> Slim Framework != C extension = sucks
[08:22:06] <xlefay> I really wish I could grab that with Bender.. but it doesn't support ctcp's
[08:22:25] <xlefay> Alberto: that's crude logic and by that logic: Django != C extension = sucks
[08:22:38] <Alberto> Python != PHP
[08:22:43] <Alberto> i mean
[08:22:48] <Alberto> Django is not a PHP Script
[08:22:49] <Alberto> :p
[08:23:04] <xlefay> Alberto: but it isn't a C extension either.
[08:23:30] <Alberto> well good thing i'm talking of php
[08:23:33] <Alberto> and not python
[08:23:45] <Alberto> Slim < PhalconPHP
[08:24:59] * MrBluze nods
[08:25:13] * Alberto won
[08:25:23] <xlefay> The issue with PhalconPHP is that it isn't portable
[08:25:28] <xlefay> Same with Yaf
[08:25:38] <Alberto> Portable? what you want to "do" ?
[08:25:49] <xlefay> If you need to move something from one server to another, for instance.
[08:25:49] <arti> phalcon isn't that much faster than codeigniter :P
[08:25:52] <Alberto> you have to install an extension, nothing hard
[08:26:01] <Alberto> arti ....
[08:26:51] <xlefay> arti: the speed lost is acceptable considering CI is portable
[08:26:59] <xlefay> (without installing an extension, dammit)
[08:27:13] <Alberto> hahahaha
[08:27:14] * arti enjoys speed as much as anyone
[08:27:26] <Alberto> The thing is
[08:27:32] <Alberto> why a framework why not plain PHP
[08:27:40] <xlefay> Alberto: problem is, not every one of your clients has Phalcon on their server, etc..
[08:27:44] <arti> because rolling your own == technical debt
[08:27:56] <xlefay> Besides that, there's a reason why people want foundations ;-)
[08:27:57] <Alberto> Just don't use a framework
[08:28:14] <xlefay> Why don't you just build your own webkit? ;-)
[08:28:21] <arti> if you have particular needs typically you'll make your own (cutting away the bloat)
[08:28:29] <Alberto> I did it
[08:28:38] <Alberto> i created just 1 thing, the routing part
[08:28:50] <arti> frameworks exist for speed (developer time)
[08:28:51] <Alberto> and for templating (here the comments starts) i use Smarty
[08:28:55] <Alberto> and nothing else
[08:29:13] <xlefay> Smarty honestly has the weirdest fugliest syntax ever!
[08:29:22] <xlefay> Not even Perl gets that ugly
[08:30:03] <xlefay> Alberto: try twig, seriously ;-)
[08:30:07] <xlefay> Try it, you'll love it.
[08:30:23] <arti> twig is sweet
[08:30:24] <xlefay> If you've got Phalcon, just use Volt (it's twig on steroids)
[08:30:27] <Alberto> whats Twig sounds like a Twinky
[08:30:47] <arti> i'd like to get into more client side development with js apps
[08:30:56] <arti> its really cool being able to reuse views
[08:31:00] <xlefay> Using backbone.js yet?
[08:31:10] <arti> yeah, i'd like to migrate over to angular
[08:31:14] <xlefay> you got stuff like moustache.js and crap :p
[08:31:14] <arti> but i'm cutitng my teeth with backbone
[08:31:38] <arti> backbone is more... boilerplate but you get a good idea of whats going on
[08:31:39] <xlefay> Backbone's really neat to organize stuff though, nice integration with jQuery. Haven't used Angular yet though
[08:31:57] <arti> angular takes care of a lot of stuff you must slog through with backbone
[08:32:03] <xlefay> oh really?
[08:32:08] * xlefay wants to try it now
[08:32:13] <arti> more automagic stuff
[08:32:35] <arti> its really nice having binding, i'm still in the dark ages with jquery and that crap
[08:32:37] <xlefay> auch.. magic
[08:32:53] <xlefay> It doesn't over do the magic tho right?
[08:33:08] <arti> no, it's the automatic to the manual
[08:33:20] <xlefay> Good
[08:33:29] <arti> i want to learn with the manual and then jump over
[08:33:37] <xlefay> Yes, exactly.
[08:33:57] <arti> plus the frameworks seem like they're maturing
[08:34:13] * arti would hate to have to rewrite shit within a year
[08:34:19] <xlefay> ^
[08:34:26] <xlefay> Did you take a look at 'HACK'?
[08:34:38] <arti> no, another framework?
[08:34:48] <xlefay> It's the facebook HHVM thing
[08:34:51] <xlefay> It makes PHP saner
[08:34:53] <arti> ideally i want to get over to haskell
[08:34:54] <Alberto> i did check that
[08:34:57] <xlefay> <hh instead of <?php
[08:35:02] <arti> the speeds you can achieve with it is <3
[08:35:05] <xlefay> it's fugly... but it makes php saner
[08:35:12] <arti> hmm, i'll scope it out
[08:35:20] * arti has been slogging on a payment processor
[08:35:22] <Alberto> xlefay, isn't like it gets converted to php?
[08:35:33] <xlefay> Alberto: not sure, don't think so
[08:35:37] <arti> i've got another big project after this to do then i can explore
[08:35:39] <xlefay> that would defeat the point, wouldn't it?
[08:36:01] <arti> i'd like to get back to compiled languages for apps, i really dislike having all the code out there heh
[08:36:05] <xlefay> payment processors are a pain in the ass
[08:36:14] <arti> indeed they are
[08:36:26] <xlefay> also Alberto look into Phalcon's Zypher (or however the call it)
[08:36:28] <arti> but once you get through it, it's not so bad. they all work pretty much the same ways
[08:36:30] <Alberto> NCommander, what do you need to do on CentOS?
[08:36:31] <xlefay> you'll find it interesting, I'm sure
[08:36:47] <xlefay> arti: yeah, but it's still dreadful
[08:36:53] * Alberto uses CentOS on all servers
[08:36:59] <arti> well, i've got a few sites with some good traffic
[08:37:17] <arti> i've let them ride for a few years
[08:37:27] <arti> time to step it up
[08:38:03] <arti> plus the perk of doing stuff on the side (and professionally) is you get more experience. see how a design holds up, implementation techniques etc.
[08:38:15] <xlefay> ^
[08:38:46] <arti> an exciting challenge will be writing something that can scale well
[08:39:19] <xlefay> Everything can scale really, as long as you put enough hardware behind it, but "scale well" now that's an art
[08:39:20] <arti> i've not really written applications of that size, so i'm looking foward to seeing the next level
[08:39:58] <arti> that's the initial plan. specifically i mean multiple webservers, multiple databases
[08:40:11] <xlefay> arti: whatever you do, varnish!
[08:40:21] <xlefay> Honestly.. I can't believe how much varnish can take on one damn server
[08:40:26] <arti> i've been making do with apc?
[08:40:36] <arti> i've not cached any database queries yet
[08:40:37] <xlefay> I threw 50K requests in less than 20 seconds @ a varnish server yesterday and it held up
[08:40:49] <arti> how much cache for the varnish?
[08:41:12] <xlefay> lemme see if I can dig up that varnish config
[08:41:22] <arti> the next iteration will be ajax admin panel
[08:41:25] <xlefay> (it was for dev.soylentnews.org, that varnish config is now up @ production soylentnews.org)
[08:41:45] <arti> pull in all the dynamic content via ajax.
[08:41:58] <Alberto> whats the good thing of use LDAP?
[08:42:35] <xlefay> Is that a serious question?
[08:42:47] <Alberto> Yes sir
[08:42:52] <Alberto> i did use it for radius
[08:42:56] <Alberto> but never know why
[08:42:57] <Alberto> :p
[08:43:15] <xlefay> arti: can't find it atm, but the box was really low end, 1 GB mem in total, apache, mysql all running on it
[08:43:23] <arti> no shit
[08:43:27] <arti> that's super impressive
[08:43:31] <xlefay> so varnish stores everything in memory, so you can imagine how well it still hold
[08:43:34] <xlefay> but mind you
[08:43:43] <xlefay> varnish only stored the homepage for instance, static cache (not signed in user)
[08:44:04] <xlefay> now throwing 50k requests with a cookie, that went straight through varnish onto apache, that did bug it ;-)
[08:44:10] <arti> i deal with something similar, the majority of the data is served up through map points
[08:44:18] <Alberto> xlefay, so why LDAP?
[08:45:18] <xlefay> arti: never heard of that technique
[08:45:39] <arti> which? ajax load in?
[08:45:46] <xlefay> map points
[08:45:55] <xlefay> That's just ajax/js stuff?
[08:45:58] <arti> correct
[08:46:02] <xlefay> oh
[08:46:06] <xlefay> I was thinking server level software hah
[08:46:15] <arti> hahaha, nah, application
[08:46:30] <crutchy> g'oop arti
[08:46:36] <arti> g'oop crutchy
[08:46:51] * arti is dusting off the sysops stuff
[08:46:54] * crutchy likes cookies
[08:47:00] <crutchy> edible ones
[08:47:11] <arti> i've got some killer space cookies
[08:47:23] <crutchy> are they hashed?
[08:47:32] <arti> just potent butter
[08:47:38] <arti> i keep the hash for doobies
[08:47:52] * arti enjoys a good smoke and drink
[08:47:58] * crutchy thinks arti can keep his butter to his self :-P
[08:48:08] <arti> this butter is epic
[08:48:22] <arti> i'd like to mix it with some bbq sauce and make some ribs
[08:48:35] <arti> @.@
[08:48:53] <crutchy> lol
[08:49:26] <crutchy> take a look at ## from yesterday... trippy
[08:49:34] <xlefay> fucking children in there
[08:49:41] <xlefay> err, that sounded weird
[08:49:51] <crutchy> lmao
[08:49:51] <arti> loooool
[08:49:52] <xlefay> what I meant is, most of them are children*
[08:49:54] <Alberto> Today was the "lasy" day
[08:50:04] <arti> i totally read that as what you intended
[08:50:19] <arti> but your pointing out of the double entendre was what brought attention to it
[08:50:22] <crutchy> till the moment moment you erred that is
[08:50:27] <xlefay> ;-)
[08:50:49] <arti> i'm going to get data structures down this week
[08:50:52] * crutchy closes trap door that xlefay opened unintentionally
[08:51:02] * arti is still painfully learning haskell
[08:51:37] <arti> xlefay, you done much with websockets?
[08:51:53] <xlefay> arti: not yet, heard node.js was create for that tho
[08:51:58] <xlefay> brb though, moving torrent trakcer
[08:52:03] <xlefay> tracker* or whatever it is
[08:52:13] <arti> your piracy software that has no good uses!
[08:52:18] <xlefay> dev vm :P
[08:52:51] * arti makes some coco with half and half
[08:53:17] <crutchy> ooh
[08:53:21] * crutchy likes sockets
[08:53:29] <arti> sockets are so much fun
[08:53:41] <arti> that and io are what i usually fool around with first
[08:54:01] * crutchy resists temptation to take conversation in a whole different direction then
[08:54:39] <crutchy> io as in rs232?
[08:55:14] <arti> file
[08:55:27] <crutchy> files are fun too
[08:55:35] <arti> how it gets there is not really what i'm dealing with
[08:55:44] <arti> just that it does, and exceptions are handled
[08:56:18] <crutchy> you into parsing of data?
[08:56:30] <crutchy> or funky magic
[08:56:34] <crutchy> compression etc
[08:56:39] <arti> not too much compression
[08:56:46] <arti> that's sweet stuff to but i'm not really a maths guy
[08:57:02] <arti> parsing data is what got me into programming
[08:57:06] <crutchy> nah i read years ago about how records are packed but that's about it
[08:57:14] <crutchy> yeah me too
[08:57:31] <crutchy> with delphi
[08:57:33] <arti> i'd like to get more comfortable with perl for that
[08:57:48] <arti> delphi string parsing is kinda bleh
[08:57:57] * arti enjoys the speed
[08:58:04] <arti> but i don't dig the pascal nuances
[08:58:20] <arti> i want to like it, i really do
[08:58:29] <crutchy> pascal is quick if you take out all the g'oop
[08:58:38] <crutchy> s/pascal/delphi/
[08:59:01] * crutchy throws cookie @ sedbot
[08:59:18] <arti> delphi is what it is
[08:59:24] <arti> one of the last rad languages :P
[08:59:37] <crutchy> rad in every sense :-P
[09:00:02] <crutchy> except for graphics
[09:00:18] <arti> firemonkey
[09:00:31] <arti> honestly i like css for positioning stuff
[09:01:23] <crutchy> css has it's asshattery but it's ok
[09:01:24] <Alberto> people still using pascal for apps
[09:01:34] <Alberto> PhPDesigner 8 for example
[09:01:38] <crutchy> is firemonkey related to kylix?
[09:01:41] <arti> no
[09:01:52] <arti> firemonkey is a new graphics platform
[09:01:57] <crutchy> delphi was how i first got into sockets
[09:02:08] <Alberto> crutchy, and We used Kylix on this check http://xpde.holobit.net
[09:02:11] <arti> "yay i can easily write a backdoor"
[09:02:19] <arti> kylix was a neat idea
[09:02:32] <crutchy> you can cheat with indy, but i like the basic tclientsocket/tserversocket
[09:02:57] <Alberto> Gambas!
[09:03:02] <arti> haha ! gambas
[09:03:17] <arti> did they ever port that to windows?
[09:04:02] <Alberto> with Cygwin
[09:04:04] <Alberto> and broken
[09:04:39] <crutchy> i'd prolly use lazarus for x-platofrm
[09:04:47] <arti> i see, i'll be looking at qt mostlikey, i'd like to do an irc client
[09:04:51] <Alberto> or Freepascal?
[09:05:03] <arti> just what the world needs, another irc client
[09:05:09] <crutchy> freepascal+lazarus almost = delphi
[09:05:15] <Alberto> crutchy, yeah
[09:05:18] <crutchy> almost
[09:05:21] <crutchy> not quite
[09:05:23] <crutchy> :-P
[09:05:43] <Alberto> it works on ReactOS
[09:05:51] <crutchy> one of the things i mainly use delphi for is ado to pull things out of shitty old access dbs
[09:06:07] <arti> heh
[09:06:07] <crutchy> without ado lazarus is missing a leg
[09:06:28] <arti> ractos, been following that for years
[09:07:08] <crutchy> is that the windoze xp clone?
[09:07:09] <Alberto> arti, me too
[09:07:15] <Alberto> i wanted to use that at first
[09:07:23] <Alberto> but my machine is "too big" for that
[09:07:27] <Alberto> 70 MB os lol
[09:07:39] * arti wants to see haiku make it
[09:07:44] <arti> beos was so sweet
[09:07:48] <crutchy> 70 MB should be enough for anybody
[09:07:54] <crutchy> i tried beos
[09:08:03] <crutchy> for about 5 minutes :-P
[09:08:05] <arti> shit hardware support aside
[09:08:06] <Alberto> arti, http://www.reactos.org
[09:08:15] <Alberto> you will love that lol
[09:08:16] * MrBluze loves workbench 3.1
[09:08:20] <arti> and the whole singal user thing
[09:08:29] <arti> it did shit right
[09:08:30] <Alberto> tried BeOS
[09:08:35] <Alberto> i like the idea
[09:08:40] <Alberto> then moved to OpenSolaris
[09:08:45] * arti bought a copy
[09:08:45] <crutchy> alberto: kinda looks like gedit
[09:08:45] <Alberto> and died of pain there
[09:09:07] * crutchy does all his php in gedit :-)
[09:09:36] <Alberto> crutchy, Ultra Edit
[09:09:41] <Alberto> i will buy that
[09:09:43] <Alberto> looks amazing
[09:09:44] <Alberto> :D
[09:10:00] * crutchy googles ultra edit
[09:10:44] <crutchy> except i turn all the plugins off in gedit, so "ultimate" isn't much of a drawcard for me but i'll take a squiz
[09:11:05] <crutchy> line numbering and syntax highlighting is about the only things i use
[09:11:46] <Alberto> i like the remote ftp in the program
[09:11:48] <xlefay> phpstorm = awesome.
[09:11:52] <Alberto> no need to touch any OS thing
[09:12:03] <crutchy> holy frapping fruitbat it looks way too complimicated for me
[09:12:05] <Alberto> xlefay, remote FTP support and remote editing?
[09:12:18] <xlefay> remote FTP, SCP, you name it
[09:12:23] <xlefay> well it just uploads...
[09:12:26] <arti> i didn't really care for phpstorm
[09:12:29] <Alberto> its based on eclipse?
[09:12:33] <xlefay> no
[09:12:45] <xlefay> phpStorm is extremely useful, but it has a hefty pricetag
[09:12:49] <arti> eclipse is like photoshop, the sledgehammer
[09:13:40] <crutchy> apt-get install eclipse?
[09:13:44] <crutchy> or different
[09:13:55] <Alberto> xlefay, i did buy Zend Studio
[09:13:58] <arti> i've not installed it on linux
[09:14:10] <Alberto> also i tried jEdit
[09:14:14] <Alberto> wich is amazing
[09:14:15] <crutchy> i think i tried eclipse in debian
[09:14:18] <xlefay> Zend Studio has a good reputation but meh
[09:14:19] <crutchy> didn't get into it
[09:14:26] <arti> couldn't get jedit working with play framework
[09:14:29] <Alberto> http://www.jedit.org
[09:14:30] <xlefay> It's mostly for Zend server the hellspawn
[09:14:50] <Alberto> i only require 1 thing to be perfect
[09:14:52] <Alberto> remote editing
[09:15:17] <crutchy> most of those big editor thingys remind me too much of frontpage and i end up running away screaming
[09:15:50] <Alberto> crutchy, whats why i like jedit nor ultraEdit UEX edition
[09:15:53] <Alberto> has what i need
[09:16:31] <crutchy> sounds good
[09:16:32] <crutchy> :-)
[09:17:30] <crutchy> nano isn't bad either, but i like a bit of gooey gui
[09:18:40] <Alberto> i do use nano over ssh
[09:18:53] <arti> the friendly freebsd one is ee
[09:18:58] <xlefay> I just discovered nano has syntax highlighting........
[09:19:06] <MrBluze> it does :)
[09:19:11] <MrBluze> its actually usable
[09:19:12] <xlefay> fucking ubuntu has been shipping with it forever
[09:20:07] <Alberto> xlefay, lol
[09:20:09] <crutchy> u mean debian :-P
[09:20:34] <xlefay> crutchy: well I suppose both of them then ;-)
[09:21:19] <crutchy> i don't mind ubuntu, but i must admit i'm a bit partial to the whole purist thing that debian has going
[09:21:42] <crutchy> they must be doing something right
[09:21:45] <arti> i think we're similar in that
[09:21:54] <arti> ubuntu has a good thing going
[09:22:00] <MrBluze> my debian installs survive much longer than anything else
[09:22:06] <crutchy> they bringing it to the masses, which is good too
[09:23:00] <crutchy> debian's just a rock solid foundation from which to build even cooler stuff :-)
[09:26:15] <Alberto> No idea is the Ubuntu fork did help Debian at all
[09:26:26] <xlefay> Seriously?
[09:26:30] <Alberto> but i'm running Ubuntu now
[09:28:27] <Alberto> i don't care much about the distro in Desktop
[09:28:34] <Alberto> i just only want it working
[09:28:55] * arti defaults to debian for that
[09:30:27] <Alberto> used debian and his 823723823 CD's
[09:31:02] <Alberto> like 14 cd's few years ago
[09:31:15] <Alberto> no Internet just a 9600k modem
[09:31:19] <crutchy> nowadays just use netinst
[09:31:25] <crutchy> lol
[09:31:29] <Alberto> yeah
[09:31:46] <crutchy> did you try plugging the modem into something?
[09:31:52] <arti> hahaha
[09:32:08] <Alberto> how i grab a quote?! :P
[09:32:08] -!- Tachyon [Tachyon!~Tachyon@xuco.me] has joined #dev
[09:32:11] <Alberto> i want that one lol
[09:32:19] <arti> !grab crutchy
[09:32:19] <Bender> Added quote 3
[09:38:39] <arti> bleh i really hate schema changes
[09:38:54] * arti propagates them to the staging servers
[09:38:57] <crutchy> which scheme?
[09:39:00] <crutchy> schema
[09:39:07] <arti> sql
[09:39:35] <arti> software is iterative, but it sucks at times >.>
[09:39:42] <crutchy> dunno much about that... i tend to do all mine from mysql-admin
[09:39:51] * crutchy hides
[09:40:19] <arti> you ever use mysql workbench?
[09:40:31] <crutchy> yeah it's ok
[09:40:46] <crutchy> it's what i tried dumping slash db with
[09:41:07] <crutchy> i think it dc after a couple of hours :-P
[09:42:03] <xlefay> MySQL workbench is a nice program but it crashes a lot
[09:42:07] <crutchy> i'll probably tryjust copying the lib files
[09:42:28] <arti> save early save often!
[09:42:48] * arti does all dumps from the command line
[09:42:50] <crutchy> yeah i never tried moving a mysql db that way before
[09:43:03] <crutchy> copying lib files i mean
[09:43:06] <arti> oh...
[09:43:14] <crutchy> is command line more reliable?
[09:43:17] <Alberto> well time to sleep
[09:43:22] <arti> laters alberto!
[09:43:25] <Alberto> 2:43 AM here and i must work in like 4 hours
[09:43:27] <crutchy> cya alberto
[09:43:29] <arti> crutchy: i'd bank on it
[09:43:32] <crutchy> wow diehard
[09:43:35] <Alberto> see you all, nice talk/jokes
[09:43:40] * Alberto loves to troll xlefay
[09:43:41] <arti> :) indeed man, good sleeps
[09:43:45] <crutchy> lol
[09:44:06] <arti> crutchy: export, you've got a backup and can fiddle with the restore
[09:44:08] <Alberto> (Just bcz hes a good person) :~} )
[09:44:09] <arti> it should be open and shut
[09:44:41] <xlefay> ciao Alberto
[09:45:06] <xlefay> and just fyi, I don't feel comfortable with people kissing my ass ;-)
[09:45:24] <arti> what a strange place to desire kissing
[09:45:45] * xlefay notes he's so glad SedBot isn't here.
[09:46:09] <crutchy> xlefay: arti has butter for that
[09:46:19] <arti> it'll get you loaded though
[09:46:22] <xlefay> crutchy: I did say "don't feel comfortable" ;-)
[09:46:42] <crutchy> i'm pretty sure ass butter will put most people off
[09:46:46] <arti> what if we convinced you you'll cum like 10x as hard?
[09:46:58] <arti> ass butter, for chapped asses
[09:47:13] <arti> alright, this shit works!
[09:47:23] <arti> got it returning all the tokens and ids
[09:47:38] <xlefay> Can anyone still torrenting move to: http://tracker.soylentnews.org ?:)
[09:47:39] <arti> tomorrow/later: selecting previously used cards for future billing
[09:48:11] <crutchy> you getting lots of people downloading slashvm xlefay?
[09:48:15] <crutchy> slashdev
[09:48:18] <crutchy> whatever its called
[09:48:25] <xlefay> crutchy: dunno, stderr doesn't want to host the tracker anymore so
[09:48:44] <crutchy> he really throwing in the towel eh?
[09:48:49] <xlefay> Guess so
[09:51:01] <crutchy> it is much more pleasant watching politics from a distance rather than being in range of any mud slinging
[09:51:33] <crutchy> stderr seems like a code guy too, so if it's hard to code it's hard to enjoy being involved
[09:51:47] <xlefay> In fairness, the latest incident was merely a misunderstanding from what I've seen, the other stuff, well.. fair is fair, there's some truth but that's also because a lot of us are doing quite a lot of stuff
[09:51:49] * arti respects this
[09:51:57] <xlefay> e.g. look at what NC has done in a weekend alone
[09:52:20] <crutchy> NC seems to be enjoying a bit more now
[09:52:42] <xlefay> after doing all that, I can't blame him for feeling good
[09:52:54] <xlefay> hell, I'd feel like superman if I had done all that :P
[09:52:55] <crutchy> tinkering is fun
[09:53:28] <crutchy> i have no idea what ldap is but all that jibberish in #staff over past day or so sounds impressive
[09:53:35] <xlefay> oh my
[09:54:03] * arti pats himself on the back
[09:54:17] <xlefay> crutchy: wiki it
[09:54:31] <xlefay> also, you little stalker!
[09:55:29] <crutchy> stalker?
[09:55:45] <xlefay> stalking #staff logs, no?
[09:56:02] * xlefay notes all his efforts in looking busy in #staff didn't go unnoticed
[09:56:14] <xlefay> err, shit.
[09:56:29] <xlefay> To soon?
[09:56:31] <crutchy> nah it was just last night when that guy invited me
[09:56:44] <xlefay> Which guy?
[09:56:45] <crutchy> can't even remember his nick
[09:56:54] <xlefay> hah ;-)
[09:57:09] <xlefay> I have to say though, I'm really impressed with Ubuntu
[09:57:12] <crutchy> first brought up the problem
[09:57:25] <xlefay> PPA's and all that crap, I even "semi-built" a deb!
[09:57:43] <crutchy> bytram
[09:57:44] <xlefay> It's amazingly simple
[09:57:50] <xlefay> bytram = martyb = staff member
[09:57:55] <xlefay> $ rev bytram # ;-)
[09:58:03] <crutchy> yeah... he asked me into #staff and voiced me
[09:58:07] <crutchy> it was all very kinky
[09:58:12] <xlefay> Oh my.
[09:58:14] <xlefay> !grab crutchy
[09:58:14] <Bender> Added quote 4
[09:58:17] -!- mode/#dev [+o xlefay] by ChanServ
[09:58:25] -!- mode/#dev [+v crutchy] by xlefay
[09:58:31] <crutchy> lol
[09:58:40] xlefay changed topic of #dev to: The channel for all your development needs | Learn more about the dev team and how to volunteer at http://sylnt.us | BUGS ---> http://sylnt.us | SlashDev VM torrent @ http://tracker.soylentnews.org | SlashDev VM Instructions http://sylnt.us
[09:58:49] -!- mode/#dev [-vo crutchy] by xlefay
[09:59:21] <crutchy> i haven't really used the op thing in ##
[09:59:40] <crutchy> don't really know what to do with it :-P
[10:00:02] <xlefay> well the /bs say thing certainly works for ya doesn't it? :P
[10:00:21] <crutchy> ahh is that what enabled that :-)
[10:00:35] * xlefay sighs
[10:00:36] <xlefay> .op
[10:00:38] -!- mode/#dev [+o xlefay] by ChanServ
[10:00:47] xlefay changed topic of #dev to: The channel for all your development needs | Learn more about the dev team and how to volunteer at http://sylnt.us | BUGS ---> http://sylnt.us | SlashDev VM torrent @ http://tracker.soylentnews.org | SlashDev VM Instructions http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[10:00:51] -!- mode/#dev [-o xlefay] by xlefay
[10:00:58] -!- SkyNet [SkyNet!SkyNet@services.] has joined #dev
[10:00:58] -!- mode/#dev [+o SkyNet] by services.
[10:01:03] <xlefay> Yeah, that's what enabled that ;-)
[10:01:17] <xlefay> sorry for the noise... the sylnt.us link was outdated
[10:01:47] <crutchy> did you see my little slashvm howto?
[10:02:01] <crutchy> it might be outdated now
[10:02:40] <xlefay> Where is it?
[10:02:53] <xlefay> Btw, this is still the same VM, just a different server handling the tracking
[10:03:09] * xlefay notes he's going to change 'torrents.soylentnews.org's a-record now
[10:03:26] * xlefay sighs
[10:03:35] <xlefay> this zone file really, really has to get cleaned up, it's a mess
[10:04:58] <crutchy> i wrote a thing for git as well, but it probably isn't as good as the others
[10:05:24] <crutchy> my git bit is here: http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[10:05:50] <crutchy> my slashdev adventure is here: http://soylentnews.org
[10:06:52] <crutchy> looks like there is lots of docs floating around now, which is good :-)
[10:07:40] <xlefay> "If you're running a 32-bit host OS (as I do), you can probably still run the 64-bit slashdev VM. You just need to make sure your CPU supports it (Intel VT-x or AMD-V) and that it's enabled in your BIOS (usually disabled by default)."
[10:08:00] <xlefay> Didn't know about that you can run the 64bit inside 32bit... but regardless, on 64bit you still need VT-x or AMD-V enabled
[10:08:16] <crutchy> the cpu must support 64-bit
[10:08:24] <crutchy> you just needn't have a 64-bit host OS
[10:08:36] <crutchy> the virtual machine accesses the cpu directly i think
[10:08:55] <crutchy> or some shit
[10:09:00] <xlefay> probably
[10:10:26] <crutchy> i'm a bit slow at adopting this new fangled 64 gigamyte techmology
[10:11:09] <crutchy> 4gb should be enough for anyone
[10:11:23] <xlefay> My HTPC would disagree ;-)
[10:12:11] <crutchy> i'm sure microsoft would diagree too, since windows whateveveritsuptonow prolly needs 4gb just for the OS
[10:12:20] <crutchy> s/diagree/disagree/
[10:12:37] <crutchy> pfft. sedbot i fart in your general direction
[10:26:26] <xlefay> crutchy: sedbot isn't here, ask FoobarBazbot for it
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[22:03:13] <Alberto> sup sup
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