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[02:27:47] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[07:18:10] <chromas> arti: s/you/red/
[07:18:22] <arti> :D
[07:18:23] <chromas> exec?
[07:18:51] <chromas> exec should be sedbotting for us
[07:19:24] <chromas> I wonder if there's a bluetube. Probably full of waffles
[07:20:21] <arti> SEX ON THE VIDEO BALL
[07:20:24] <arti> BEER
[07:20:34] <arti> http://i.4cdn.org
[07:20:39] <arti> this shit makes me laugh every fucking time
[07:43:22] <chromas> Should've strapped on with his safety belt
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[09:38:35] <exec> login: welcome back "crutchy"
[09:55:04] <arti> http://vimeo.com
[10:00:35] <crutchy> Aw shucks.
[10:00:35] <crutchy> This video can’t be played with your current setup.
[10:00:38] <crutchy> :-(
[10:05:40] <arti> BAW
[10:05:47] <arti> i'll work something out, YOULL SEE
[10:05:53] <arti> ULC
[10:06:12] <arti> mein hamburger ist zu klein
[10:06:30] <arti> hamburgermensch isst mein freund
[10:07:47] <crutchy> ~translate en hamburgermensch isst mein freund
[10:07:49] <exec> [google translate] hamburgermensch isst mein freund (auto -> en): hamburger human eats my boyfriend
[10:08:18] <arti> heh
[10:08:37] <crutchy> ~translate en mein hamburger ist zu klein
[10:08:39] <exec> [google translate] mein hamburger ist zu klein (auto -> en): my hamburger is too small
[10:09:18] <arti> :D
[10:09:26] <arti> judentube!
[10:09:29] <arti> that's a fun one
[10:09:36] <arti> it works in english too
[10:09:39] <arti> jewtube :D
[10:09:50] <arti> technically its jewstube
[10:10:31] <arti> klines weltbild sind schlecht
[10:13:26] <crutchy> ~translate en der grosse fliegenwagon mit sckull-schplitten schreeman spittenfirenbakof
[10:13:27] <exec> [google translate] der grosse fliegenwagon mit sckull-schplitten schreeman spittenfirenbakof (auto -> en): the great flying wagon with sckull-schplitten schreeman spittenfirenbakof
[10:13:52] <arti> das ist mein flammenwerfer
[10:14:28] <crutchy> ~translate en der fliegenwagon mit der holinder buttum vor puffen der poopauder auder
[10:14:29] <exec> [google translate] der fliegenwagon mit der holinder buttum vor puffen der poopauder auder (auto -> en): the flying wagon with the holinder buttum ago puff of poopauder Auder
[10:14:39] <arti> lol
[10:15:03] <arti> schlamppe
[10:15:16] <crutchy> cropduster
[10:15:30] <arti> i'll have to ask one of my friends about that
[10:15:36] <crutchy> ~translate en Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut der fliegen wagon
[10:15:36] * arti enjoys 'cropdusting' at the office
[10:15:37] <exec> [google translate] Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut der fliegen wagon (auto -> en): Trienes gebackonner graund mittaut the fly wagon
[10:15:58] <arti> ground maybe grund?
[10:15:59] <crutchy> parachutist
[10:16:10] <arti> uh jager something
[10:16:35] <arti> falsumjaeger
[10:16:40] <crutchy> ~translate en der tailschwingen puschenpullen werker
[10:16:41] <exec> [google translate] der tailschwingen puschenpullen werker (auto -> en): the tailschwingen pusch ampoules craftsman
[10:16:49] <crutchy> pilot
[10:16:58] <arti> pilot... ugh i know this one
[10:17:10] <arti> i know entwickler
[10:17:24] <crutchy> der airfloggen flinger
[10:17:29] <crutchy> = starter
[10:17:31] <arti> i'd probably say flugleiter
[10:17:43] <arti> executive is cool
[10:17:50] <arti> geschaftsfuhrer
[10:18:19] <arti> i need to listen to more aussies speak
[10:18:27] <arti> i need ot hear a few words pronounced
[10:18:31] * arti enjoys mimmicing
[10:18:36] <arti> table
[10:18:51] <arti> i like to do mock hungry jack orders to the amusment of my friends
[10:18:55] <crutchy> Aircraft = der fliegenwagon
[10:18:55] <crutchy> Light aircraft = der klienen fliegenwagon
[10:18:55] <crutchy> Crop duster = der fliegenwagon mit der holinder buttum vor puffen der poopauder auder.
[10:18:55] <crutchy> Passenger jet = der grosse fliegenwagon mit sckull-schplitten schreeman spittenfirenbakof
[10:18:55] <crutchy> Propellor = der airfloggen fan
[10:18:58] <crutchy> Self starter = der airfloggen flinger
[10:19:00] <crutchy> Control column = das puschenpullen schtik
[10:19:02] <crutchy> Rudder pedals = der tailschwingen werks
[10:19:04] <crutchy> Pilot = der tailschwingen puschenpullen werker
[10:19:06] <crutchy> Student pilot = der dumbkoff lernen fliegen
[10:19:08] <crutchy> Instructor = der dumbkoff schtul mit der dumbkoff lernen fliegen
[10:19:10] <crutchy> Air Traffic Ctrllr = der schwienhund ubbenzie tauer watchen aller oder dumdkoffs fliegen
[10:19:12] <crutchy> Ground studies = das hedschratchen bukwerken
[10:19:14] <crutchy> Link trainer = boks mit aller fliegenwerks innit
[10:19:16] <crutchy> VFR. = lookenouten seein fliegen
[10:19:18] <crutchy> IFR. = lissenwaitenhopen fliegen
[10:19:20] <crutchy> Forced Lndg. = Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut kraschen
[10:19:22] <crutchy> First solo = Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut kraschen
[10:19:23] <arti> TLDR
[10:19:24] <crutchy> Precautnry Lndg = Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut kraschen
[10:19:28] <crutchy> Crosswind Lndg. = Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut kraschen
[10:19:30] <crutchy> Parachute jump = Trienen gebackonner graund mittaut der fliegen wagon
[10:19:32] <crutchy> C.F.I. = der fliegen fuehrer!
[10:19:34] <crutchy> lol funny stuff
[10:19:38] <crutchy> ~define tldr
[10:19:39] <exec> [urbandictionary] TLDR: "Too long, didn't read."
[10:19:43] <crutchy> lol
[10:19:59] <arti> got the case shit working, oh wait.
[10:20:11] <arti> ~define dirty inch
[10:20:12] <exec> [urbandictionary] dirty inch: the bit of skin between a woman's beaver and butthole; also known as the "'taint" ('cause it 'taint her pussy and it 'taint her asshole).
[10:20:37] <crutchy> case shit?
[10:20:45] <crutchy> ~define case shit
[10:20:46] <arti> upper lower case, but the query was uppercase
[10:20:52] <arti> NING NING ING
[10:20:52] <exec> case shit: unable to find definition
[10:21:05] <arti> ~define felch
[10:21:07] <exec> [urbandictionary] Felch: (1) verb. The act of sucking or licking ejaculate (or other substances mixed with ejaculate) out of the orifice in which they were deposited. Most commonly used to refer to sucking out semen after ana...
[10:21:18] <crutchy> wow
[10:21:30] <arti> felching
[10:21:43] <arti> software fagging is srs business
[10:22:16] <arti> ~define chneck
[10:22:19] <exec> [urbandictionary] Chneck: The combination of a chin and a neck with absolutely no definition between the two. Not to be confused with a double chin. Similar to a turkey gobbler.
[10:22:30] <arti> ~define angry dragon
[10:22:32] <exec> [urbandictionary] angry dragon: Immediately after you blow your load in a girl's mouth, smack the back of her head and make it come out her nose. When she gets up she'll look like an angry dragon.
[10:22:45] <crutchy> lmao
[10:22:53] <arti> :)
[10:23:20] <arti> ~define cleaveland steamer
[10:23:21] <exec> [urbandictionary] cleaveland steamer: Having a one night stand, then taking a shit on your sleeping partner's chest before leaving.
[10:23:34] <crutchy> ew
[10:23:41] <arti> ~define sleeve of wizard
[10:23:43] <exec> [urbandictionary] Sleeve of Wizard: An over-worked, under-appreciated, loose-hanging vagina.
[10:23:49] <arti> ~define wizard sleeve
[10:23:51] <exec> [urbandictionary] Wizard Sleeve: Used to describe large, hanging or dangling labia.
[10:24:15] <arti> ~define pink sock
[10:24:16] <crutchy> ciri should be in here
[10:24:17] <exec> [urbandictionary] pink sock: (n) this is the result of excessive anal plundering; the intestines actually exit through the anus, forming a dangling mass, resembling a pink sock.
[10:24:50] <arti> i sould start a new one
[10:24:53] <arti> let you mind fuck it
[10:25:06] <crutchy> what is ciri?
[10:25:15] <arti> eggdrop
[10:25:20] <crutchy> ah
[10:25:22] <arti> eggdrop is pretty cool
[10:25:27] <arti> microsoft office of bots
[10:25:31] <crutchy> yeah i heard of it
[10:26:01] <arti> i like it, can be a chore to configure but then you're complaining about having too many options
[10:27:00] <crutchy> i think i just like programming my bot rather than seeing it perform any kind of useful task
[10:27:10] <arti> i totally get that
[10:30:11] <arti> alright, going to read a little then do it all again
[10:30:25] * arti tips hat
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[12:31:23] <exec> login: welcome back "chromas"
[12:31:24] <exec> login: welcome back "chromas"
[12:48:43] <crutchy> orr wtf exec you buttpipe
[12:48:58] <crutchy> i thought i fucking fixed that :-/
[12:51:33] <chromas> And then I 'fixed' it :D
[12:56:39] <crutchy> is monopoly grouped to your account?
[12:59:02] <chromas> It just logs in with my user name
[12:59:30] <chromas> ~define-add butterfly
[12:59:30] <exec> syntax: ~define-add <term> <definition>
[12:59:40] <chromas> ~define-del butterfly
[13:00:03] <chromas> It was supposed to be two words but I forgot that doesn't work yet
[13:07:22] <chromas> ~define turd burglar
[13:07:26] <exec> [urbandictionary] turd burglar: When you finally find an empty public restroom for a dump so massive that it requires complete solitude for the deposit....and then someone walks in.(especially at your office/work place)
[13:07:40] <chromas> New to me
[13:08:03] <chromas> Thought it was similar to buttpipe
[13:17:49] <chromas> ~define chocolate hotdog
[13:17:53] <exec> [urbandictionary] Chocolate Hotdog: Yet another name for the urinal turd in South Park
[13:18:18] <crutchy> mr hanky?
[13:19:32] <chromas> Poo choo express
[13:22:33] <chromas> ~define blinkenlights
[13:22:35] <exec> [urbandictionary] blinkenlights: A humorous hacker's term for diagnostic lights on old mainframe computers and modern network hardware. The word is supposed to give the average English speaker the impression that it is a German w...
[13:23:33] <crutchy> ~define airfloggen flinger
[13:23:41] <exec> airfloggen flinger: unable to find definition
[13:24:39] <chromas> ~define wds
[13:24:42] <exec> [urbandictionary] WDS: Short for "withdrawals" as in the withdrawals that a Junkie goes through when she/he has run out of opiates.
[13:25:01] <chromas> Or the net goes down again
[13:32:36] <chromas> ~define pussywhipped
[13:32:38] <exec> [urbandictionary] pussy whipped: (1) adj - situation whereupon a male is undeniably at the mercy of his high-maintinence girlfriend & answers to her every beck and call, usually followed by the reprioritizing of girlfriend over f...
[13:32:46] <crutchy> ~define waaaaaaazaaaaaaaaap!!!
[13:32:51] <exec> waaaaaaazaaaaaaaaap!!!: unable to find definition
[13:33:15] <chromas> ~define wazzaaaah
[13:33:16] <crutchy> marriage <=> pussywhipped
[13:33:21] <exec> wazzaaaah: unable to find definition
[13:33:34] <crutchy> ~define waaaaazuuuup
[13:33:38] <exec> waaaaazuuuup: unable to find definition
[13:33:45] <chromas> Need to be able to write the tongue sticking out and stuff
[13:33:56] <crutchy> and the smoke trail
[13:34:27] <chromas> ~define black comedy
[13:34:30] <exec> [urbandictionary] Black Comedy: A form of comedy in which serious issues such as cannibalism, rape, genocide, terminal illnesses, etc. are treated humorously. Often more disturbing than funny.
[13:34:32] <chromas> Oops
[13:35:15] <chromas> Strike that last sentence
[13:36:46] <chromas> ~define oral exam
[13:36:48] <exec> [urbandictionary] oral exam: Giving oral sex, either to a man or a woman.
[15:11:40] <chromas> ~define taco
[15:11:43] <exec> [urbandictionary] Taco: 1. The best food ever made.
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[22:56:00] * arti tips hatchromas reaches next level in 5 days, 11:11:11.
[23:16:44] <chromas> Five days? Aaahh
[23:16:55] <arti> that time
[23:17:00] <arti> 11:11:11