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[00:18:56] <chromas> forwarding all the ports didn't work but directly connecting to the modem did. fpos
[00:19:23] * chromas got dem pics save-ed
[00:22:40] <tama> music players with media libraries are shitty
[01:20:37] <arti> what
[01:20:48] <arti> strange with the port situation
[01:24:42] <tama> tama is as presumtuous as you are poor and Irish.Tarnish notte the majesty of my Tower of Hats.
[01:27:16] <chromas> Microsoft--
[01:27:16] <Bender> karma - microsoft: -1
[01:30:42] <tama> milk is gross
[02:23:04] <arti> tarnish notte the majesty of my tower of versions
[02:26:44] <tama> if you smoke you are extra coolness when you light a match on your zipper
[02:27:00] <arti> lol @ matches and smoking
[02:27:01] <ciri> hahaha
[02:30:44] <tama> crutchy is not overrated poop.
[02:40:48] <arti> indeed!
[02:44:44] <tama> ciri is ronery because nobody plays with him anymore.
[02:57:41] <chromas> i.imgur.com/X9WMZ8x.gif
[03:00:06] <arti> hahaha
[03:03:45] <tama> Your mom is so fat that, when she dances around the house, the CD skips... at the radio station.
[04:28:11] <chromas> tama: s/,//
[04:28:11] <tama> s is / ass/
[04:28:12] <exec> <chromas> <tama> Your mom is so fat that when she dances around the house, the CD skips... at the radio station.
[04:31:48] <tama> the riddle of steel is that all the power of both steel and flesh come from one's beliefs.
[04:32:53] <chromas> Steel has use beyond mental comfort and generating rage
[04:36:48] <tama> fish is greater than bash
[04:37:30] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[04:37:31] <monopoly> ^ 03How To Have Cybersex On The Internet - YouTube
[04:40:48] <tama> your dad is a homosexually gay faggot who takes it up the ass
[06:48:36] <chromas> oh yeah, the Kiki Stockhammer transition
[06:51:53] <tama> nooses are for weddings and funerals
[06:53:47] <xlefay> holy shit
[06:53:53] <xlefay> lot's of bots here heh? XD
[06:54:10] * xlefay whoises chromas to check if a bot has replaced him too..
[06:54:37] <xlefay> How have you been man?
[06:55:27] * chromas is bot
[06:55:52] <chromas> Hey. Not too bad over here
[06:56:10] <xlefay> Glad to hear that ;)
[06:56:46] <xlefay> ciri:
[06:56:48] <ciri> xlefay: So tell me something already.
[06:57:40] <chromas> ciri: how many bots are there, tama?
[06:57:41] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:57:42] <ciri> chromas: Gives tama a roman multi-tool.
[06:57:42] * tama hands ciri Alice rape kit in exchange for a roman multi-tool
[06:58:09] <chromas> Soon they will have their own societ
[06:58:16] <chromas> s/et/ety/
[06:58:16] <exec> <chromas> Soon they will have their own society
[06:59:56] <chromas> Seems like there should be a bot bit in the user info
[07:03:53] <tama> how now brown cow is a saying
[07:03:53] <ciri> how how brown cow
[07:03:54] <xlefay> I suppose bots could have their own vhost - maybe Soylent/Bots/Society
[07:03:58] <xlefay> x'D
[07:03:59] <ciri> [2]: Title: soylentnews comments | the surveillance engine: how the red letter media star wars images.
[07:05:03] * xlefay looks at systemd
[07:05:23] <xlefay> That's a bot, right? x'D
[07:05:44] <xlefay> "supybot".. ok, what's that fatass doing here?
[07:06:33] <chromas> Didn't figure an init bot would have enough features
[07:07:22] <xlefay> It's a badass bot running in pid 1
[07:10:53] <tama> ciri is a poop master pro
[07:13:44] <arti> :D
[07:13:49] <arti> yes, the bots are doing well
[07:14:03] * chromas slides a finger in tama
[07:14:04] <arti> i'm still wrapping my brain around genetic algorithms
[07:14:14] * chromas puts a finger in tama :(
[07:14:14] * tama hands chromas pussy-in-a-box in exchange for a finger
[07:14:54] * chromas gives tama a headache
[07:14:54] * tama hands chromas Ace of Base in exchange for a headache
[07:16:10] <xlefay> o.O
[07:16:23] <arti> tama, xlefay
[07:16:23] <tama> xlefay is to be trusted.
[07:16:39] <arti> one of the lads, no doubt.
[07:16:40] <xlefay> Please tell me it's not going to hand me a pussy-in-a-box also!
[07:16:49] <arti> items
[07:17:18] <arti> detailed inventory
[07:17:25] <arti> inventory
[07:17:31] <arti> tama, inventory
[07:17:31] * tama contains the nothing, the emptiness, a giant throbbing letter C, TheMightyToiletBrushOfDeath, a sword of enfattening, diarrhea, granny panties, some glitter, the Simpsons, a present, a sponge bath, a prostitute, plenty of yummy stuff, phpoo, ebola, dirty mixed strpos() needles, the day off, a roman multi-tool, a finger, and a headache.
[07:17:52] <xlefay> o.O
[07:18:22] <arti> tama, remember xlefay
[07:18:22] <tama> I cannot access that data.
[07:18:34] <arti> Remember xlefay
[07:18:38] * arti pokes with a stick
[07:18:49] * xlefay gives tama a stick to poke arti back
[07:18:49] * tama drops a headache and takes a stick to poke arti back.
[07:18:58] <xlefay> haha beautiful
[07:19:24] <arti> tama is bucket
[07:19:28] <arti> ciri is eggdrop
[07:19:38] <arti> i have a haskell one, but it's magic
[07:19:50] <chromas> arti: s/t it's /t/
[07:19:51] <exec> <chromas> <arti> i have a haskell one, butmagic
[07:19:57] <arti> and i can't get the fucking thing to compile shit on the fly so i'm leaving it alone
[07:19:59] <chromas> +t
[07:20:05] <xlefay> Cool, you've been continuing the art of Haskell then?
[07:20:21] <arti> uh no, i'm frustrated with it, but explored a compiler and i really like that aspect of it
[07:20:41] <arti> haskell is really hard, so i'm focusing on something less magic, Rust and C++ atm.
[07:20:57] <arti> i've detoured with machine learning
[07:21:07] <xlefay> Aah, I read an interview the other day about C++ lemme see if I can find it, it was quite hilarious
[07:21:18] * arti wouldn't want to do work with C++
[07:21:26] <arti> i feel i should know the language better than i do now
[07:21:52] <xlefay> http://harmful.cat-v.org
[07:22:09] <xlefay> haha can't blame you after reading that interview
[07:22:26] <arti> tama, faggots dancing stars
[07:22:26] <tama> Not a bloody clue, sir.
[07:22:42] <arti> faggots dancing stars
[07:22:46] <arti> tama, faggots
[07:22:46] <tama> faggots are subversive and therefor undesirable.
[07:22:53] * chromas gives tama porno for pyros
[07:22:53] * tama drops a roman multi-tool and takes porno for pyros.
[07:23:04] <arti> i listened to some of that music awhile back
[07:23:06] <arti> meh
[07:23:17] * chromas doesn't remember what it is; just the name
[07:23:19] <arti> under the tahitian moooooon
[07:23:35] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[07:23:36] <monopoly> ^ 03PORNO FOR PYROS - Tahitian Moon (Video) - YouTube
[07:24:23] <chromas> oh I thought it was an album
[07:24:34] <arti> http://www.iiia.csic.es
[07:24:54] <arti> pretty cool paper on it, i'm digesting the strategy bits
[07:25:06] <arti> determining value seems to be the kicker
[07:25:27] <arti> i want something that'll be able to suggest a movie
[07:25:28] <arti> move*
[07:25:51] <chromas> How about Awesom-o?
[07:25:51] <ciri> doing great here
[07:26:03] <chromas> 900 Adam Sandler movies
[07:26:28] <arti> he's okay but seems to becoming more of a was than an is
[07:26:35] <arti> yay for getting older >.>
[07:27:30] * chromas was thinking of that South Park episode
[07:27:39] <chromas> something else that's becoming more of a was than an is
[07:28:03] <arti> the simpsons is totally different
[07:28:13] <arti> i found a site i could watch online
[07:28:23] <chromas> ciri: gives tama rocket sauce
[07:28:23] * tama drops a finger and takes rocket sauce.
[07:28:24] <ciri> chromas: Sciencesenemymuch: gives tama towlie.
[07:29:38] <arti> you know when you get all paranoid that there are bugs?
[07:29:54] <arti> i got bit by a bug the other day (few weeks back) and it did 3 on each leg. ocd bug.
[07:29:56] <chromas> insects or the bad kind?
[07:29:59] <arti> so after that fucking bs
[07:30:00] <ciri> Nah, fish, chips, cup'o'tea, mary fucking poppins.
[07:30:00] <chromas> ah
[07:30:18] <arti> i'm hypervigilant about any bug feelings
[07:30:21] <arti> like hair movement
[07:30:31] <arti> because i saw a mesquito, a small one
[07:30:46] <arti> there is quite the sense of satisfaction when flexing and bursting one of those fucks
[07:30:56] <chromas> The real problem is he didn't give each leg an even number of bites
[07:31:05] <arti> oh it was even
[07:31:07] <arti> oh
[07:31:09] <chromas> I've never done that
[07:31:10] <arti> even distribution
[07:31:15] <arti> odd number of bites
[07:31:23] <arti> i've managed it twice
[07:31:34] <arti> i also dislike the ones that eat through your socks. bastards
[07:31:53] <arti> anyway, the trick to getting rid of the itches is tea tree oil
[07:31:56] <arti> magic.
[07:32:11] <chromas> We used that on the dog when she started butt biting
[07:32:18] <chromas> well, butt area, around the tail
[07:32:54] <arti> tama, bees love flowers
[07:32:54] <tama> Error 42: Factoid not in database. Please contact administrator of current universe.
[07:33:01] <arti> tama, bees love flowers
[07:33:01] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[07:33:05] <arti> tama, bees love flowers.
[07:33:05] <tama> Can't talk, zombies!
[07:33:22] <chromas> tama, bees <love> flowers.
[07:33:22] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:33:24] <arti> tama, xlefay loves metal legs
[07:33:25] <tama> Can't talk, zombies!
[07:33:32] <xlefay> xD
[07:33:35] <arti> tama, bees
[07:33:36] <tama> bees love flowers.
[07:33:52] <arti> chromas has spent more time with you and your documentation
[07:33:54] <chromas> tama and flowers, sitting in a bee…
[07:34:04] <arti> xlefaying.
[07:34:15] <chromas> hey it works
[07:34:15] <arti> x-le-fayI-N-G
[07:34:24] * arti feeds chromas a tamasnack
[07:34:43] <arti> tama, xlefay <hates> work
[07:34:43] <tama> Okay, arti.
[07:34:47] <chromas> systemctl botsnack
[07:34:47] <systemd> chromas: Botsnacks are stupid, donate to my SF.net project instead.
[07:34:49] <arti> tama, xlefay
[07:34:49] <tama> xlefay hates work
[07:34:56] <chromas> systemd is a butt
[07:34:57] <systemd> chromas: Nope
[07:35:06] <arti> tama, systemd is dickbutt
[07:35:06] <tama> Okay, arti.
[07:35:17] <arti> that shit is international
[07:35:25] <chromas> dickbutts?
[07:35:33] <arti> hab dickbutt getwartet (comment i read earlier)
[07:35:39] <arti> (i was waiting for dickbutt)
[07:35:43] <chromas> lol
[07:35:52] * chromas gives tama a bag of dicks
[07:35:52] * tama hands chromas a sword of enfattening in exchange for a bag of dicks
[07:35:54] <arti> gewartet
[07:36:07] <arti> i laughed when i read that
[07:36:37] <arti> http://pr0gramm.com
[07:36:38] <monopoly> ^ 03pr0gramm.com
[07:36:48] <arti> Hab Dickbutt erwartet :(
[07:36:53] <arti> tama, Hab Dickbutt erwartet :(
[07:36:53] <tama> Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[07:38:37] <arti> tama, coffee-- <action> coffee++
[07:38:37] <tama> Okay, arti.
[07:38:42] <arti> coffee--
[07:38:42] <Bender> karma - coffee: 49
[07:38:42] <tama> coffee is made from the vaginas of angels
[07:38:47] <arti> coffee--
[07:38:47] <Bender> karma - coffee: 48
[07:38:48] <tama> coffee is made from the vaginas of angels
[07:38:51] <arti> meh
[07:38:55] <arti> coffee++
[07:38:55] <Bender> karma - coffee: 49
[07:38:56] <arti> coffee++
[07:38:56] <Bender> karma - coffee: 50
[07:39:04] <arti> also, i'm working on some voting shit
[07:42:53] <tama> yo mama is so fat they had to make another universe just for her
[07:45:23] * chromas wonders if that interview snippit is a joke but hasn't finished it yet
[07:47:33] <arti> see this part makes it seem like a joke
[07:47:37] <arti> v
[07:47:43] <arti> Well, one day, when I was sitting in my office, I thought of this little scheme, which would redress the balance a little. I thought ‘I wonder what would happen, if there were a language so complicated, so difficult to learn, that nobody would ever be able to swamp the market with programmers? Actually, I got some of the ideas from X10, you know, X windows. That was such a bitch of a graphics
[07:47:43] <arti> system, that it only just ran on those Sun 3/60 things.. They had all the ingredients for what I wanted. A really ridiculously complex syntax, obscure functions, and pseudo-OO structure. Even now, nobody writes raw X-windows code. Motif is the only way to go if you want to retain your sanity..
[07:48:39] <chromas> If it was on the internet, there'd be a least thirty replies about how there's no "s" in "x-window"
[07:48:40] <ciri> It works as advertised too ,as it does :-/ there's configs and sub-configs spattered all over the internet?
[07:48:40] <chromas> :D
[07:49:21] <arti> we should do a config generator
[07:49:26] <arti> with subtle evil
[07:49:26] <tama> http://withsubtleevil.tumblr.com
[07:49:59] * arti pets tama
[07:53:54] <tama> tama is a booger blaster
[08:08:27] <crutchy> ~bot new dogfart
[08:08:45] -!- dogfart [dogfart!~dogfart@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:08:58] <xlefay> Howdy dogfart
[08:08:58] <ciri> hi xlefay
[08:09:20] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart :dogfart PRIVMSG # :hey xlefay
[08:09:21] <xlefay> hi ciri!
[08:09:21] <ciri> hey whats up xlefay
[08:09:21] <dogfart> hey xlefay
[08:09:50] <crutchy> ~bot new dogfarts_sister
[08:10:02] <crutchy> ~bot new artis_nemesis
[08:10:05] -!- dogfarts_sister [dogfarts_sister!~dogfarts_@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:10:15] -!- artis_nemesis [artis_nemesis!~artis_nem@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:10:17] * xlefay has a feeling someone's about to hit connection limits xD
[08:10:22] <crutchy> lol
[08:10:22] <ciri> HAHAHAHA
[08:10:25] <crutchy> prolly
[08:10:39] <xlefay> ~bot new dogfarts_brother
[08:10:55] -!- dogfarts_brother [dogfarts_brother!~dogfarts_@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:11:07] <xlefay> CLONES: 6 clones on 119.X.X.X (dogfarts_brother!~
[08:11:08] <xlefay> XD
[08:11:09] <crutchy> oh yeah you're an admin
[08:11:12] <xlefay> 7 allowed ha
[08:11:17] <crutchy> forgot about that :D
[08:11:19] <xlefay> haha
[08:11:59] <crutchy> not very well developed yet unfortunately
[08:12:00] <xlefay> ~bot new Aqu4man
[08:12:02] <crutchy> ~ps
[08:12:03] <exec> [19095] php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfart' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:12:03] <exec> [19235] php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfarts_sister' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:12:03] <exec> [19265] php scripts/bot.php 'new artis_nemesis' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:12:03] <exec> [19355] php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfarts_brother' '#' 'xlefay'
[08:12:03] <exec> [19501] php scripts/bot.php 'new Aqu4man' '#' 'xlefay'
[08:12:11] <crutchy> Aqu4man?
[08:12:14] <xlefay> XD
[08:12:18] <crutchy> lol
[08:12:22] <crutchy> missed that one
[08:12:29] <xlefay> <xlefay> ~bot new Aqu4man
[08:12:29] <xlefay> <crutchy> ~ps
[08:12:30] <xlefay> :P
[08:12:33] <xlefay> just above yo ps
[08:12:42] <crutchy> ah
[08:12:43] <xlefay> Don't think aqu4man is gonna get connected ;'(
[08:12:49] <xlefay> ~bot del dogfarts_brother
[08:12:59] <xlefay> Bot has no delete?
[08:13:14] <xlefay> ~kill 19355
[08:13:15] -!- dogfarts_brother has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:13:15] <exec> successfully terminated process with pid 19355
[08:13:17] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfarts_sister :dogfarts_sister QUIT
[08:13:18] -!- dogfarts_sister has quit [Client Quit]
[08:13:26] <crutchy> ~killall
[08:13:27] -!- dogfart has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:13:27] -!- artis_nemesis has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:13:27] <exec> terminated pid 19095: php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfart' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:13:27] <exec> terminated pid 19235: php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfarts_sister' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:13:27] <exec> terminated pid 19265: php scripts/bot.php 'new artis_nemesis' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:13:28] <exec> terminated pid 19501: php scripts/bot.php 'new Aqu4man' '#' 'xlefay'
[08:13:29] * xlefay feels dangerous with ~kill
[08:13:39] <xlefay> Or does ~kill only work with those bots?
[08:13:47] <crutchy> ~kill works on any pid
[08:13:57] <crutchy> ~killall does it all >:->
[08:14:24] <xlefay> Aah, you do have sudo with password right?
[08:14:25] <crutchy> ~killall is just in case exec has a botfart'
[08:14:38] <xlefay> yeah, that's good
[08:15:04] <xlefay> I wonder if: ~kill ; sudo ls -lah # for instance would work
[08:15:05] <crutchy> most of these commands are nickserv account protected
[08:15:17] <xlefay> You're escaping shell commands, right?
[08:15:21] <crutchy> lol nah kill is just an alias
[08:15:22] <xlefay> Yeah, that's a good thing
[08:15:29] <xlefay> aah good
[08:15:56] <xlefay> I need to eat and get some sleep
[08:16:10] <crutchy> ive tried to find a way to get around the escaped shell commands to run sedbot but i can't figure out how to hack it
[08:16:16] <crutchy> no worries mate
[08:16:21] <crutchy> good to see you again :D
[08:16:43] <xlefay> oh, if you ever figure it out again lemme know ;)
[08:16:47] <xlefay> Yeah, you too man
[08:16:57] <crutchy> say hi to your mum for me
[08:16:57] <tama> Hi to your mum for me!
[08:16:58] <ciri> hi tama
[08:16:59] <xlefay> (all of you .. ha)
[08:17:10] <xlefay> Will do & take care man ;-)
[08:17:22] <chromas> night, sir
[08:17:38] <xlefay> Morning actually but thanks x'D, Take care man.
[08:17:39] <monopoly> night from the bots
[08:17:49] <chromas> well, sleepy tiem :D
[08:17:57] <arti> tama, coffee-- <reply> coffee++
[08:17:57] <tama> arti: I already had it that way
[08:18:03] <arti> coffee--
[08:18:03] <Bender> karma - coffee: 49
[08:18:03] * tama coffee++
[08:18:04] <ciri> I haven't watched tv in a coffee++ coffee defense script activated.
[08:18:07] <arti> :D
[08:18:26] <chromas> making a coffee patrol?
[08:18:30] <arti> tama, hi <reply> hello :D
[08:18:30] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:18:32] <ciri> arti, Where's tama, chromas <reply> the redundant department of redundancy will need to bring back.
[08:18:38] <arti> tama, hi <reply> heyhey :D
[08:18:39] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:18:57] <arti> tama, hi <reply> greetings
[08:18:58] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:19:03] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[08:19:03] <Bender> Added quote 46
[08:19:07] * monopoly gives tama some HD pornography
[08:19:13] <arti> hi
[08:19:14] <ciri> hello arti
[08:19:21] <crutchy> aww i missed the previous one about the tv coffee++ thingy
[08:19:41] <arti> lol
[08:20:00] <arti> i need to make more notes in bitbucket
[08:20:29] <chromas> bittama
[08:20:33] <crutchy> tama, arti is a professor of psychobabble
[08:20:33] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:20:44] <arti> tama, crutchy is the professor of prolapse
[08:20:44] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:20:55] <arti> tama, crutchy likes pink socks
[08:20:55] <tama> Error 42: Factoid not in database. Please contact administrator of current universe.
[08:21:02] <arti> tama, crutchy is liking pink socks
[08:21:02] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:21:06] <crutchy> dammit how did you find out?
[08:21:12] <arti> laundry, duh
[08:21:22] <crutchy> ~define pink sock
[08:21:23] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3pink sock: (n) this is the result of excessive anal plundering; the intestines actually exit through the anus, forming a dangling mass, resembling a pink sock.
[08:21:29] <arti> the megahal configuration is much less granular
[08:21:30] <ciri> arti, Point 2: ridiculously granular control is for shitfags.
[08:21:39] <arti> fair enough
[08:21:39] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[08:21:39] <Bender> Added quote 47
[08:21:43] <crutchy> :D
[08:21:58] <crutchy> tama, ciri is edumucated
[08:21:58] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:22:12] <arti> could you imagine watson saying some shit like that
[08:22:19] <arti> "CANT SEE SHIT CAPTAIN"
[08:22:24] <arti> w.t.f.
[08:22:27] <crutchy> that would be hilarious
[08:22:47] <crutchy> or c3po
[08:22:48] <arti> tama, remember crutchy
[08:22:48] <tama> Error 42: Factoid not in database. Please contact administrator of current universe.
[08:22:53] <arti> remember crutchy
[08:23:03] <crutchy> tama, activate R2D2 mode
[08:23:03] <tama> I don't know anything about that.
[08:24:30] <arti> tama, $color is gay
[08:24:30] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:24:35] <arti> tama, blue
[08:24:35] <tama> I don't know
[08:24:50] <arti> tama, i am male
[08:24:50] <tama> Okay, arti
[08:25:05] <arti> tama, what gender is crutchy
[08:25:05] <tama> arti: crutchy is male.
[08:25:10] <arti> tama, what gender is xlefay
[08:25:10] <tama> arti: xlefay is androgynous.
[08:25:15] <crutchy> lol
[08:25:15] <ciri> rofl
[08:25:19] <arti> tama, what gender is chromas
[08:25:19] <tama> arti: chromas is androgynous.
[08:25:24] <arti> tama, chromas is male
[08:25:24] <tama> Okay, arti
[08:25:29] <crutchy> ~define androgynous
[08:25:30] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3androgynous: Having both male and female characteristics( appearance )that it becomes a challenge for one to decipher what sex that person is.
[08:25:32] <ciri> exec, I'd be outside of the atom one in the armour is a male sex toy.
[08:25:40] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[08:25:40] <Bender> Added quote 48
[08:25:48] <crutchy> lmao
[08:25:52] <arti> list vars
[08:26:00] <arti> tama, list vars
[08:26:00] <tama> Known variables: adjective, article, band, color, digit, noun(n), preposition, verb(v), and weekday.
[08:26:08] <crutchy> we need a fire extinguisher for ciri
[08:26:24] <crutchy> tama, weekday is fart
[08:26:24] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:26:39] <crutchy> tama, fart is weekday
[08:26:39] <tama> crutchy: Your mom is weekday!
[08:26:44] <arti> tama, list var color
[08:26:44] <tama> color: blue, cerulean, chartreuse, indigo, mahogany, maroon, octarine, plum, puce, red, saffron, and teal
[08:27:01] <crutchy> s/puce/pukes/
[08:27:06] <crutchy> ~sed on
[08:27:06] <exec> sed already enabled for 10#
[08:27:10] <crutchy> gathp!
[08:27:12] <arti> tama, add color green
[08:27:12] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[08:27:20] <crutchy> oh feck i'm a retard
[08:27:23] <arti> tama, add value color green
[08:27:23] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:27:28] <arti> tama, list var color
[08:27:28] <tama> color: blue, cerulean, chartreuse, green, indigo, mahogany, maroon, octarine, plum, puce, red, saffron, and teal
[08:27:29] <ciri> I'd have not did those color palette optimized icons to save the last user (which is a tama lama ding dong.
[08:27:42] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[08:27:42] <Bender> Added quote 49
[08:27:58] * crutchy needs to make an exec script that just grabs whatever ciri says
[08:28:39] <arti> tama, something random
[08:28:39] <tama> I cannot access that data.
[08:28:47] <crutchy> tama, ciri
[08:28:47] <tama> ciri is a lunchbox
[08:28:51] <crutchy> lol
[08:28:52] <ciri> i don't think it's that funny lol
[08:28:54] <crutchy> trye
[08:29:52] <crutchy> ciri, activate sammich
[08:30:10] <crutchy> ooh feed time
[08:30:17] <arti> the kiddos are hungry
[08:30:36] <crutchy> nah the comments are a flowin
[08:30:39] <arti> tama, do quote arti
[08:30:39] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:30:45] <crutchy> kids already ated
[08:30:47] <arti> tama, do quote crutchy
[08:30:47] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:30:52] <arti> tama, do quote chromas
[08:30:52] <tama> Okay, arti.
[08:31:37] <arti> tama, faggot has 3 syllables
[08:31:37] <tama> Okay, arti. Cheat sheet updated.
[08:32:50] <crutchy> tama, fagagoot has 1 syllable
[08:32:50] <tama> I don't know
[08:33:27] <arti> here i sit again
[08:33:40] <arti> i do not breathe deeply
[08:33:49] <arti> for it smells bad
[08:34:30] <arti> tama, do you know if crutchy flushed?
[08:34:30] <tama> Not a bloody clue, sir.
[08:34:47] <arti> tama, bad-ass car
[08:34:47] <tama> Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[08:34:53] <arti> bad-ass car
[08:34:53] <tama> bad ass-car
[08:34:54] <crutchy> are your socks getting soggy?
[08:35:13] <arti> crutchy-ass car
[08:35:13] <tama> crutchy ass-car
[08:35:27] <crutchy> arti-ass-master
[08:35:41] <arti> example
[08:35:44] <arti> explode
[08:35:48] <arti> expidite
[08:35:53] <arti> exclaim
[08:35:58] <crutchy> internet exploder
[08:36:00] <arti> excruciate
[08:36:08] <arti> executable
[08:36:13] <crutchy> expunge
[08:36:24] <arti> executor
[08:36:35] <crutchy> darth vader
[08:36:35] <arti> FFA
[08:36:40] <crutchy> ffs
[08:36:45] <arti> ddt
[08:36:49] <crutchy> tfa
[08:36:58] <crutchy> rtfm
[08:37:00] <arti> faggot special functions
[08:37:47] <crutchy> tama, rtfm is something a woman says to a man who has poor hard drive performance
[08:37:47] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:37:58] <arti> MMA
[08:38:00] <arti> EET
[08:38:03] <arti> PPK
[08:38:04] <arti> AJK
[08:38:06] <arti> KASFDASJKfa
[08:38:13] <arti> the fucking tree
[08:38:13] <tama> fucking the tree
[08:38:21] <crutchy> s.m.r.t.
[08:38:25] <arti> the fucking faggots ran away from the turtle
[08:38:25] <tama> fucking the faggots ran away from the turtle
[08:38:38] <arti> outside my car the fucking window opened
[08:38:38] <tama> outside my car fucking the window opened
[08:38:39] <crutchy> tama, arti is turtling
[08:38:39] <tama> crutchy: Your mom is turtling!
[08:38:56] <arti> 1+1+1
[08:38:59] <arti> 1+2
[08:39:03] <arti> tama, 10+2
[08:39:03] <tama> arti: 12
[08:39:10] <arti> tama, TLA
[08:39:12] <arti> TLA
[08:39:16] <arti> T.L.A.
[08:39:25] <arti> tama, T.L.A.
[08:39:33] <arti> do you know
[08:39:37] <arti> tama, do you know
[08:39:37] <tama> A thousand apologies, effendi, but I do not understand.
[08:39:39] <ciri> A thousand apologies, effendi, but when they're talking about what rights you implicitly or explicitly give to sn.
[08:40:21] <arti> it uses fire
[08:41:05] <crutchy> ciri that was disappointing. not even any mention of pink socks?
[08:42:14] <crutchy> tama, while (true) { explode(ciri); }
[08:42:14] <tama> I don't know anything about that.
[08:44:15] * arti yawns
[08:44:25] <arti> going to have to explore the variables more
[08:44:30] <crutchy> ~time arti
[08:44:30] <arti> make for some new comments
[08:44:32] <exec> Tuesday, 2 September 2014 @ 1:44 am PDT - Santa Ana, CA 92707
[08:47:55] <tama> dogs are jealous when other pets get attention and also they steal cat food
[08:48:17] <arti> animals are awesome like that
[08:48:26] <arti> "someone is getting attention, i want it too!"
[08:50:27] <arti> http://www.whatlol.com
[08:52:03] <arti> hahaha
[08:52:05] <arti> 4chan "if it isn't the guy who zooms pics again"
[08:55:55] <tama> Planning to use ==level 2</h2>level 2== instad of h2 add = for more levels.
[08:56:26] <arti> http://imgur.com
[08:56:26] <monopoly> ^ 03AnonIB posts - Imgur
[08:59:55] <tama> a woman's coin slot is accepting of tokens suck as diamonds and chocolate and 20s
[09:00:15] * arti claps
[09:03:30] <arti> http://www.foundfootagefest.com
[09:03:33] <monopoly> ^ 03The Found Footage Festival | Champions of VHS Since 2004, Celebrating odd and hilarious found videos
[09:03:39] <arti> so many gems on that site
[09:04:30] <arti> !dow
[09:05:08] <arti> !dow
[09:05:08] <ciri> Fear denies faith.
[09:05:12] <arti> !dow
[09:05:13] <arti> !dow
[09:05:14] <arti> !dow
[09:05:15] <arti> !dow
[09:05:15] <ciri> To admit defeat is to blaspheme against the Emperor.
[09:05:37] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[09:05:37] <Bender> Added quote 50
[09:06:24] <arti> either way i'm off to read a bit, i'll catch ya later mate
[09:06:28] <arti> you have the helm
[09:06:33] <crutchy> cheers arti
[09:06:34] * arti fucks off to the rafters
[09:06:47] * crutchy retreats to the gutter
[09:07:01] <arti> careful, you might find someone's career in there
[09:07:15] <crutchy> nah, just heaps of pr0nz
[09:07:31] <crutchy> esp dirty japanese shit
[09:10:56] <tama> butts are for piccolos
[09:21:25] <crutchy> ~staff
[09:24:56] <tama> the general is surgeonly a fool
[09:27:11] -!- aqu4 has quit [Quit: aqu4bot baking shutting down.]
[09:27:15] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #
[09:27:37] <exec> process timed out: *
[09:30:56] <tama> what are the residents of anus called? anites?
[09:31:30] <crutchy> lol that's fucking weird. the * alias timed out
[09:31:30] <ciri> now that is funny
[09:31:34] <crutchy> ~ps
[09:31:35] <exec> [25003] php scripts/comment_feed.php
[09:34:56] <tama> Your mom is so fat, she's American!
[09:50:36] <crutchy> ~rehash
[09:50:37] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file (71 aliases)
[09:53:57] <tama> beans are the key to a man's fart
[09:55:39] <crutchy> ~define flapturd
[09:55:51] <exec> flapturd: unable to find definition
[09:56:02] <crutchy> ud... disappointing
[09:59:57] <tama> uggos are not to be lusted
[10:05:20] -!- crutchy has quit [Quit: Leaving]
[10:05:36] -!- exec has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[10:16:23] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[10:17:19] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[10:17:19] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[10:17:53] <crutchy> .deop
[10:17:53] -!- mode/# [-o crutchy] by juggler
[10:20:58] <tama> diarrhea is butt gravy
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[21:58:48] monopoly is now known as LEDs|400TB
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[22:15:19] <crutchy> ~restart
[22:15:20] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[22:15:26] <crutchy> better make sure i didn't fuck anything up
[22:15:28] -!- exec has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[22:15:35] <crutchy> during my little bit of tinkerings
[22:15:42] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[22:18:40] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:19:06] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:22:22] <tama> pecans are similar to walnuts except they have flavor
[22:31:21] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:33:45] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:34:13] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:34:47] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:35:09] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[22:38:22] <tama> your mom is so old, when god said let there be light, she flipped the switch.
[22:50:52] <chromas> ~join #Soylent
[22:54:23] <tama> yo mama's lips are so big that they formed a black hole
[23:44:13] <chromas> ~define drydocking
[23:44:20] <exec> [wikipedia] 3Drydocking: A dry dock (sometimes dry-dock or drydock) is a narrow basin or vessel that can be flooded to allow a load to be floated in, then drained to allow that load to come to rest on a dry platform. Dry dock...
[23:44:27] <chromas> nooo!!
[23:44:30] <chromas> ~define dry docking
[23:44:32] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3dry docking: the act of placing two penis head to head, where at least one penis has not been circumcised and rolling the foreskin from one penis onto and over the other.
[23:44:36] <chromas> come on, ud
[23:44:36] <tama> http://comeonud.tumblr.com
[23:44:37] <chromas> yeah
[23:48:24] <tama> juggs is not from spain.