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[01:06:16] <chromas> tama: fat chicks give the best head because they like to eat
[01:06:16] <tama> Not a bloody clue, sir.
[01:06:33] <chromas> tama: fat chicks <give> the best head because they like to eat
[01:06:33] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[01:10:13] <tama> all that she wants is another baby; she's gone tomorrow, boy. All that and wants is another baby, yeah
[01:11:55] <crutchy> lol
[01:11:55] <ciri> HEHEHEHE
[01:15:13] <tama> laxatives is something the internet needs to function
[01:17:22] * chromas gives tama Ace of Base
[01:17:22] * tama is now carrying Ace of Base.
[01:21:13] <tama> who is number two!
[01:21:27] <crutchy> coffee++
[01:21:27] <Bender> karma - coffee: 48
[01:25:13] <tama> your daddy is so perverted he thought he was banging a rhino when he conceived you
[02:42:40] <chromas> https://wiki.debian.org
[02:42:42] <monopoly> ^ 03MeetBot - Debian Wiki
[02:42:49] <chromas> ^ port ta php
[02:43:38] <chromas> or at least it could supply some ideas
[02:47:16] <tama> in Windows 64-bit libraries are in shell32 while 32-bit libraries are in syswow64
[04:57:04] <crutchy> coffee++
[04:57:04] <Bender> karma - coffee: 49
[04:57:35] <crutchy> ~title https://www.google.com.au
[05:00:09] <crutchy> ~title https://www.google.com.au
[05:03:20] <tama> they are not human
[05:15:28] <crutchy> ~php strpos
[05:15:28] <exec> mixed strpos( string $haystack , mixed $needle [, int $offset = 0] )
[05:19:20] <tama> australia is made of dirt.
[05:20:27] <chromas> /restart caching_proxy++
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[05:24:21] <tama> busted pig is descriptive of women past their prime.
[05:24:44] <chromas> derp. I guess I have to compile for the update to work
[05:25:34] <chromas> /restart forgot to compile :D
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[05:28:41] <crutchy> lol @ busted pig :p
[05:28:42] <ciri> HEHEHEHE
[05:32:21] <tama> censorship is for shitfags
[05:58:05] <arti> it is a very direct term
[06:01:22] <tama> clown car is a reference to a vajayjay.
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[07:02:06] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[07:02:06] <monopoly> ^ 03RAYA - realtime game audio engine in Quake 3 - YouTube
[07:02:08] <arti> pretty cool
[07:04:30] <chromas> it is
[07:04:47] <chromas> Need to combine it with spheric lens rendering
[07:05:19] <chromas> Surprised that isn't more popular. There used to be a mod for Quake or something that did it
[07:07:21] <arti> good ol quake
[07:07:21] <tama> "Good Ol Quake" would make a good name for a rock band.
[07:10:24] <tama> crutchy is here in body. gone in mind.
[08:16:53] * chromas gives tama a sponge bath
[08:16:53] * tama now contains a sponge bath.
[08:17:06] * chromas gives tama a prostitute
[08:17:06] * tama is now carrying a prostitute.
[08:20:26] <tama> reference is panties
[08:21:49] <crutchy> tama, tama is panties
[08:21:49] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:25:26] <tama> TheMightyBuzzard is known to fly like and eagal to the sea
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[09:02:20] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[09:02:56] <crutchy> ~join #comments
[09:03:03] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[09:06:27] <tama> you had shoes
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[09:35:48] <crutchy> ~cid
[09:35:50] <exec> max SN cid from articles in atom feed: 87187
[09:35:51] <ciri> I didn't think there was no way depends on the submissions page discussion 6) queued articles on the line sometimes.
[09:39:28] <tama> nobody asks simple questions anymore; it just is not cool anymore. you've got to dress it up with "the $x" now. For example, "What the shit is this?" or "What the balls are you doing to my fork?"
[09:40:50] <crutchy> what the spank are you doing to my pussy?
[09:41:23] <arti> forking it
[09:41:49] <crutchy> you pussy forker
[09:42:24] <crutchy> exec is megaspamming its comment feed channel
[09:42:53] <crutchy> damn stupid idiot programmer didn't think
[09:44:08] <arti> bust out some interpretive dance
[09:47:28] <tama> chromas is a sugar booger
[10:02:49] <crutchy> ima gunna rock out with mah cock out!
[10:06:29] <tama> your mom is so fat and greasy an oil tanker saved the ocean by crashing into her
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[10:16:25] <bet0x> supsup
[10:16:28] bet0x is now known as Alberto
[10:19:29] <tama> yo mamma is so fat that when she foams at the mouth nearby towns issue a volcano alert
[11:16:38] <chromas> ~define buttbutter
[11:16:59] <exec> buttbutter: unable to find definition
[11:17:23] <chromas> ~define butt butter
[11:17:44] <exec> process timed out: ~define butt butter
[11:18:30] <crutchy> i honestly thought ud would come through on that one :/
[11:19:01] <chromas> ~define butt sauce
[11:19:04] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3butt sauce: The sweaty residue left on your ass after exercising or not showering for a couple days.
[11:19:09] <chromas> Ud--
[11:19:09] <Bender> karma - ud: -1
[11:19:18] <Alberto> you coding your bot
[11:19:21] <Alberto> and me doing my blog
[11:19:21] <Alberto> :D
[11:19:23] <chromas> Ud++
[11:19:23] <Bender> karma - ud: 0
[11:19:33] <Alberto> ++++
[11:19:36] <Alberto> i++++
[11:19:38] <Alberto> i++
[11:19:38] <Bender> karma - i: 1
[11:19:41] <Alberto> i++<
[11:19:43] <Alberto> i++<>
[11:19:51] <crutchy> still working on my url shortener
[11:19:54] <Alberto> ++
[11:20:42] <Alberto> crutchy http://www.barrahome.org do you like my interface? :D
[11:20:42] <monopoly> ^ 03BarraHome - ArtĂ­culos, TecnologĂ­a, Open Source y Mas.
[11:21:26] <crutchy> google_api--
[11:21:26] <Bender> karma - google_api: -1
[11:21:45] <Alberto> 0157
[11:21:46] <crutchy> noice
[11:21:52] <crutchy> clean interface
[11:22:04] <Alberto> yes i don't like too much crap
[11:22:08] <Alberto> not even js
[11:22:14] <Alberto> but is a must today for some features
[11:22:23] <crutchy> can't understand a word of it :p
[11:22:34] <Alberto> its latin and spanish
[11:22:35] <Alberto> :D
[11:22:49] <crutchy> delay between last panel and first is a bit short
[11:23:06] <Alberto> load slow?
[11:23:14] <Alberto> i can get a few seconds more of speed
[11:23:29] <crutchy> might be my slow-as-shit internet connection actually
[11:25:25] <Alberto> for me loads in 2 seconds
[11:25:29] <Alberto> i can do 0.5
[11:25:42] <Alberto> i didn't even optimize the website yet
[11:25:55] <crutchy> looks ok to me
[11:26:10] <Alberto> Internet is very expensive in australia dude
[11:26:18] <Alberto> i saw your ISP and is INSANE
[11:26:19] <Alberto> :S
[11:26:35] <crutchy> its pretty cheap compared to other isps
[11:26:42] <crutchy> the plan im on is unlisted though
[11:26:47] <crutchy> cos its old
[11:27:48] <crutchy> my email address isn't even @aussiebroadband.com.au its so old
[11:28:05] <crutchy> it still uses the old company domain that got taken over
[11:31:31] <tama> init is number one
[11:31:56] <crutchy> tama, your butt is number one
[11:31:56] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[11:34:29] <chromas> tama: systemd is awesome :D
[11:34:29] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:35:00] <crutchy> tama, systemd is your butt
[11:35:00] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[11:35:24] <crutchy> tama, systemd runs on your butt sauce
[11:35:24] <tama> Not a bloody clue, sir.
[11:38:31] <tama> soft core is hard core that's been pounded for a while
[11:39:26] <chromas> ciri: systemctl enable ef-extension
[11:39:28] <ciri> chromas: Karma - bender: what will you put in it, use it as bios, because taking a look at it while carving systemctl subcommands into your diet.
[11:42:32] <tama> where is your beard?