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[00:31:03] <paulej72> tama: how is your jock itch doing today?
[00:31:04] <tama> Okay, paulej72.
[00:34:56] <tama> chromas is made of fiber
[00:36:51] <chromas> tama: fiber <keeps> the tubez running. Does that make me a sysadmin?
[00:36:51] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[00:39:11] <paulej72> cool tama learned a new trick
[00:39:12] <ciri> Anyone feel like critiquing new blockquotes style?
[00:40:05] <paulej72> ciri did you give up on mashing your own sentences
[00:43:57] <tama> ciri is my lover
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[04:04:14] <crutchy> .deop
[04:04:14] -!- mode/# [-o crutchy] by juggler
[04:08:03] <tama> it is not appropriate to put lemon juice on a vagina prior to eating it
[04:08:35] <chromas> tama: x it's y
[04:08:35] <tama> I cannot access that data.
[04:09:21] <chromas> tama: it she had a yeast infection then <it's> time to scrape and make bread
[04:09:21] <tama> Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[04:09:44] <chromas> tama: it she <has> a yeast infection then it's time to scrape and make bread
[04:09:44] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[04:13:04] <tama> gang rape is only cool in india. on busses.
[04:14:11] <crutchy> tama, yeast is an ingredient used to make vajayjays
[04:14:11] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[04:18:04] <tama> exceptions are awesome
[04:19:24] <crutchy> tama, exceptions are awesome, except when they're exceptionally exceptional
[04:19:24] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[04:19:40] <arti> http://imgur.com
[04:19:41] <monopoly> ^ 03This stuff is utterly delicious. It's called Lavashak and it is a Persian fruit roll. - Imgur
[04:23:04] <tama> tama is into men
[04:31:36] <crutchy> arti... must admit i'm kinda inclined to go with some of the comments there... i'm pretty sure i seen those in the supermarket :p
[04:32:12] * crutchy isn't really into dried froot regardless
[04:33:17] <crutchy> dunno why this was downmodded: "Yeah I'd shove that in my mouth hole."
[04:33:52] <crutchy> tama, people are cunts
[04:33:52] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
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[04:37:05] <tama> band camp is where you learn how to shove trumpets up your ass
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[05:52:20] <arti> lol
[05:52:20] <ciri> rofl
[05:52:29] <arti> plenty of yummy stuff out there
[05:56:07] <tama> babies also steal pet food
[05:58:21] * chromas puts plenty of yummy stuff in tama
[05:58:21] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[05:59:16] <arti> yummy yummy yummy i've got plenty of yummy stuff in my tummy
[06:03:08] <tama> arti is the god of thunder and lightning akin to Thor
[06:18:29] <crutchy> wild_berry_skittles++
[06:18:29] <Bender> karma - wild_berry_skittles: 1
[06:18:41] <arti> yeah those are good
[06:18:52] <crutchy> very strong flavour
[06:18:54] <arti> man i'm craving that stupid drink
[06:18:59] <arti> :U~
[06:19:29] <crutchy> i'm about to share some mac n cheese with my daughter apparently
[06:23:08] <tama> diarrhea is when your butt gets really wet and you know it aint sweat
[06:23:50] <arti> heh
[06:23:55] <arti> that's the way it works with dads
[06:27:08] <tama> do not feed the bears; they are kept hungry for a reason
[06:57:56] <arti> yay i'm #2
[06:59:17] <crutchy> #2?
[06:59:22] <arti> irpg :D
[06:59:29] <arti> finally, for the first time
[06:59:31] <arti> months of work
[07:00:13] <crutchy> hehe
[07:01:50] <arti> how's it going?
[07:03:07] <crutchy> not too bad
[07:03:13] <crutchy> you?
[07:03:27] <arti> spent it with some friends, had some good food
[07:03:28] * crutchy is munchin on some mac n cheese
[07:03:34] <crutchy> ooh sounds fun
[07:03:38] <arti> had some burgers made with jackfruit
[07:03:43] <arti> no meat, amazing
[07:03:52] <arti> so weird eating bbq fruit
[07:04:12] <crutchy> yeah
[07:04:19] <crutchy> different
[07:04:33] <crutchy> i've had bbq pineapple
[07:04:41] <crutchy> ~define jackfruit
[07:04:43] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3jackfruit: n. An exotic fruit scientifically known as Artocarpus heterophyllus indigenous the rain forests in the Western Ghats of India. Is also found in Brazil, Africa, and the Philippines. The fruit's int...
[07:05:15] <arti> would eat again, also found a store for the sugarcane drink
[07:05:19] <arti> those are crack
[07:05:45] <crutchy> coastal taipans love sugarcane
[07:05:57] <crutchy> spaz snakes
[07:08:18] <crutchy> thankfully nowhere near me
[07:08:58] <crutchy> working on some kinks in my url shortener
[07:09:09] <arti> i love this drink so much i've looked at presses for crushing the stupid things
[07:09:19] <arti> wot kinda kinks?
[07:10:40] <crutchy> in the part of the code that increments the next available short url
[07:10:59] <arti> so it spams the same one?
[07:11:47] <crutchy> nah its just being a dick. its a pain cos i'm tweaking on my lappy, and then rsync to test
[07:12:16] <crutchy> i should just stop being a douche and edit the server copy directly
[07:12:46] <arti> that's what web development is like
[07:16:09] <tama> Belkin is teh s uck
[07:42:07] <crutchy> might add comment content to the feed as a notice
[07:43:08] <crutchy> its not copyright violation because irc notices constitute my "browser"
[07:44:59] <arti> lol
[07:45:00] <ciri> now that is funny
[07:48:10] <tama> the general is surgeonly a fool
[07:55:27] <crutchy> yay it works :D
[07:55:28] <ciri> Simpsons all day :d xd.
[07:55:38] <arti> excellent, remove it from the todo board
[07:55:47] <crutchy> todo board?
[07:55:58] <crutchy> we have one of those?!
[07:56:54] * arti unveils the board
[07:56:57] <crutchy> crap. that's not gunna work
[07:56:58] <arti> been here the whole time
[07:57:16] <crutchy> notices follow you around different channels :/
[07:57:30] <crutchy> fuck fuckity fuck fuck fuck
[07:58:12] <crutchy> pm it is then :?
[07:58:34] <crutchy> comments feed is going to become an opt-in service
[08:01:18] <crutchy> maybe irc comments feed is something that could be offered as a SN subscription perk?
[08:01:37] <arti> alerts when comments are added?
[08:01:47] <crutchy> yeah
[08:02:49] <crutchy> not as good as having a star next to your name, but might be a little bit of value-add
[08:03:03] <arti> how frequently will pages be crawled?
[08:03:04] <ciri> you talking to me?
[08:03:20] <crutchy> atm its every half hour
[08:03:21] <ciri> crutchy, > 2 Hour drive during rush hour.
[08:03:57] <crutchy> can be changed easily though
[08:04:28] <arti> yeah, that seems like a good starting point
[08:05:05] <crutchy> check out #comments if your curious
[08:05:42] <crutchy> next feed is in about 2 minutes
[08:07:04] <crutchy> just started
[08:10:11] <tama> tama is a wobbly donut massage
[08:37:17] <crutchy> yay found the bug in the url shortener
[08:37:32] <arti> oh yes?
[08:37:35] <arti> what did it turn out to be?
[08:40:02] <crutchy> was trying to get the last short url but stupid me was using an associative array
[08:40:12] <arti> happens to the best of us
[08:40:14] <crutchy> ^was trying by index
[08:40:29] <crutchy> needed to add a call to array_keys
[08:44:12] <tama> exec is your friend
[08:44:46] <crutchy> no its your enemy
[08:44:51] <crutchy> mwahahaha
[08:44:52] <arti> fight!
[08:45:14] * arti is examining how people have used genetic algrithms in strategy games
[08:45:14] <crutchy> ~botwar select-weapon fart gun
[08:46:06] <crutchy> i remember reading up on how finite state machines work (used in things like doom etc). pretty cool stuff
[08:46:15] <arti> yeah
[08:46:22] <arti> i got distracted doing something else
[08:46:33] * arti is working on some more human features
[08:46:48] <arti> want to examine stuff from the log from the last 24h period
[08:47:01] <crutchy> finite sex machines?
[08:47:09] <crutchy> ooh which log?
[08:47:42] <arti> whatever the bot is writing to for the channel
[08:47:48] <crutchy> ahh
[08:47:57] <crutchy> to see if its getting smarter?
[08:48:12] <crutchy> inferring new knowledge upon the world
[08:48:30] <arti> low hanging fruit is determining what to ++ or --
[08:48:57] <crutchy> auto-karma?
[08:49:12] <arti> yeah
[08:49:17] <crutchy> coooool
[08:49:57] <crutchy> hey dude you use sylnt.us for ciri?
[08:50:07] <arti> maybe?
[08:50:07] <crutchy> is there some kind of rate limiter on it?
[08:50:18] <arti> how much stuff is getting spammed?
[08:50:25] * arti doesn't put too much text out
[08:50:56] <crutchy> i found that i needed a delay between requests
[08:51:03] <crutchy> otherwise it spat the dummy
[08:51:28] <crutchy> but i was just pretending to be a hooman (no api stuff)
[08:51:54] <crutchy> ^ is why i started writing my own url shortener
[08:52:36] <crutchy> fuck mod_rewrite though cos i'm not getting lost in regex land if i don't have to
[08:52:41] <arti> heh
[08:52:49] <arti> there should be builder things out there for you
[08:53:27] <crutchy> ima just make it something like sylnt.us.to?i=abc
[08:56:30] <crutchy> yay it works. just gotta add detection for existing urls
[08:57:28] <arti> existing? like already logged?
[08:59:44] <crutchy> just returns the same short url if same long url is specified more than once
[09:03:12] <tama> What time is the universal poop slinger.
[09:04:23] <crutchy> gosh tama i have nfi
[09:04:32] <crutchy> when you find out lemme know yeah?
[09:06:00] <arti> lol this is going to be fun
[09:09:12] <tama> who is number two?
[09:19:08] <chromas> What does mod rewrite do?
[09:19:18] <arti> url wizardry
[09:19:29] <chromas> Is that different from using the path variable?
[09:19:37] <arti> http://example.com
[09:19:37] <monopoly> ^ 03Example Domain
[09:19:40] <arti> becomes
[09:19:46] <arti> http://example.com
[09:19:46] <monopoly> ^ 03Example Domain
[09:20:30] <arti> or http://example.com can become amazing.html
[09:20:30] <monopoly> ^ 03Example Domain
[09:20:30] <monopoly> ^ 03Example Domain
[09:20:31] <ciri> ~Weather location example usage: ~weather boston.
[09:20:33] <exec> weather for "location example usage: ~weather boston." not found. check spelling or try another nearby location.
[09:20:54] <chromas> I guess that's better than index.php/titties
[09:21:11] <arti> just allows manipulation, kinda cool
[09:21:19] * arti makes use of it
[09:22:08] <chromas> Until watching the Simpsons marathon on fxxx I didn't know the comic book store had a name
[09:23:18] <arti> i've got it on the simpsons game on ipad
[09:23:43] <chromas> Ooh
[09:24:28] <chromas> crutchy: does the g'day script have add or is that on your end?
[09:24:29] <ciri> chromas, * Crutchy hurls a coffee++ coffee defense script activated.
[09:25:26] <chromas> ~g'day-add-drink Debian
[09:26:42] <crutchy> just hard-coded for now, but would like to have that feature
[09:27:06] <crutchy> https://github.com
[09:28:38] <crutchy> its not very tricky atm
[09:30:29] <crutchy> prolly would be more efficient if i broke up the while loop too
[09:32:56] <crutchy> ~gday chromas
[09:32:57] <exec> * crutchy insatiably throws a cheap plastic cup of milo at chromas
[09:33:10] <crutchy> i think thats a bit cleaner
[09:33:17] <arti> heh
[09:33:42] <crutchy> https://github.com
[09:33:49] <crutchy> broke up the while
[09:34:45] <crutchy> hmm
[09:34:46] <crutchy> }
[09:34:47] <crutchy> while ($container==$last_container);
[09:34:47] <crutchy> do
[09:34:47] <crutchy> {
[09:34:52] <crutchy> ^looks unco
[09:35:29] <crutchy> i guess most pro fags use "do {"
[09:35:59] <arti> have to defer to your fagspertise
[09:39:13] <tama> electrolytes are what plants crave
[09:39:32] <arti> alright, rest time, i'll stalk you guys in a few hours
[09:39:35] * arti tiptips
[09:42:31] * crutchy salutes
[09:46:13] <tama> porch monkey is not a racial slur. My grandma used to call me a little porch monkey because I used to sit on the porch and stare at my neighbors
[09:51:41] * chromas tosses a bucket of Debian to tama
[09:53:24] * chromas puts phpoo in tama
[09:53:24] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[09:55:02] * chromas puts ebola in tama
[09:55:03] * tama hands chromas a footlong dong in exchange for ebola
[09:57:11] * chromas gives tama dirty mixed strpos() needles
[09:57:11] * tama is now carrying dirty mixed strpos() needles, but dropped a nigger nugget.
[10:00:13] <tama> chromas is a very naughty boy!
[10:02:32] <chromas> Yeah...boy...
[10:06:14] <tama> where is Lylat and why isn't it on the map?
[10:09:55] <chromas> coffee++ and Debian could be beverages to g'day
[10:09:55] <Bender> karma - coffee: 50
[10:09:56] <ciri> chromas: Debian jessie will be opened up like nothing is fucking happening while the bitch is going berzerk remotely without.
[10:13:14] <tama> lesbian gas is a promiscuous resource
[11:00:12] <crutchy> coffee++and Debian added to beverages :)
[11:00:26] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[11:00:26] <Bender> Added quote 45
[11:01:31] <crutchy> i've set up the comment feed to pm me with comment content. works awesome
[11:02:07] <crutchy> <exec> *** new comment: Anonymous Coward (Score:0) "Microsoft Defies US Court Order, Will Not Give-up Emails" - http://soylentnews.org
[11:02:07] <crutchy> <exec> ^ In a nutshell....The Feds can outspend Microsoft being the US Government, forcing them to legally comply or go bankrupt.Microsoft sees itself as 'too big to fail'. If it does, it will drag down the fragile US/global economy BIG TIME--sure to disrupt the lives of MILLIONS/(BILLIONS?)! Both parties kn...
[11:02:45] <monopoly> ^ 04SN comment by Anonymous Coward
[11:06:15] <tama> Yo mama is so fat, that when she's sunbathing on the beach, Green Peace tries to push her back in the water.
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[13:25:00] * chromas gives tama the day off
[13:25:00] * tama drops an enfattened sword and takes the day off.
[13:25:21] <chromas> tama drops a lot
[13:25:34] <chromas> Needs to sell for moneys
[13:29:19] <tama> all women are bisexual. No exceptions
[13:49:03] <chromas> No statement in the history of the universe had ever been more true, tama
[13:49:03] <tama> A thousand apologies, effendi, but I do not understand.
[13:52:20] <tama> Tama yo mama is so fat she fell down and rocked herself to sleep trying to collect more wealth> thats obsesive behavior.
[19:38:33] <arti> Alison Brie and Dave Franco: https://imgur.com
[19:38:33] <arti> Ariana Grande: https://imgur.com
[19:38:33] <arti> Aubrey Plaza: http://imgur.com
[19:38:33] <arti> Bar Rafaeli: http://imgur.com
[19:38:33] <arti> Becca Tobin: http://imgur.com
[19:38:34] <monopoly> ^ 03Alison Brie Leaked - Imgur
[19:38:34] <arti> Brie Larson: http://imgur.com
[19:38:34] <arti> Hope Solo: http://imgur.com
[19:38:35] <monopoly> ^ 03Ariana Grande Leaked - Imgur
[19:38:35] <arti> Jennette McCurdy: https://imgur.com
[19:38:35] <arti> Jennifer Lawrence: https://imgur.com
[19:38:36] <monopoly> ^ 03Aubrey Plaza - Imgur
[19:38:36] <monopoly> ^ 03Bar Rafaeli - Imgur
[19:38:36] <arti> Kaley Cuoco: https://imgur.com
[19:38:36] <monopoly> ^ 03Becca Tobin - Imgur
[19:38:37] <monopoly> ^ 03Brie Larson - Imgur
[19:38:37] <monopoly> ^ 03imgur: the simple image sharer
[19:38:37] <arti> Kate Upton: https://imgur.com
[19:38:37] <arti> Kirsten Dunst: http://imgur.com
[19:38:38] <monopoly> ^ 03Jennette McCurdy Leaked - Imgur
[19:38:38] <arti> Kristen Ritter: https://imgur.com
[19:38:38] <arti> Lea Michele: https://imgur.com
[19:38:39] <monopoly> ^ 03Jennifer Lawrence Leaked pics - Imgur
[19:38:39] <arti> Mary Elizabeth Winstead: http://imgur.com
[19:38:40] <ciri> Likes pics like an editor can include more than the 64bit version takes is much larger than the ones in the am and one in the closet.
[19:38:40] <monopoly> ^ 03Kayley Cuoco - Imgur
[19:38:40] <arti> McKayla Maroney: http://imgur.com
[19:38:40] <arti> Melissa Benoist: http://imgur.com
[19:38:41] <arti> Olivia Munn: http://imgur.com
[19:38:41] <arti> Selena Gomez: http://imgur.com
[19:38:41] <monopoly> ^ 03Kate Upton Leaked Pictures - Imgur
[19:38:42] <monopoly> ^ 03Kirsten Dunst leaked - Imgur
[19:38:42] <arti> Teresa Palmer: http://imgur.com
[19:38:43] <monopoly> ^ 03Kristen Ritter - Imgur
[19:38:43] <arti> Victoria Justice: https://imgur.com
[19:38:43] <arti> Yvonne Strahovski: http://imgur.com
[19:38:43] <monopoly> ^ 03Lea Michele - Imgur
[19:38:44] <monopoly> ^ 03Mary Elizabeth Winstead - Imgur
[19:38:44] <monopoly> ^ 03McKayla Maroney leaked - Imgur
[19:38:44] <monopoly> ^ 03Melissa Benost - Imgur
[19:38:45] <monopoly> ^ 03imgur: the simple image sharer
[19:38:45] <monopoly> ^ 03Selena Gomez leaked - Imgur
[19:38:45] <monopoly> ^ 03Teresa Palmer - Imgur
[19:38:47] <monopoly> ^ 03Victoria Justice Leaked - Imgur
[19:38:47] <monopoly> ^ 03Yvonne Strahovski - Imgur
[19:39:07] <arti> The Fappening
[19:42:31] <tama> what is andy samberg?
[19:46:29] <arti> https://mega.co.nz!RMNlxRJC!-ibhQpAo0_XPFauT2Vu8FIzXgZmncTpgdyi7B2j1FwI
[19:49:31] <tama> area 6 is where the most points may be found.
[22:47:18] <chromas> oooh
[22:50:12] <chromas> stupid gamebox won't connect to the internet
[22:53:37] <tama> your momma's tits are so big that when she drives a car she needs a trailer out in front
[22:54:56] <arti> how come?
[22:54:57] <ciri> doing great here
[22:55:24] <chromas> dunno. It sees the lan
[22:55:34] <chromas> I wonder if it needs open ports but just won't tell me
[22:58:37] <tama> a CrAssphage virus is a bacteriophage
[23:04:16] <chromas> didn't help; fpos
[23:07:37] <tama> the "e" in "tilde is silent, no matter what the dictionary says