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[01:44:08] <chromas> chromas++
[01:44:10] <chromas> chromas--
[01:44:13] <chromas> hm
[01:44:16] <chromas> How'd he do it?
[01:44:33] <chromas> chromaS--
[01:44:33] <Bender> karma - chromas: 7
[01:44:35] <chromas> ah
[01:44:38] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:38] <Bender> karma - chromas: 8
[01:44:40] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:40] <Bender> karma - chromas: 9
[01:44:41] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:41] <Bender> karma - chromas: 10
[01:44:41] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:41] <Bender> karma - chromas: 11
[01:44:42] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:42] <Bender> karma - chromas: 12
[01:44:44] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:44] <Bender> karma - chromas: 13
[01:44:48] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:48] <Bender> karma - chromas: 14
[01:44:50] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:50] <Bender> karma - chromas: 15
[01:44:59] <chromas> chromaS++
[01:44:59] <Bender> karma - chromas: 16
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[02:50:04] <chromas> woohoo! replaced shitty Belkin router with a full desktop computer. Now that's not a waste of juice at all!
[03:04:46] <chromas> ~sed on
[03:04:46] <exec> sed enabled for 10#
[03:19:05] <chromas> ~translate en es un bot, por la mañana enciende su netbook con los colores de ferrari, hola wodim, hola d00p, pragma dónde está mi registro
[03:19:37] <chromas> Figured it was something like that
[05:17:13] * chromas gives tama Soylent Dollars
[05:17:24] <chromas> ciri: where's tama, ciri?
[05:17:25] <ciri> chromas: Gives tama a ciri snack.
[05:17:41] <chromas> ciri: where's tama, ciri?
[05:17:43] <ciri> chromas: Sciencesenemymuch: gives tama a ciri snack.
[05:18:39] <chromas> Must've left while I was switching out muh net box
[06:53:38] <arti> baboom
[06:54:46] <chromas> sadly my epeen's not big enough to use arch as a router
[06:55:36] <chromas> http://www.i-am-bored.com
[06:55:37] <monopoly> ^ 03Spelling Error? [Pic] | I Am Bored
[07:00:07] <arti> arch you roll everything right?
[07:00:12] <arti> no pkg management or something
[07:00:33] <chromas> Nah that's Slackware
[07:00:39] <chromas> arch has pacman
[07:00:56] <chromas> But you do hand edit all the config files
[07:01:13] * arti began on freebsd doing this
[07:01:20] <chromas> freebsd++
[07:01:20] <Bender> karma - freebsd: 1
[07:01:25] * arti likes freebsd
[07:01:41] <arti> i'd like to get my c chops working better, i want to write some drivers
[07:01:44] <arti> just cause
[07:01:54] <arti> maybe for a g15 or something
[07:02:02] <chromas> When I first encountered freebsd, I tried to put it onto my IBM Aptiva 133. It would get stuck just beyond nuking the boot sector
[07:02:12] <arti> like freebsd 4.4?
[07:02:27] <chromas> Not sure, it was around 1998-1999
[07:02:38] <chromas> I think it was Free—could've been another
[07:02:59] <arti> would be 3x
[07:03:01] <ciri> People could forget me if they were ever vacated.
[07:03:05] <arti> 4x came out in 2k
[07:03:20] <chromas> !grab ciri
[07:03:20] <Bender> Added quote 40
[07:03:26] <chromas> just need two more
[07:03:46] <arti> 42 quotes?
[07:03:50] <chromas> had barely heard of Linux then too
[07:03:51] <chromas> yeah
[07:04:13] <arti> likewise, redhat was the first one i was exposed to
[07:04:37] <arti> ran redhat 8 in like 2003
[07:04:51] <chromas> Mandrake 7 for me. Only had dial-up so I couldn't internet with it
[07:05:03] <arti> prior to that it was misc flings with freebsd, and what i ran for several years (in addition to windows)
[07:05:14] <chromas> windows++
[07:05:14] <Bender> karma - windows: 1
[07:05:22] <chromas> Oops did I just say that out loud?
[07:05:26] <arti> windows is pretty cool, blows ass too
[07:05:34] * arti likes his windows 7 workstation
[07:05:48] <arti> that's the only shitty part of linux, desktop linux.
[07:05:58] <arti> all unixes suck on the desktop
[07:06:13] <arti> its a software and polish issue
[07:06:18] <chromas> 7's pretty nice. Vista added extra steps to get to the network adapters. 7 took one of those steps away
[07:06:25] <arti> i liked vista
[07:06:27] <chromas> very true
[07:06:35] <arti> i didn't run it until sp1
[07:06:43] <chromas> systemd++
[07:06:43] <Bender> karma - systemd: 2
[07:06:52] <chromas> and uh, that other thing to replace X
[07:07:00] <arti> wayland?
[07:07:05] <chromas> wayland++
[07:07:05] <Bender> karma - wayland: 1
[07:07:11] <arti> i hope that pans out too
[07:07:14] <chromas> text_mode--
[07:07:14] <Bender> karma - text_mode: -2
[07:07:24] <arti> its a compositing issue, i understand the battle.
[07:08:10] <chromas> I haven't looked much into it but it's my understanding all the newfangled compositing and stuff is either tacked on or goes around X anyway
[07:08:11] <arti> for my particular workflow i find linux to be more of a kludge for a primary workstation, i've got a vm with it i usually always have running
[07:08:20] <arti> i dig terminals and wish windows had kterm
[07:08:35] <chromas> terms are nice; text mode sucks
[07:09:20] <arti> what's your daily driver?
[07:09:23] * chromas currently only has five terminals
[07:09:30] <chromas> arch
[07:09:49] <arti> what do you like about arch?
[07:09:55] <arti> just comfortable?
[07:10:26] <chromas> rolling release. I had been using suse but it lacks packages and has some broken ones
[07:10:38] <arti> ah, freebsd is rolling release too
[07:10:49] <chromas> though they do have some nice defaults, like the msn-pecan plugin for pidgin
[07:11:01] <arti> suse is pretty cool, i really want to like it more than i do
[07:11:11] <arti> i've got a vm of that too
[07:11:16] <arti> its pretty polished
[07:11:28] <arti> shot myself in the foot so many times mangling the package db
[07:11:34] <chromas> I like yast, except they moced it over to ruby for some reason
[07:11:35] <arti> total operator error
[07:11:45] * arti isn't really fond of ruby
[07:11:45] <chromas> moved
[07:11:49] <arti> it's a queer language
[07:12:04] <arti> i was struggling with capistrano (deployment thingy)
[07:12:12] <chromas> That's what I'm running on the 'router' now; Just a couple checkboxes and I've got NAT and stuff
[07:12:14] <crutchy> ~g'day arti
[07:12:14] <exec> * crutchy slides a cheap plastic cup of pancakes to arti
[07:12:20] <arti> g'day crutchy
[07:12:21] <crutchy> ~g'day chromas
[07:12:22] <ciri> hi i'm happy today! :D arti
[07:12:22] <exec> * crutchy tosses a coffee++ mug of red cordial to chromas
[07:12:24] <ciri> arti: * Crutchy hurls a toilet bowl with a budget.
[07:12:33] <chromas> ciri++
[07:12:33] <Bender> karma - ciri: 3
[07:12:36] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[07:12:36] <Bender> Added quote 41
[07:12:39] <chromas> ~g'day crutchy
[07:12:40] <exec> * chromas slides a wine flute of splodge to crutchy
[07:12:52] <chromas> exec s/lod/loo/
[07:12:52] <exec> <chromas> <exec> * chromas slides a wine flute of splooge to crutchy
[07:12:57] <arti> oh, so i've been looking at network stuff in C++ and C#
[07:13:16] <arti> i really dig XAML for UI stuff, but i'm really interested in cross platform
[07:13:24] <arti> so i think i'm going C++ for awhile
[07:13:37] <crutchy> arti s/C++/pascal
[07:13:38] <exec> <crutchy> <arti> so i think i'm going pascal++ for awhile
[07:13:47] <chromas> pascal++
[07:13:47] <Bender> karma - pascal: 5
[07:13:48] <crutchy> ???
[07:13:50] <chromas> delphi++
[07:13:50] <Bender> karma - delphi: 2
[07:14:02] <arti> found a neat pattern for loading up modules that i mostly understand
[07:14:03] <crutchy> why didn't it replace the ++?
[07:14:20] <crutchy> hold the phone
[07:14:25] <crutchy> where's sexbot?
[07:14:27] <crutchy> :p
[07:14:28] <ciri> A pasty (/psti/, cornish: hogen; pasti), (sometimes known in the road :p.
[07:14:29] <arti> there's your problem, made in %blah%
[07:14:43] <chromas> dunno; \0x1action blames the missing slash\0x1
[07:15:12] <chromas> pascal++
[07:15:12] <Bender> karma - pascal: 6
[07:15:16] <chromas> s/+/x/
[07:15:21] <chromas> s/\+/x/
[07:15:21] <exec> <chromas> s/x/x/
[07:15:36] <chromas> I guess it's a regex subordinate
[07:15:37] <arti> socket stuff in C/C++ is still kinda magic
[07:15:49] <arti> "okay so just cargo cult this part"
[07:15:54] <arti> cargo code
[07:16:12] <chromas> bsd sockets are kind of weird; but flexible and whatever
[07:16:26] <arti> you got me thinking about the bot reloading and passing the connection handle over
[07:16:38] <crutchy> ooh
[07:16:39] <arti> my next concern was how much faggotry would the string parsing be
[07:16:40] <chromas> Yeah, now you have to do that
[07:17:03] <arti> i'm worried about investing time into rust until it finalizes
[07:17:09] <chromas> how much are you passing? like a channel list and all the bot state?
[07:17:10] <ciri> you talking to me?
[07:17:17] * arti pets ciri
[07:17:18] <chromas> how, ciri?
[07:17:46] <arti> well the first part would be just the connection so its not interrupted
[07:17:55] <arti> everything else is just dumb parsed
[07:17:56] <crutchy> arti, you just need an exec :D
[07:18:10] <arti> well that's why i want the rest of it modular, scripts or libraries
[07:18:25] <arti> i need to make sure i gracefully handle fucked up loads so that the program doesn't bomb
[07:18:30] <chromas> copy SedBot's design
[07:18:34] <arti> then make it cross platform
[07:18:43] <arti> WIN32 / *nix
[07:19:02] <arti> and finally LUA bindings
[07:19:06] * crutchy hasn't tried exec in windows. i think can get php for windows though
[07:19:09] <arti> i want to play around with some meta shit
[07:19:18] <chromas> crutchy: xampp is pretty cool
[07:19:27] <crutchy> arti s/ta/trosexual
[07:19:28] <exec> <crutchy> <arti> i want to play around with some metrosexual shit
[07:19:33] <chromas> php/apache/mysql bundle
[07:19:35] <arti> also looked at how hashtables are stored in memory and how to implement in c
[07:20:15] <arti> i've been putting off C for awhile
[07:20:20] <chromas> c--
[07:20:20] <Bender> karma - c: 0
[07:20:23] <chromas> c--
[07:20:23] <Bender> karma - c: -1
[07:20:24] <crutchy> i might be able to find just a php cli interpreter for windblows, when i'm not shaped
[07:20:33] <arti> i know a bit, but all the wrangling of shit sucks in it, my pointer magic isn't that good
[07:20:57] <chromas> https://www.apachefriends.org
[07:20:58] <crutchy> what sort of loads?
[07:20:58] <monopoly> ^ 03Download XAMPP
[07:21:06] <chromas> crutchy: the kind you blow
[07:21:14] <arti> the whole template thing makese sense but the syntax is offputting
[07:21:25] <crutchy> template thing?
[07:21:45] <arti> http://www.cplusplus.com
[07:21:45] <monopoly> ^ 03Classes (II) - C++ Tutorials
[07:22:01] <crutchy> arti, you could an approach similar to exec's in C++, where you spawn a separate process to handle each command
[07:22:02] <chromas> arti: learn Pascal; it's what jesus wants
[07:22:24] <crutchy> should be able to cope with a fair whack of load that way'
[07:22:36] <arti> template <class T>
[07:22:36] <arti> class mypair {
[07:22:36] <arti> T a, b;
[07:22:36] <arti> public:
[07:22:36] <arti> mypair (T first, T second)
[07:22:36] <arti> {a=first; b=second;}
[07:22:37] <arti> T getmax ();
[07:22:37] <arti> };
[07:22:56] * chromas looks at arti's pair
[07:22:58] <arti> anyway, i'm dealing with it
[07:23:00] <crutchy> wow that makes no sense to me
[07:23:26] <arti> the syntax is ghetto to me
[07:23:35] <arti> much like go, go looks awful to me
[07:23:37] <crutchy> is that c++!?
[07:23:43] <arti> yes
[07:23:58] <crutchy> s/c++/fap/
[07:23:59] <exec> <crutchy> is that fap++!?
[07:24:02] <crutchy> ???
[07:24:12] <crutchy> c++
[07:24:12] <Bender> karma - c: 0
[07:24:25] <arti> i should get more versed in it, c/++ is essential
[07:24:29] <crutchy> s/c+/p/
[07:24:30] <exec> <crutchy> p++
[07:24:40] <arti> how's everything going for you guys?
[07:24:41] <crutchy> that's weird
[07:24:52] <arti> we've got some big surf here, record in the last 15-20 years
[07:24:54] <crutchy> can't complain
[07:24:55] <ciri> Kind of community even people that respect each other.
[07:25:05] <arti> better than odd people ciri
[07:25:11] <crutchy> where's that arti?
[07:25:16] <crutchy> west coast
[07:25:17] <crutchy> ?
[07:25:31] <arti> http://abcnews.go.com
[07:25:40] <arti> very close by here
[07:25:52] <arti> ~5 miles 9k
[07:26:36] <chromas> There are soo many Newports
[07:26:39] <crutchy> in a few days i'll be able to visit that page
[07:27:10] <chromas> crutchy: what's really chewing through your data is all the ~weathers and stuff we do in secret just to mess with you
[07:27:22] <crutchy> nah youtube is the devil
[07:27:25] <crutchy> jared@debian:~$ echo "so i think i'm going C++ for awhile" | sed -e "s/C++/pascal/"
[07:27:25] <crutchy> so i think i'm going pascal for awhile
[07:27:49] <crutchy> feck that means there's sommin wrong with mah scripts :/
[07:27:50] <arti> you know how it goes, you get pissed dealing with shit
[07:27:52] <chromas> pascal++
[07:27:52] <Bender> karma - pascal: 7
[07:27:59] <arti> one thing i like about compiled languages, they're fucking fast
[07:28:06] <crutchy> delphi++
[07:28:06] <Bender> karma - delphi: 3
[07:28:17] <arti> none of that piss poor performance on a mobile website
[07:28:17] <chromas> what we need are compilers for all the scripted languages
[07:28:21] <arti> on a phone
[07:28:33] <crutchy> there's a php compiler
[07:28:47] * chromas wishes there were other pascal compilers besides fpc
[07:29:00] <crutchy> looking at trialing it on the engineering app at work
[07:29:04] <chromas> there used to be front ends for gcc and llvm but they're abandoned
[07:29:12] <crutchy> chromas, there's always delphi :D
[07:29:24] <chromas> not for Linux :'(
[07:29:31] <arti> kylix
[07:29:32] <crutchy> delphi+wine :D
[07:29:37] <arti> remember that idea
[07:30:27] <chromas> Yeah. I also remember Corel WP Suite on Linux and also Corel Linux
[07:30:39] <chromas> corel++
[07:30:39] <Bender> karma - corel: 1
[07:30:43] <arti> star office beos :D
[07:30:46] <arti> i almost bought a copy of that
[07:30:52] <arti> boxed @ frys
[07:31:12] * chromas has never seen a Fry's; only heard about in legends foretold
[07:32:23] <arti> they're a sight
[07:32:41] <arti> it's like a smaller costco
[07:33:09] <arti> each location is themed, the nearest one to me has a roman theme with an aqueduct running to a fountain in the middle
[07:33:13] -!- exec has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[07:33:22] <chromas> exec!!!
[07:33:29] <arti> one up in the valley is alice in wonderland themed, another NASA
[07:33:36] <chromas> ooh
[07:33:43] <chromas> Staples should do that
[07:33:47] <arti> one had a UFO that crashed into it
[07:33:54] <chromas> "our prices are astronomical!"
[07:33:56] <arti> giant 50s style one where the door is
[07:34:15] -!- crutchy has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[07:34:18] <arti> "Please remain calm and enter in an orderly fashion. Now with more free probings"
[07:34:24] <chromas> lol
[07:34:25] <ciri> hehehe
[07:34:33] <chromas> hehehe
[07:34:59] * chromas offers ciri a roflcopter
[07:35:10] <arti> !dow
[07:35:11] <ciri> Educate men without faith and you but make them clever devils.
[07:36:19] <arti> btw visual studio, visual c is super sweet
[07:36:37] <arti> makes all these other editors/ides feel clunky
[07:37:10] <chromas> I played with it a bit once, to debug Opera when it would masturbate with several /. tabs open
[07:37:42] <arti> wonder what computing will be like in 25 years
[07:37:46] <arti> "facebox"
[07:37:57] <chromas> hopefully awesome and not fuckin' stupid
[07:38:35] <chromas> the millenium of appliances
[07:38:50] <chromas> s/s/ computing/
[07:39:11] <arti> random music: https://www.youtube.com
[07:39:13] <monopoly> ^ 03Visionaire - Safari (Visionaire VIP) - YouTube
[07:40:31] <arti> edm apparently, i prefer dnb https://www.youtube.com
[07:40:33] <monopoly> ^ 03Current Value - Addict - YouTube
[07:43:55] <chromas> s/dnb/tna/
[07:55:21] <arti> Virtualization improvements (bhyve, virtio); USB upgrades; use clang and LLVM by default; capsicum; pkgng; remove BIND; add LDNS and Unbound to base system; add support for Raspberry Pi, IEEE 802.11s, and FUSE; ZFS on root filesystem; replaced GNU tools with BSD-licenced versions
[07:55:27] <arti> wow bind is going byebye
[07:55:52] <arti> oh you guys want some music?
[07:56:06] <arti> http://coalitionstate.com
[07:56:06] <monopoly> ^ 03Index of /images/greentext ( http://coalitionstate.com )
[07:59:44] <chromas> lol at the first pic
[07:59:55] * chromas shoves a K up ciri's ass
[08:00:39] <arti> http://www.katu.com
[08:01:05] <arti> lol indeed
[08:03:25] <chromas> whoops
[08:03:44] <chromas> hey, it's made to roll; it's just doing its job
[08:12:25] <arti> thing is toast too, apparently the tolerances are pretty tight
[08:13:21] <chromas> we've got a bunch of those on the edge of the valley; many blinkenlights
[08:13:46] <arti> gassing myself, fuck
[08:13:59] <chromas> self-hating jew?
[08:14:00] <ciri> Great -- more jew propaganda convincing masturbatory assholes to move the symlink to the mailing list?
[08:14:01] <chromas> oh wait
[08:14:10] <arti> lol
[08:14:10] <ciri> HEY! don't laugh at me
[08:14:22] <chromas> we also have dam power. "Uh, is this a god damn?"
[08:15:25] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[08:15:26] <monopoly> ^ 03Beavis and Butt-head [HD 1080p] Best Full Episodes Collection✓ - YouTube
[08:16:09] <chromas> ooh it's in 1080
[08:17:16] <chromas> daria++
[08:17:16] <Bender> karma - daria: 1
[08:21:29] <chromas> heh, I hadn't seen the oldest episodes
[08:21:46] <chromas> funny that their teacher dies right away
[08:22:03] <chromas> I assume he wasn't the teacher at the time, though
[08:23:12] <arti> plenty of episodes i've not seen
[08:23:27] <arti> i was looking for a test drive one and only found a shit version, i've got some copies somewhere on my lan
[08:23:44] <chromas> they're pretty quiet but I like that they cut out all the garbage, even though it makes each episode ~3 minutes long
[08:23:56] -!- crutchy_ [crutchy_!~AndChat30@101.173.pl.xp] has joined #
[08:24:28] <arti> welcome
[08:24:44] <chromas> oh yeah, thanks :)
[08:24:55] <crutchy_> damn isp having connection problem or something
[08:25:46] <crutchy_> enough people affected for them to put a message on their support line
[08:27:36] <arti> we had our outage this morning with time warner
[08:27:48] <arti> like 04:00 to 10:00
[08:27:49] <arti> nationwide
[08:28:31] <arti> meanwhile in the secret nsa-lair, a minion updates the BGP route away from their raid 329402384230 array
[08:32:34] <crutchy_> it takes time to splice all those fibers
[08:33:20] <arti> oops boat anchor
[08:34:16] <crutchy_> nah its just miley cirus' popularity
[08:38:18] * monopoly offers crutchy_ a bsd socket of glowballs
[08:55:02] -!- SedBot9001 [SedBot9001!~SedBot900@0::1] has joined #
[08:57:36] <arti> The Australian .600 Nitro Express Zeliska revolver.
[08:57:48] <arti> http://img.fark.net
[08:58:07] <chromas> lol
[08:58:30] <arti> 22"
[08:58:34] <arti> each round is $40
[09:00:33] <chromas> Gotta blow your wad to metaphorically blow your wad
[09:09:29] <arti> http://www.usatoday.com
[09:09:29] <monopoly> ^ 03Dad acquitted in slaying of drunken driver who killed sons
[09:14:16] <crutchy_> yay sedboot is back
[09:14:52] <chromas> only 'cause exec200000 is missing
[09:15:15] <crutchy_> still red light on modem :(
[09:15:23] <arti> put pictures on milk.zips
[09:16:15] <arti> http://xkcd.com
[09:16:16] <monopoly> ^ 03xkcd: Hyphen
[09:20:28] <arti> alright, going to read, catch you guys later ^_^
[09:22:15] <chromas> night, sir reads-a-lot
[09:26:49] <chromas> oh
[09:27:28] <chromas> yeah I guess without tail, SedBot does 'replay' the entire log and reply to it but it also quits at the end of the file. awww
[10:36:05] <chromas> Need to bust out some php here
[10:36:28] <chromas> With the new box, I think I need a web page that shows stats and stuff
[12:17:24] -!- chromas has quit [Quit: rebooting router]
[12:20:29] -!- SedBot9001 has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[12:20:29] -!- monopoly has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[12:35:40] -!- chromas [chromas!~chromas@34-600-112-610.dhcp.wlwl.wa.charter.com] has joined #
[12:35:40] -!- chromas has quit [Changing host]
[12:35:40] -!- chromas [chromas!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[12:41:37] -!- monopoly [monopoly!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[12:48:39] -!- crutchy__ [crutchy__!~AndChat30@1.138.vhh.gy] has joined #
[12:49:25] -!- crutchy__ has quit [Client Quit]
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[14:38:32] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[14:41:38] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[14:41:38] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[14:41:52] <crutchy> .deop
[14:41:52] -!- mode/# [-o crutchy] by juggler
[14:45:48] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[16:13:37] <crutchy> ~bucket <<SED_CHANNELS>>
[16:13:38] <exec> bucket not found
[16:13:43] <crutchy> ~bucket <SED_CHANNELS>
[16:13:44] <exec> bucket not found
[16:13:50] <crutchy> ~bucket-list
[16:13:58] <crutchy> ~buckets-list
[16:13:59] <exec> bucket list output to terminal
[16:13:59] <exec> bucket count: 86
[16:14:15] <crutchy> ~bucket <<EXEC_SED_CHANNELS>>
[16:14:16] <exec> a:0:{}
[16:14:38] <crutchy> ~sed on
[16:14:39] <exec> sed enabled for 10#
[16:22:19] <crutchy> c++
[16:22:19] <Bender> karma - c: 1
[16:22:30] <crutchy> s/c++/pascal/
[16:22:30] <exec> <crutchy> pascal++
[16:24:44] <crutchy> test
[16:29:57] <crutchy> test
[17:08:41] <arti> test
[17:10:22] <crutchy> 1, 2, 3
[17:10:51] <crutchy> damn its 10 past 3 in the morning. wtf am i still doing awake?
[17:11:24] <crutchy> gotta get up in 3 and half hours to get ready for workipoos :(
[17:11:26] <ciri> crutchy, Brb: breakfast 3 hours unfucking then tracing the cause of the days getting shorter, more time to reinstall again.
[17:54:28] -!- Alberto [Alberto!~albertof@189.133.x.rm] has joined #
[18:33:52] <arti> hey alberto!
[18:34:06] <arti> i just came across this video, apparently this is "brutal" by german standards https://www.youtube.com
[18:34:06] <monopoly> ^ 03brutaler Polizeiübergriff, 5. Juli 2014, Berlin Kreuzberg (Görlitzer Park) - YouTube
[18:34:23] <arti> once thing i noticed was the african guy with a bottle of alcohol, lol.
[18:34:29] <arti> looks like a 40
[18:34:31] <arti> 40oz
[18:34:38] <arti> ~ 1:35 in
[19:04:13] <Alberto> lol
[19:13:28] -!- Alberto has quit []
[21:11:22] <chromas> !grab ciri
[21:11:22] <Bender> Added quote 42