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[08:57:40] -!- x [x!~x@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #civ
[08:57:52] <crutchy> ~op
[08:58:09] <crutchy> chromas, you there dude?
[08:59:08] <crutchy> whenever you get this, can you please op x and then try using one of the admin.php commands (such as ~op etc)
[08:59:41] <crutchy> i've added a + userlist delimiter for admins-only
[09:00:46] <crutchy> the + in the exec line @ https://github.com
[09:08:56] <chromas> channel's not registered
[09:09:31] <chromas> ~join #safespace
[09:10:00] <chromas> ~(de)op work
[09:12:53] <chromas> Loggie: op x
[09:13:21] <chromas> Well, they're woking on #safespace
[09:13:27] <chromas> kick etc work too
[09:21:55] <crutchy> k
[09:21:59] <crutchy> cool. thanks mate