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[01:44:29] <stderr> Does anyone here know this IP-address? You're using the wrong torrent, please upgrade...
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[05:14:27] <martyb> !current-uid
[05:14:27] <Juggalo> The current maximum UID is 3718, owned by jon3k
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[05:51:40] <crutchy> so many generic js file names
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[05:52:07] <crutchy> common.js, core.js, javascript.js, slash.js, ui.js
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[06:54:01] <stderr> crutchy: I think javascript.js is the one with javascript...
[07:10:30] <crutchy> core.js executes
[07:11:05] <paulej72> js sucks on this site
[07:11:07] <crutchy> added new toggleCommentTreeCollapse function to top of core.js
[07:11:48] <crutchy> but i'm having trouble figuring out which <script id="after-content" type="text/javascript"> executes
[07:11:56] <crutchy> it's in a bunch of different files
[07:13:18] <paulej72> I haven't had a chance to look thorough the js files fully so I am not sure where is could be either.
[07:13:44] <crutchy> it should be /srv/slashdev/slash/plugins/Ajax/templates/after_content;misc;default
[07:13:50] <crutchy> that's the one that makes sense
[07:14:05] <paulej72> crutchy: are you using jquery to do the toggle
[07:14:22] <crutchy> nope
[07:14:46] <crutchy> just trying to find a hook that i can call a function at the end
[07:14:46] <paulej72> good. I want to remove most of the JS from the site if possible.
[07:15:10] <crutchy> i'm kinda looking at a bit of a hack
[07:15:21] <crutchy> you prolly won't like paulej :-P
[07:15:43] <paulej72> you want to call it at the end of the page or the end of the comment
[07:15:44] <crutchy> but it's ok if it doesn't get pushed
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[07:15:52] <crutchy> end of the page
[07:16:09] <paulej72> let me look real quick
[07:16:28] <crutchy> want to try adding a link to each comment to call toggleCommentTreeCollapse
[07:17:27] <crutchy> starting with id='comment_body_1' seems like a good place to test
[07:17:46] <crutchy> jvery obvious
[07:18:47] <crutchy> id='comment_top_i' probably the logical place for final though
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[07:21:10] <paulej72> the template is printCommComments;misc;default that does the comments. Put it at the bottom.
[07:23:13] <paulej72> crutchy: comment ids are sequential from the start of the db. the comment_body_## will use that auto increment number
[07:23:51] <crutchy> yeah
[07:24:16] <crutchy> just trying to relate the generated page source to printCommComments;misc;default
[07:24:25] <crutchy> looked at it before but looked like jibberish to me
[07:25:31] <stderr> If it's "difficult" to get the comment ID when the HTML is generated, maybe the function could take an element ("this") as argument, get the "id"-attribute of that element and get the comment ID from that using some reg. exp.
[07:26:10] <stderr> Did that make any sense to anyone except myself? :-)
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[07:27:19] <crutchy> printCommComments;misc;default says cid is comment id, which i can pass directly to my new toggleCommentTreeCollapse function
[07:27:42] <crutchy> but i'm trying to figure out which template actually generates the comment tree
[07:27:50] <crutchy> markup
[07:28:10] <crutchy> printCommComments;misc;default doesn't look like it has the right divs
[07:28:27] <crutchy> uls, lis etc
[07:28:52] <paulej72> I know which one, just let me look it up
[07:28:58] <stderr> <!-- start template: ID 388, printCommComments;misc;default -->
[07:29:22] <crutchy> yeah just found that with sagasu :-P
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[07:30:13] <stderr> Inside that you have "<!-- start template: ID 348, linkCommentPages;misc;default -->" and "<!-- end template: ID 348, linkCommentPages;misc;default -->"... then then comments and new "start" and "end" ID 348 linkCommentPages and the end 388 printCommComments
[07:30:58] <paulej72> crutchy it is dispLinkComment;misc;default
[07:31:12] <crutchy> yeah
[07:31:24] <crutchy> just did a search for <div id="comment_top_
[07:31:38] <crutchy> dammit the names are all too familar.. print, disp
[07:32:28] <paulej72> You should get the copy from my repo as i mad change to that template that hav not laneded
[07:32:36] <crutchy> dispComment;misc;default
[07:32:47] <paulej72> https://github.com
[07:33:05] <crutchy> did a pull about an hour ago
[07:33:29] <crutchy> did you change dispComment;misc;default
[07:33:30] <crutchy> ?
[07:33:31] <paulej72> from my repo or SN/sc
[07:33:39] <crutchy> oh
[07:33:41] <crutchy> from SN
[07:35:24] <paulej72> I did not change dispComment;misc;default recently. only dispLinkComment;misc;default
[07:39:18] <crutchy> dispComment;misc;default is definitely the template i'm interested in
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[07:39:45] <crutchy> just need to work out if i'm in the right copy though
[07:42:08] <paulej72> crutchy: here are my recent commits that hav not been merged yet: https://github.com
[07:46:53] <crutchy> fk
[07:47:00] <crutchy> might come back to this later
[07:47:38] <crutchy> when i make changes to /srv/slashdev/slash/themes/slashcode/templates/dispComment;misc;default they don't appear in a page refresh
[07:48:09] <crutchy> same for /srv/slashdev/slashcode/themes/slashcode/templates/
[07:48:29] <crutchy> this filesystem is doing my head in
[07:57:09] <paulej72> crutchy: did you look at http://sylnt.us I have notes on how to work with slash.
[07:58:33] <paulej72> If you hand install to /srv/slashdev/slash/themes/slashcode/templates/dispComment;misc;default you need to run /srv/slashdev/slash/bin/template-tool -U to update the templates in the database. Should also restart apache when touching the tempates
[08:11:01] <crutchy> oky dokes
[08:11:05] <crutchy> thanks guys
[08:12:52] <paulej72> no problem
[08:12:59] <paulej72> !todo
[08:12:59] <Juggalo> todo for paulej72: 1) Kill D2 2) fix all buttons to have proper case. 3) fix bug #68 some links are worn color in comment details 4) trace JS loads to fix JS resize of certain elements on mobil devices. 5) style blockquote and see what is up with quote 6) add hyperlink to article story title to story page per bug 106 7) add night mode skin per 112 8) make sure it is - 1 more
[08:13:05] <paulej72> !more
[08:13:05] <Juggalo> Log In and Log Out per bug 116 9) fix journal template to fix broken link title tex per bug 118 10) fix preference pages per many bugs 11) fix relationships ui as per bug 37
[08:16:59] <crutchy> paulej72; is item 6 sort of what i been tinkering with too?
[08:18:19] <paulej72> No 6 is from the home page stories. the title does not link to the full story view. Simple template change, but it is not high on my priority list.
[08:31:22] <stderr> Has anyone checked if the "dst" table is correct? I hear some rumors that part of America is switching to DST right about "now"...
[08:31:25] <stderr> INSERT INTO dst (region, selectable, start_hour, start_wnum, start_wday, start_month, end_hour, end_wnum, end_wday, end_month) VALUES ('America', 1, 2, 2, 0, 2, 2, 1, 0, 10);
[08:31:53] <stderr> vs.
[08:31:55] <stderr> #INSERT INTO dst (region, selectable, start_hour, start_wnum, start_wday, start_month, end_hour, end_wnum, end_wday, end_month) VALUES ('America', 1, 2, 1, 0, 3, 2, -1, 0, 9);
[08:32:52] <stderr> !todo Change code from using a "dst" table to using tzdata...
[08:32:52] <Juggalo> todo item 1 added
[08:43:09] <crutchy> thanks paulej72... your suggestion worked (of course)... might make a separate little update_templates.sh script for that
[08:43:28] <paulej72> np
[08:43:53] <crutchy> i think i need to add an extra div for nesting cos there doesn't seem to be a div that encapsulates nested comments
[08:44:04] <crutchy> well not that i can find yet anyway... will keep looking
[08:44:45] <crutchy> but my little show/hide thing works... just need to make it show/hide the right element
[08:44:47] <paulej72> crutchy: it is a ul list
[08:45:01] <crutchy> ahh that bit
[08:48:50] <crutchy> hmm sorta got it working
[08:50:22] <crutchy> i got 2 files to push (i think that's the word)
[08:50:25] <crutchy> for testing
[08:54:22] <crutchy> git push prompts for username & password paulej72, but in any case i just wanted to make sure i go through the right process
[08:55:02] <paulej72> crutchy: where are you working?
[08:55:14] <crutchy> in the VM
[08:56:16] <paulej72> Unless you hav my repo checked out a git push should not attach to my account.
[08:56:50] <crutchy> nah it pulls from the SN/slashcode master branch i think
[08:57:41] <crutchy> i just haven't seen much documentation as far as contributing code changes
[08:57:56] <crutchy> so just want to find out from you guys who do it all the time
[08:58:37] <paulej72> Any way the proper procedure is to commit the changes to a fork of the repp under your own account. then you do a Pull Request to SN/sc. Someone then on this end can test the code and merge if it meet muster
[08:59:08] <crutchy> mkay
[08:59:35] <paulej72> I just started doing this two weeks ago. I have some notes in the dvvm how to. http://sylnt.us
[09:00:03] <paulej72> Let me know if you think they are lacking and need expanding
[09:00:04] <crutchy> might look at that tomorrow. its just a little js function and a link in a template to collapse/expand the comment tree, so no biggie
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[09:01:24] <crutchy> thanks paulej72 your wiki stuff looks good. didn't read that stuff at the bottom before
[09:02:21] <paulej72> I quickly wrote that up the other day after NCommander asked my to be head of Dev while he took a back seat and ran everything.
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[09:03:34] <paulej72> hi MrBluze
[09:03:54] <MrBluze> hi paulej72 how u going
[09:04:02] <MrBluze> is ncommander about?
[09:04:47] <crutchy> hi mrbluze
[09:04:53] <paulej72> I got the preferences redone on slashcott. If you turn on low bandwidth mode you can see single column mode.
[09:04:53] <MrBluze> hey crutchy
[09:05:03] <MrBluze> ohh good
[09:05:05] <paulej72> MrBluze: no he is not
[09:05:07] <MrBluze> ima go look
[09:05:09] <MrBluze> no prob
[09:05:33] <paulej72> MrBluze: the footer links are expanded an work correctly
[09:07:34] <MrBluze> looking
[09:09:24] <MrBluze> low bandwidth mode set by browser?
[09:09:43] <paulej72> no in the preferences homage tab
[09:09:51] <paulej72> of the site
[09:10:10] <MrBluze> doing
[09:10:20] <crutchy> hey paulej, for some reason get cmd not found in my VM
[09:10:42] <paulej72> what command crutchy
[09:10:46] <crutchy> get
[09:10:50] <paulej72> git
[09:11:00] <crutchy> lol yeah just figured that
[09:11:01] <crutchy> :-P
[09:11:18] <crutchy> copy pasted from wiki
[09:12:28] <MrBluze> it works pretty well
[09:12:43] <MrBluze> with a few adjustments required - on the phone that is
[09:12:46] <MrBluze> i try now in browsr
[09:12:48] <MrBluze> on desktop
[09:13:01] <paulej72> crutchy: I just fixed the wiki thanks for catching that
[09:13:10] <MrBluze> btw check out http://personalpreferences.info .. frogblast's effort .. coming along nicely
[09:13:39] <MrBluze> yes, it's correctly single column
[09:13:47] <MrBluze> the right hand column space is reserved with nothing in it however
[09:14:16] <MrBluze> the aim for single column view is a reduced functionality .. maybe 3 menu items in a drop down header bar
[09:14:38] <MrBluze> left: site navigation, middle: topic chooser, right: user account settings
[09:15:25] <MrBluze> but that said, it's not really decided what that functionality needs to be yet
[09:15:35] <MrBluze> its good work, paulej72
[09:17:28] <paulej72> MrBluze: the functions are in the footer for now.
[09:18:00] <MrBluze> yep, that is good, and it does wrap nicely in the narrow screen of a phone
[09:18:01] <paulej72> that column that is empty is css mistake that did not git fixed yet
[09:18:16] <MrBluze> thats no prob - the fact u got this far is a feat in itself
[09:19:30] <MrBluze> hmm.. u could possibly have a vertical text column on the right that overlays menus over the middle on click
[09:20:24] <MrBluze> but its better to have a top header .. maybe one that is absolute and on its own layer with z+++
[09:21:05] <MrBluze> just ideas
[09:23:17] <crutchy> hi paulej... thought i'd have a go at the git thing
[09:23:24] <crutchy> run the commands from the wiki page
[09:23:43] <crutchy> says "HEAD is now at 98b4168... Merge pull request #10 from paulej72/master"
[09:24:12] <crutchy> must admit i'm a bit lost with this git stuff
[09:25:13] <crutchy> files don't seemed to have changed in my git fork
[09:27:11] <paulej72> crutchy: did you setup a fork of the code on GitHub
[09:27:20] <crutchy> yup
[09:27:31] <crutchy> https://github.com
[09:28:06] <paulej72> when you did the git remote command did you do something like git remote crutchy https://github.com
[09:28:38] <crutchy> git remote add crutchy- https://github.com
[09:28:44] <crutchy> git fetch crutchy-
[09:28:51] <crutchy> git checkout crutchy-/master
[09:28:57] <crutchy> just copied from the wiki
[09:29:42] <crutchy> the run the redeploy_slash script
[09:30:28] <crutchy> trying again
[09:31:44] <MrBluze> paulej72: http://wiki.soylentnews.org
[09:31:49] <MrBluze> for single column design idea
[09:34:53] <crutchy> there's a [remote "crutchy-"] section in the .git./config file
[09:35:38] <crutchy> when i do a git pull it says i'm not currently on a branch
[09:36:31] <paulej72> you do not need to do a git pull. the fetch and checkout got you on your branch.
[09:37:32] <crutchy> looks like it might be working
[09:37:45] <crutchy> maybe i'm not sure where to see the changes on github
[09:38:13] <paulej72> sorry crutchy I going to have to leave you hang. I have been up way too long and I am not thinking straight. Thanks for helping out.
[09:38:32] <crutchy> nah that's ok paulej... thanks heaps for your help
[09:38:39] <crutchy> i'll keep tinkering for a bit
[09:38:43] <paulej72> good night eveyone
[09:38:48] <crutchy> night
[09:39:42] <MrBluze> paulej72: detecting a mobile browser - do this via apache? or @media query?
[09:39:54] <MrBluze> gnite paulej72
[09:40:31] <paulej72> @media query is the easiist
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[09:41:00] <MrBluze> ok i put taht on my todo
[09:41:49] <MrBluze> brb
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[10:09:08] <crutchy> manually edited and pulled from the github website: https://github.com
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