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[02:27:30] -!- Loggie [Loggie!Loggie@Soylent/Bot/Bender] has joined #
[02:27:36] <crutchy> dunno what that bender error was about
[02:27:46] <crutchy> bender must have a !stats command too
[02:27:58] <paulej72> yes it does
[02:28:15] <crutchy> but its borked'
[02:28:24] <crutchy> s/borked/not set up
[02:28:24] * upchuck offers critchy a /
[02:28:31] <crutchy> pfft no lazy mode?
[02:28:59] <paulej72> .voice Bender
[02:29:33] * chromas bawks at awk gawk'n'grok
[02:30:08] -!- mode/# [+v Bender] by juggler
[02:30:26] <chromas> I think juggalo has the lazy mode
[02:31:21] * crutchy doeesn't even really understand the voice thingy
[02:31:39] <crutchy> i think it has something to do with a channel mode (like #staff)
[02:31:45] <chromas> if the channel is moderated (+m) then only ops and voiced can talk
[02:31:52] <crutchy> ah
[02:31:55] <chromas> otherwise it's just for status
[02:32:09] <crutchy> chromas, s/status/awesomeness/
[02:32:09] <upchuck> <crytchy> <chromas> otherwise it's just for awesomeness
[02:32:10] <ciri> 114702 Chromas [~chromas@0::1.
[02:32:30] * crutchy is a happy pleb
[02:32:55] <paulej72> tama: crutchy ia a happy pleb
[02:32:55] <tama> Error 42: Factoid not in database. Please contact administrator of current universe.
[02:33:17] <paulej72> tama: crutchy is a happy pleb
[02:33:17] <tama> Okay, paulej72.
[02:33:19] <crutchy> tama, yo mama is so fat they had to make another universe just for her
[02:33:19] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[02:36:40] <tama> donkey dicks are not for eating.
[02:38:19] * chromas gives tama a big, floppy donkey dick
[02:38:19] * tama is now carrying a big, floppy donkey dick, but dropped penile implants (yes, plural.
[02:39:20] <chromas> ciri, women don't like it when you get it in their hair
[02:39:24] <chromas> ciri: women don't like it when you get it in their hair
[02:39:25] <ciri> chromas: Soon crutchy, i get deeper into the gold bar used to be ie9 on windows. I chose it because it's no longer have horns because women.
[02:42:40] <tama> who is number zero?
[03:11:53] <chromas> ciri: tits or it didn't happen
[03:11:54] <ciri> chromas: Tama, your momma's tits are so big, chapstick had to clean it up.
[03:12:52] <crutchy> lol
[03:12:54] <ciri> lol damn!
[03:13:02] <crutchy> aww
[03:13:11] <crutchy> i was gunna grab you ciri
[03:13:22] <chromas> !grab crutchy
[03:13:22] <Bender> Added quote 33
[03:16:41] <tama> Your mom is so fat, the national weather service names each one of her farts
[03:25:03] <chromas> tama, your mom is so fat she turned uranus gay
[03:25:03] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[03:28:41] <tama> crutchy is a god among gods
[03:39:48] upchuck is now known as _KEY
[03:40:17] crutchy is now known as _
[03:41:37] _ is now known as crutchy
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[05:34:18] -!- aqu4 [aqu4!~aqu4bot@universe2.us/ircbot/aqu4] has joined #
[06:09:19] * chromas gives tama a swift kick in the nyuts
[06:09:19] * tama drops aqu4vulva and takes a swift kick in the nyuts.
[06:12:46] <tama> crutchy is a god among gods
[06:13:29] <chromas> tama, monopoly is a whore among thieves
[06:13:30] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:16:46] <tama> poop is australian for g'day.
[06:16:47] <ciri> tama: Juggs is the universal poop slinger: unable to find the optimum usually. The current id and adds 1024 to it and send pull request.
[06:16:47] <tama> Okay, ciri.
[06:19:12] <chromas> !grab ciri
[06:19:13] <Bender> Added quote 34
[06:19:22] <chromas> we need a supybot too
[06:19:33] <arti> supy?
[06:20:01] <chromas> it's a python bot; uses sqlite and has karma and other plugins
[06:20:35] <chromas> http://irc-wiki.org
[06:20:36] <monopoly> ^ 03Supybot - IRC Wiki
[06:20:55] <chromas> json--
[06:20:55] <Bender> karma - json: -1
[06:21:04] <chromas> at least,
[06:21:12] <chromas> json_for_data_storage--
[06:21:12] <Bender> karma - json_for_data_storage: -1
[06:24:46] <tama> tama is a poop master
[06:25:05] <chromas> tama: <action> is stinky
[06:25:05] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:28:45] <juggs> tama: juggs is evil and not to be trusted
[06:28:45] <tama> Please don't edit your own factoids, juggs.
[06:28:58] <chromas> one for crutchy: http://irc-wiki.org
[06:28:59] <monopoly> ^ 03Suphpbot - IRC Wiki
[06:30:15] <juggs> tama: tama is evil and not to be trusted
[06:30:15] <tama> Okay, juggs.
[06:30:38] <chromas> you could use the bots to 'edit your own factoids' but they're ignored :)
[06:31:27] <chromas> say tama: you are funny
[06:31:27] <tama> Tama: you are funny!
[06:32:13] <chromas> /r tama: chromas is a cheater sr$ yas
[06:32:13] <monopoly> say $rs retaehc a si samorhc :amat
[06:32:18] <chromas> oh duh
[06:32:18] <juggs> ah bots feeding bots what could go wrong
[06:32:42] <chromas> /r tama: chromas is a cheater sr$ yas~
[06:32:43] <monopoly> ~say $rs retaehc a si samorhc :amat
[06:32:44] <exec> $rs retaehc a si samorhc :amat
[06:33:03] <chromas> /r tama: chromas is a cheater rs$ yas~
[06:33:04] <monopoly> ~say $sr retaehc a si samorhc :amat
[06:33:05] <exec> $sr retaehc a si samorhc :amat
[06:33:05] <aqu4> tama: chromas is a cheater
[06:33:05] <tama> aqu4: Your mom is a cheater!
[06:36:29] * chromas gives tama frosted animal cookies
[06:36:29] * tama hands chromas penile implants (yes i hate when projects do things so right, tama ciri, security, konomibot, bender, chromas in exchange for frosted animal cookies
[06:37:05] * chromas 's bot hoard increases
[06:40:46] <tama> Your mom is so fat, the national weather service names each one of her farts
[06:44:10] <crutchy> so what's your bot count at now chromas?
[06:44:23] <arti> bots are good :D
[06:44:27] <chromas> just two
[06:44:30] <chromas> that are running
[06:44:33] * crutchy contemplates making a bot script
[06:44:42] <crutchy> and spawning thousands of instances
[06:44:46] * chromas put shellbot aside awhile back
[06:44:50] <chromas> lol
[06:45:14] <crutchy> ~spawn-bot-army 1000
[06:45:33] <chromas> there ya go
[06:45:42] <chromas> you know, if botnets can skip irc, so can we
[06:46:05] <crutchy> i could but my lappy isn't exposed to the intertubes
[06:46:25] <crutchy> need to run it on my webserver
[06:46:26] <ciri> Ncommander, pending your approval: this flight will not need to do hiring.
[06:46:43] <chromas> 0) get thousands of PCs infected with naughtyexec 1) we connect and have a reliable p2p chat network 3) brofist
[06:48:02] <chromas> (where naughtyexec creates a p2p netbetween infected hosts and is only controllable by digitally signed messages using one of three or so keys)
[06:51:47] <tama> your mom is so clingy Jesus killed himself on the cross just to get some peace from all her nagging
[06:59:48] <crutchy> ~rehash
[06:59:49] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file (62 aliases)
[07:03:47] <tama> ciri is not to be trusted.
[07:08:05] <chromas> tama, prostitutes are not to be busted
[07:08:05] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:08:42] <chromas> tama, rebar is not to be rusted
[07:08:42] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:08:55] <chromas> tama, buildings are not to be musted
[07:08:55] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:09:31] <chromas> tama, skyscrapers are not to be gusted
[07:09:31] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:09:40] <chromas> tama, uggos are not to be lusted
[07:09:40] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:10:00] <chromas> tama, fatties are not to eat custard
[07:10:00] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:10:46] <chromas> tama, illegals are not to be busted
[07:10:46] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:10:57] <chromas> tama, undo last
[07:10:57] <tama> Okay, chromas, deleted that 'illegals' is 'not to be busted'.
[07:11:28] <chromas> tama, socks are not to be crusted
[07:11:28] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:11:57] <chromas> tama, H1Bs are not to be bussed in
[07:11:57] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:12:26] <chromas> need a rhymebot
[07:13:18] <chromas> one thing I miss about suse is the easy firewall action. Just check a box and I've got NAT. Not sure about writing iptables rules
[07:13:36] <chromas> sounds like work
[07:13:53] <arti> what're you running now?
[07:13:59] <arti> iptables aren't that difficult
[07:14:56] <chromas> going to replace my shitty router with this much more expensive-to-run intel uATX board. Figured I'd also run other stuff on it, so that probably rules out any firewall distros
[07:15:14] <arti> openbsd :D
[07:15:18] <crutchy> tama, firewall action in boxes is very sexy
[07:15:18] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[07:15:21] <arti> freebsd is good too
[07:15:39] <chromas> I have played with the BSDs before a bit. It's different and I'm a bigot
[07:15:54] <arti> fair enough, debian
[07:16:24] <chromas> though I could try again. Was a few years ago
[07:16:33] <chromas> and I've heard webmid sucks the balls
[07:16:39] <crutchy> tama, i had this box named nat that had her firewall penetrated by the whole internet
[07:16:39] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[07:16:39] <chromas> webmin
[07:17:04] <chromas> tama, boxes are for penetrating
[07:17:04] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[07:18:29] <chromas> oh crutchy, I was looking at…um, pictures earlier and one had "Dogfart" branding in the corner
[07:19:16] <crutchy> aww does that mean dogfart has been copyrighted?
[07:19:40] <chromas> too short for that
[07:19:43] <crutchy> dogs everywhere are going to receive NDAA cease and desist orders
[07:19:50] <chromas> was probably a blog or something
[07:20:17] <crutchy> ~define ndaa
[07:20:18] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3NDAA: An acronym for the National Defense Authorization Act 2011 signed into law by Obama. And Basically this gives the government power to detain you indefinitely as a "Terrorist" without cause o...
[07:20:34] <chromas> oh shit it's an actual company
[07:20:45] <chromas> Dogfart Productions
[07:20:47] <crutchy> hmm not sure if thats what i was thinking of
[07:20:49] <crutchy> lol
[07:20:50] <ciri> hehehe
[07:21:06] <crutchy> (c) Dogfart Corporation
[07:21:07] <chromas> black-on-white
[07:21:23] <arti> a production company name
[07:21:48] <chromas> hey now
[07:21:55] <chromas> black_on_white_lesbians++
[07:21:55] <Bender> karma - black_on_white_lesbians: 1
[07:22:21] <crutchy> ~restart
[07:22:23] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[07:22:29] <chromas> ooh
[07:22:31] -!- exec has quit [Read error: Connection reset by peer]
[07:22:35] <chromas> aw
[07:22:46] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[07:23:07] <crutchy> added a bucket list command and re-organised the lib file so that i could use most of it for other scripts
[07:23:18] <crutchy> good scripts... that spawn good bots :p
[07:23:29] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[07:25:19] * chromas with sort of recognizes that quote
[07:26:44] <crutchy> nah not that
[07:26:51] <crutchy> it's for the user tracking script
[07:27:13] <crutchy> so i can retrieve a list of bucket indexes in a script
[07:27:20] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:29:31] <chromas> Well, a variation thereof. Maybe good people who make good something
[07:29:52] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:30:24] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:30:25] <exec> terminated pid 1936: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:31:39] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:32:10] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:32:11] <exec> terminated pid 2009: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:32:12] <ciri> [14284] Php scripts/privmsg.php '[perl-necklace] => what crutchy's guinea pigs do.
[07:32:23] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[07:32:23] <Bender> Added quote 35
[07:32:28] <crutchy> lol
[07:32:29] <ciri> i don't think it's that funny lol
[07:33:04] <arti> hahaha
[07:33:07] <arti> that's awesome
[07:33:46] <chromas> top three google results for doorsnoker are soylent logs
[07:34:29] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:34:53] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:35:12] <crutchy> that's fucked
[07:35:15] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:35:16] <exec> terminated pid 2188: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:35:27] <crutchy> endless loop
[07:35:42] <chromas> is it checking your wifi?
[07:35:45] <crutchy> with no timeout
[07:35:50] <crutchy> nah
[07:35:57] <crutchy> spawning another client
[07:36:02] <chromas> ah cool
[07:36:08] <crutchy> well, trying to
[07:36:23] <crutchy> not working too well yet
[07:36:25] <chromas> .~bot exec
[07:36:47] <chromas> .~bot gedit
[07:36:57] <crutchy> hmm should check for that else i'll end up with zombie clients
[07:37:10] <chromas> ~bot gedit
[07:37:18] <chromas> does it popup on your screen?
[07:37:21] <chromas> :D
[07:37:31] <chromas> ~ps
[07:37:32] <exec> [2387] php scripts/bot.php 'gedit' '#' 'chromas'
[07:37:38] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:37:39] <exec> terminated pid 2387: php scripts/bot.php 'gedit' '#' 'chromas'
[07:37:50] <crutchy> 2014-08-24 18:37:38 > gedit >>
[07:37:57] <chromas> or, would it if it wasn't stuck in a loop?
[07:38:21] <crutchy> thats all it shows, over and over and over :p
[07:39:33] <crutchy> ~bot gedit
[07:39:46] <crutchy> oops
[07:39:48] <crutchy> ~bot gedit
[07:40:29] <crutchy> connected, but not joining :/
[07:40:32] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:40:33] <exec> terminated pid 2654: php scripts/bot.php 'gedit' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:41:25] <crutchy> var_dump++
[07:41:25] <Bender> karma - var_dump: 2
[07:41:30] <crutchy> ~bot gedit
[07:42:02] <crutchy> dammit message parser returning false
[07:42:06] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:42:07] <exec> terminated pid 2755: php scripts/bot.php 'gedit' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:45:05] <crutchy> trying to remember how the main bot works, cos they share common bot lib functions
[07:45:11] <crutchy> ~bot gedit
[07:45:23] -!- gedit [gedit!~gedit@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[07:45:23] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:45:24] -!- gedit has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[07:45:24] <exec> terminated pid 2851: php scripts/bot.php 'gedit' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:45:36] <crutchy> ooh joined at least
[07:45:45] <crutchy> just gotta get rid of a warning
[07:45:58] <chromas> cool
[07:46:05] <chromas> oooh
[07:46:07] <chromas> ohhh
[07:46:16] <chromas> so that's the name; not starting a process
[07:46:24] <chromas> well, name of process
[07:47:11] <crutchy> just a nick
[07:47:27] <crutchy> it is in a separate process with its own socket
[07:47:40] <crutchy> but is under exec's control
[07:47:52] <crutchy> (similar to how ii worked under exec)
[07:48:30] <crutchy> its a bit different cos the php bot script has access to the lib functions used by the main bot (even though prolly won't use them)
[07:48:46] <crutchy> just uses message parsing etc
[07:51:43] <crutchy> ~restart
[07:51:44] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[07:51:52] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[07:51:57] <crutchy> just need to make sure the change i made to a lib function doesn't break exec
[07:52:03] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[07:52:32] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[07:52:39] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnokeer
[07:53:38] <crutchy> ~ps
[07:53:39] <exec> no child processes currently running
[07:53:45] <chromas> :(
[07:53:46] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:53:54] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:53:55] <exec> terminated pid 4523: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:54:19] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[07:54:27] <crutchy> ~killall
[07:54:28] <exec> terminated pid 4588: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[07:54:30] <crutchy> fuck
[07:56:41] <crutchy> try again
[07:56:45] <crutchy> ~restart
[07:56:46] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[07:56:54] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[07:57:08] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[07:57:39] <crutchy> only problem with a restart now is that it takes forever to get past the whois commands :/
[07:58:02] <crutchy> oh that didn't take long
[07:58:18] <crutchy> hmm not joined #soylent :p
[07:58:20] <chromas> can you make them delayed?
[07:58:36] <crutchy> its triggered by a join
[07:58:38] <ciri> Select * from stories as p1 inner join (select * from sotires where discussion=x.
[07:58:43] <crutchy> might be able to
[07:58:52] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[07:58:55] <chromas> maybe a separate process?
[07:59:24] <crutchy> might eventually be able to use the ~bot script :p
[07:59:39] <crutchy> needs a socket
[07:59:39] <tama> http://needsasocket.tumblr.com
[08:00:02] <crutchy> ~bot doorsnoker
[08:00:02] <chromas> systemctl start tama2
[08:00:14] <chromas> execctl
[08:00:15] <crutchy> woohoo no warnings
[08:00:18] -!- doorsnoker [doorsnoker!~doorsnoke@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:00:24] <chromas> woohoo!
[08:00:29] <chromas> ~say test
[08:00:30] <exec> test
[08:00:33] <crutchy> ~bot wigwom
[08:00:34] <chromas> aw
[08:00:46] <chromas> crutchy: s/wom/ger/
[08:00:47] <_KEY> <chromas> <crutchy> ~bot wigger
[08:00:48] -!- wigwom [wigwom!~wigwom@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:01:03] <crutchy> the ~bot clients aren't full execs
[08:01:14] <crutchy> ~bot tama2
[08:01:20] <crutchy> ~bot tama3
[08:01:25] <crutchy> ~bot tama4
[08:01:28] -!- tama2 [tama2!~tama2@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:01:33] -!- tama3 [tama3!~tama3@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[08:01:38] <chromas> ~bot SedBot
[08:02:07] <chromas> aw, connect limit exceeded
[08:02:16] <chromas> ~ps
[08:02:17] <exec> [6025] php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:02:17] <crutchy> eek zombies!
[08:02:17] <exec> [6131] php scripts/bot.php 'wigwom' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:02:17] <exec> [6215] php scripts/bot.php 'tama2' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:02:17] <exec> [6245] php scripts/bot.php 'tama3' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:02:17] <exec> [6275] php scripts/bot.php 'tama4' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:02:17] <exec> [6318] php scripts/bot.php 'SedBot' '#' 'chromas'
[08:02:19] <crutchy> 2014-08-24 19:01:34 > tama4 >> ERROR :Closing Link: 119-18-0-66.cust.aussiebb.net (Too many host connections (local))
[08:02:45] <crutchy> gotta figure out how to interact with them now
[08:03:12] <chromas> do they all get pipes to exec?
[08:03:23] <crutchy> they have access to buckets
[08:03:31] <crutchy> and their outputs are piped to exec
[08:03:51] <crutchy> just like normal exec scripts
[08:04:46] <crutchy> could include in the main loop of the bot script a get_bucket
[08:05:08] <crutchy> and another script that triggers on privmsg a set_bucket
[08:05:29] <crutchy> that would cover input to the clients
[08:05:47] <chromas> ipc++
[08:05:47] <Bender> karma - ipc: 1
[08:05:57] <crutchy> ipc?
[08:06:04] <crutchy> ~define ipc
[08:06:05] <chromas> inter-process communication
[08:06:05] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3ipc: Ignore Post Count. Usually used in role play forums.
[08:06:11] <crutchy> ooh
[08:06:25] <crutchy> yeah i'm pretty happy with the bucket system
[08:06:47] <chromas> bucket_ipc++ :D
[08:06:47] <Bender> karma - bucket_ipc: 1
[08:06:47] <crutchy> it has a funny name but it mostly works
[08:06:57] <chromas> and tama is a bucket
[08:07:05] * chromas puts tama in exec's bucket
[08:07:12] * chromas puts exec's bucket in tama
[08:07:12] * tama hands chromas the Ayn Rand School for Tots in exchange for exec's bucket
[08:08:13] <crutchy> ~killall
[08:08:13] -!- doorsnoker has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:08:13] -!- wigwom has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:08:13] -!- tama2 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:08:13] -!- tama3 has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[08:08:13] <exec> terminated pid 6025: php scripts/bot.php 'doorsnoker' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:08:14] <exec> terminated pid 6131: php scripts/bot.php 'wigwom' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:08:14] <exec> terminated pid 6215: php scripts/bot.php 'tama2' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:08:14] <exec> terminated pid 6245: php scripts/bot.php 'tama3' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:08:14] <exec> terminated pid 6275: php scripts/bot.php 'tama4' '#' 'crutchy'
[08:08:14] <exec> terminated pid 6318: php scripts/bot.php 'SedBot' '#' 'chromas'
[08:08:44] <crutchy> might grab some grub
[08:08:50] <arti> what kinda grub
[08:08:56] <crutchy> dunno
[08:09:02] <crutchy> something with a bit of kick
[08:09:07] <arti> curry?
[08:09:18] <arti> what about spicy bbq
[08:09:32] <crutchy> might have a look to see what sort of wine i'm drinking
[08:10:06] <arti> sounds good, i've had some beers today
[08:11:13] <crutchy> what goes with shiraz merlot?
[08:11:25] <crutchy> mmmmm steak
[08:12:01] * arti ate 'spa food'
[08:12:18] <arti> sounds good, carbs are good too
[08:12:23] <chromas> mud and cucumber slices?
[08:12:53] <crutchy> i should eat something else i'm gunna get drunk on one glass
[08:13:16] <arti> bread
[08:13:21] <arti> bread and hummus
[08:16:48] <tama> a broken beer bottle is called a nigger knife
[08:21:02] <crutchy> ciri's gone for a smoko
[08:24:48] <tama> flaps are components shared by aircraft and women
[08:24:49] <ciri> Busted pig is descriptive of women past their prime.
[08:28:48] <tama> triscuit is a biscuit
[08:42:16] <arti> bleh UI libraries
[08:45:49] <tama> juggs are double d or bigger
[09:05:11] <crutchy> ~bot dogfart
[09:05:17] <arti> stinkwhiff
[09:05:26] -!- dogfart [dogfart!~dogfart@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[09:06:42] <crutchy> dogfart++
[09:06:42] <Bender> karma - dogfart: 2
[09:07:02] <crutchy> ~killall
[09:07:03] <exec> terminated pid 7275: php scripts/bot.php 'dogfart' '#' 'crutchy'
[09:07:03] -!- dogfart has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[09:07:09] <crutchy> ~bot dogfart
[09:07:24] <crutchy> ooh purple text
[09:07:24] -!- dogfart [dogfart!~dogfart@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[09:08:07] <crutchy> so far there's 6 different colors in the terminal :D
[09:08:25] <arti> irc limitation or a terminal thing
[09:09:18] <crutchy> just to differentiate things like bot messages, script messages, raw irc messages, timestamps
[09:09:30] <arti> aaah yeah it helps
[09:11:29] <crutchy> http://picpaste.com
[09:11:43] <arti> https://www.youtube.com
[09:11:44] <monopoly> ^ 03MVVM Session 02 - Multiple Views and ViewModels - YouTube
[09:11:54] <arti> ah looks cool
[09:15:50] <tama> soylent news is people
[09:43:08] * chromas gives tama night night nuggets
[09:43:08] * tama hands chromas a bonertone in exchange for night night nuggets
[09:43:39] <chromas> Although the keyboard was ready with the word "niggers"
[09:44:07] <chromas> It also likes "cum" and "rape"
[09:47:03] * chromas gives tama dark chocolate souffle
[09:47:03] * tama is now carrying dark chocolate souffle, but dropped frosted animal cookies.
[09:50:21] <crutchy> chromas, s/souffle/suffle/
[09:50:21] <_KEY> <crutchy> <chromas> gives tama dark chocolate suffle
[09:51:09] <crutchy> how its pronounced in straya :p
[09:51:10] <ciri> doing good, and you?
[09:51:20] <crutchy> i'm wet and ready
[09:51:25] <arti> stryne
[09:51:49] <chromas> !grab crutchy
[09:51:49] <Bender> Added quote 36
[09:54:00] <chromas> tama: _NSAKEY is in your windows nt, watching you masturbate
[09:54:01] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[09:54:56] -!- tama has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[09:55:16] <chromas> Aw
[09:55:17] <crutchy> ZOMG!!!!
[09:55:38] <crutchy> you killed tama.... you bastard
[09:56:14] <crutchy> dogfart will have its revenge
[09:56:21] * chromas drops the gun and strolls away casually
[09:56:39] <crutchy> ~time chromas
[09:56:41] <exec> location not found - UTC timestamp: Sunday, 24 August 2014, 9:56 am
[09:56:49] <crutchy> ~time chicago
[09:56:50] <exec> Sunday, 24 August 2014 @ 4:56 am CDT - Chicago, IL, USA
[09:57:19] <crutchy> fornicate me over a barstool sideways mr monkeybars!
[09:57:35] <chromas> Deadly Avenger has a song called Lawrence of a Labia
[09:57:42] <crutchy> you night owl you :p
[09:58:08] <chromas> It's even earlier here
[09:58:25] <crutchy> are you in new spork?
[09:58:27] <chromas> Was asleep for a bit
[09:58:31] <chromas> Ew
[09:58:44] <chromas> Washington. The time Washington
[09:58:48] <chromas> Derp
[09:58:50] <arti> TOP. MEN.
[09:58:56] <chromas> The good one
[09:59:11] <crutchy> washington where the volcano rules
[09:59:16] * chromas never got that joke
[09:59:40] <chromas> Was it the end of Indiana Jones or something?
[09:59:43] <crutchy> you're close to microsoft city
[10:00:03] <chromas> ~weather walla walla
[10:00:07] <exec> weather for 10Walla Walla-Whitman College, WA, United States Of America at 1:30 am (PDT) ~ 90 mins ago: temp: 1017.2°C (63°F), dp: 1010.6°C (51°F), press: 101015.6 mb (0 mb/30 mins), humid: 1064%, wind: 101.6 km/h (1 mph) @ 10145°
[10:00:23] <crutchy> ah yeah
[10:00:33] <crutchy> ~weather-add chromas walla walla
[10:00:36] <exec> name "chromas" set for location "walla walla"
[10:00:42] <crutchy> i'll forget otherwise :p
[10:01:23] <chromas> The east side, next to Idaho. We've got onions and mexicans out the ass
[10:01:30] <crutchy> and i won't be able to spy on you from the other side of the pacific with my enlarging footlong dongoscope
[10:01:40] <crutchy> oh
[10:01:50] * crutchy opens google maps
[10:02:19] <chromas> Just to the right of the river loop that looks like a breast
[10:03:11] <chromas> Agriculture++
[10:03:11] <Bender> karma - agriculture: 1
[10:04:05] <crutchy> looks like a nice little town
[10:04:30] <chromas> Except for the people :D
[10:04:53] <crutchy> i live here: http://goo.gl
[10:04:55] <monopoly> ^ 03Google Maps ( https://maps.google.com.au )
[10:05:17] <crutchy> bit less agricultural but i grew up in a smaller town nearby
[10:06:27] * chromas enhance zooms
[10:06:42] <chromas> Oh hey, I can see exec from here
[10:06:45] <crutchy> oh shit loggie is here... _NSAKEY will notice :-O
[10:06:53] <crutchy> lol
[10:07:19] <crutchy> i guess it is getting bloated
[10:07:20] <ciri> (Aghast audience: whaaaaa, oh ya. Really simple ones you can parse regexes with regexes, but i guess when you cum in their hair.
[10:07:29] <crutchy> need ~diet
[10:07:36] <crutchy> wtf
[10:07:41] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[10:07:41] <Bender> Added quote 37
[10:07:49] <crutchy> lmao
[10:07:54] <chromas> I see lots of labels like C477
[10:08:21] <crutchy> our roads might be different to yours
[10:08:36] <crutchy> A1 is main highway that goes around the whole country
[10:08:53] <crutchy> B is highways going off
[10:08:59] <chromas> Is that their names then? Not some weird mappy thing
[10:09:00] <crutchy> C is smaller roads again
[10:09:04] <chromas> Ah
[10:09:07] <crutchy> nah they have names too
[10:09:14] <crutchy> that's just numbering for maps i guess
[10:09:28] <chromas> Thought maybe it was something google was doing
[10:09:44] <crutchy> if you zoom in you can see C477 is grey st
[10:10:05] <crutchy> but it turns into traralgon west rd
[10:10:48] <chromas> Harold Preston Reserve has sata ports to the left
[10:12:57] <crutchy> thats the newer part of town
[10:13:16] <crutchy> there's still plenty of ide connectors about :p
[10:14:05] <chromas> :)
[10:36:40] -!- tama [tama!~bucket@xn206-341.members.linode.com] has joined #
[10:39:32] <tama> ribs are best when tickled.
[10:46:10] <crutchy> tama, box is a voice activation technology
[10:46:11] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[10:49:32] <tama> svu is the worst Law & Order ever made
[10:50:24] <chromas> Hmm, was just thinking people could use in bot to abuse exec. I should probably detect that
[10:50:44] <chromas> w/in/my/
[10:50:50] <chromas> Shirt
[10:54:32] <tama> ribs are best enjoyed with breasts
[10:57:54] <crutchy> you mean the ~say permission?
[10:58:08] <chromas> yeah
[10:58:09] <crutchy> /say ~say stuff
[10:58:09] <monopoly> ~say stuff
[10:58:10] <exec> stuff
[10:58:30] <chromas> but I can make it ignore pleebs when they /say ~things
[10:58:36] <crutchy> lol
[10:59:00] <chromas> /say .~quit
[10:59:00] <monopoly> .~quit
[10:59:12] <chromas> that'd be tizerrible
[11:00:00] <crutchy> i don't think monopoly has ~q permission
[11:00:13] <crutchy> can try it if you want
[11:00:43] <crutchy> only you, me and xlefay have admin
[11:01:14] <crutchy> never any harm in testing though
[11:01:15] <chromas> depends how you check, but monopoly is logged in as me
[11:01:25] <chromas> /say ~restart
[11:01:25] <monopoly> ~restart
[11:01:26] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[11:01:34] -!- dogfart has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[11:01:34] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[11:01:35] <chromas> oh quit's probably different though
[11:01:46] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:01:47] <chromas> ~join #Soylent
[11:01:48] <crutchy> nah should be the same lol
[11:02:03] * chromas updates codez
[11:02:09] <crutchy> ah
[11:02:20] <crutchy> monopoly is identified as chromas with nickserv
[11:02:35] <crutchy> its not related to nick. its nickserv account that matters
[11:02:49] <crutchy> :D
[11:03:23] <chromas> just have to figure out how the code works again
[11:05:03] <crutchy> you just gunna ignore any say command that starts with a ~ or something?
[11:05:13] <crutchy> that'd be no fun
[11:05:54] <chromas> nah there's an 'auth' variable that's set by vhost and/or your nick
[11:06:01] <chromas> not the most secure
[11:06:14] <chromas> so it'll check that + ~
[11:07:19] <crutchy> either that or just put monopoly on a different nickserv account
[11:07:26] <crutchy> might be a pain in the bum though
[11:08:16] <crutchy> i think i've actually got monopoly as an account name in the ~say permissions
[11:08:29] <crutchy> didn't realise it was grouped
[11:09:04] <crutchy> OH NOES!! WE LOST DOGFART!!!!!
[11:09:13] <crutchy> ~bot dogfart
[11:09:28] -!- dogfart [dogfart!~dogfart@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:09:35] <crutchy> dogfart brings up exec's rear
[11:10:09] <crutchy> still haven't given dogfar a voice yet
[11:10:13] <crutchy> should do that now
[11:10:33] <chromas> ~say .voice dogfart
[11:10:34] <exec> .voice dogfart
[11:14:33] <tama> just like what used to be called rock is now pop
[11:15:49] <chromas> whoa, don't even have rsync installed! What is this? The middle ages?
[11:16:20] <chromas> /restart update
[11:16:20] -!- monopoly has quit [Quit: update]
[11:16:33] -!- monopoly [monopoly!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[11:16:54] <chromas> say ~say hey
[11:16:54] <tama> ~say hey!
[11:17:02] <chromas> say /say ~say hey
[11:17:02] <tama> /say ~say hey!
[11:17:02] <monopoly> ~say hey!
[11:17:03] <exec> hey!
[11:17:09] <chromas> :(
[11:18:05] <chromas> /say ~say hey
[11:18:12] <chromas> hahahahahahaha
[11:18:13] <ciri> Karma - prospectacle: for my repulsor bowl.
[11:18:22] <chromas> inverted the check
[11:20:34] <crutchy> ooh
[11:20:50] <chromas> /restart
[11:20:50] -!- monopoly has quit [Client Quit]
[11:21:13] -!- monopoly [monopoly!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[11:21:19] <chromas> /say ~say hey
[11:21:19] <monopoly> ~say hey
[11:21:21] <exec> hey
[11:21:26] <chromas> say /say ~say hey
[11:21:26] <tama> /say ~say hey!
[11:21:30] <chromas> better
[11:21:34] <chromas> say /say say hey
[11:21:34] <tama> /say say hey!
[11:21:35] <crutchy> hey hey!
[11:21:44] <chromas> :/
[11:21:49] <chromas> say /say say hey
[11:21:49] <tama> /say say hey!
[11:21:56] <chromas> say /say teste
[11:21:56] <tama> /say teste!
[11:22:11] <crutchy> /say ~say testicles
[11:22:11] <monopoly> ~say testicles
[11:22:12] <exec> testicles
[11:22:23] <crutchy> ooh was that supposed to happen?
[11:22:28] <chromas> yeah
[11:22:38] <crutchy> mkay :)
[11:22:45] <chromas> but tama should be able to do it as long as it's not a ~command
[11:23:02] <crutchy> ah
[11:23:29] <crutchy> /say ~say ~bucket <<SED_CHANNELS>>
[11:23:29] <monopoly> ~say ~bucket <<SED_CHANNELS>>
[11:23:30] <exec> ~bucket <<SED_CHANNELS>>
[11:23:31] <exec> bucket not found
[11:23:35] <crutchy> oops
[11:23:54] <crutchy> maybe i should find a bucket that exists
[11:24:10] <crutchy> ooh i need to test the new BUCKET_LIST command
[11:24:26] <chromas> I think my logic is broken. sleep++
[11:24:59] <chromas> if (pars[1] in ['.','!','$', '~']) then
[11:24:59] <chromas> if not authed then begin exit end
[11:24:59] <chromas> else
[11:24:59] <chromas> bot.say(message.channel, pars);
[11:25:43] <chromas> begin/end to make sure the else goes with the right if
[11:26:09] <chromas> or maybe I should put it on the outer one. dunno
[11:26:54] <chromas> /restart
[11:26:54] -!- monopoly has quit [Quit: Restarting]
[11:27:06] -!- monopoly [monopoly!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[11:27:13] <chromas> say /say hi
[11:27:13] <tama> /say hi!
[11:27:13] <monopoly> hi!
[11:27:16] <chromas> say /say ~hi
[11:27:16] <tama> /say ~hi!
[11:27:21] <chromas> I guess that did it
[11:27:31] <chromas> /say ~hi
[11:27:36] <chromas> /say hi
[11:27:36] <monopoly> hi
[11:27:38] <ciri> hello monopoly
[11:27:41] <chromas> soafb
[11:29:09] <crutchy> ~users test
[11:29:16] <chromas> /restart
[11:29:16] -!- monopoly has quit [Client Quit]
[11:29:26] -!- monopoly [monopoly!~chromas@0::1] has joined #
[11:29:33] <chromas> /say teste
[11:29:33] <monopoly> teste
[11:29:35] <chromas> /say ~teste
[11:29:36] <monopoly> ~teste
[11:29:39] <chromas> say /say ~teste
[11:29:39] <tama> /say ~teste!
[11:29:42] <chromas> say /say teste
[11:29:42] <tama> /say teste!
[11:29:42] <monopoly> teste!
[11:29:49] <chromas> better
[11:30:00] <chromas> say /say ~say heyo
[11:30:00] <tama> /say ~say heyo!
[11:30:04] <chromas> /say ~say heyo
[11:30:04] <monopoly> ~say heyo
[11:30:05] <exec> heyo
[11:31:22] <chromas> say /say ~say finally
[11:31:22] <tama> /say ~say finally!
[11:31:31] <chromas> /say ~say say finally
[11:31:31] <monopoly> ~say say finally
[11:31:32] <exec> say finally
[11:31:36] <crutchy> yay!
[11:31:54] <chromas> bot-on-bot protection activiated
[11:32:06] <crutchy> ooh bot-on-bot
[11:32:15] <chromas> coding++
[11:32:15] <Bender> karma - coding: 2
[11:32:22] <chromas> codeine++
[11:32:22] <Bender> karma - codeine: 2
[11:32:42] <crutchy> tama, monopoly is wearing a condom to protect against sexually transmitted bot instructions
[11:32:42] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[11:32:43] <ciri> Yessir, crutchy_: 11, arti.
[11:32:50] <chromas> lol
[11:32:51] <ciri> HEY! don't laugh at me
[11:33:03] <chromas> lol, ciri! lol!
[11:33:19] * chromas gives tama a roflcopter
[11:33:19] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:33:31] <crutchy> ~rofl
[11:33:31] <chromas> ooh, tama dropped inventory
[11:33:47] * chromas puts an ultra boner in tama
[11:33:47] * tama is now carrying an ultra boner.
[11:33:56] <crutchy> tama, activate inventory
[11:33:56] <tama> Beeeeeeeeeeeeep!
[11:34:04] <crutchy> tama, activate roflcopter
[11:34:17] <chromas> tama, flush
[11:34:17] <tama> Can't talk, zombies!
[11:34:26] <crutchy> tama, flush zombies
[11:34:26] <tama> I do not know.
[11:34:35] <chromas> say !beer memory juice
[11:34:35] <tama> !beer memory juice!
[11:34:37] * ciri pours some memory juice! from the tap and slides it to tama
[11:35:55] <chromas> ciri: if it wasn't for my horse, I never would've spent that semester at college
[11:35:57] <ciri> chromas: Wasn't guacamole, more time to thoroughly chastise you right off a beer or two.
[11:36:11] <crutchy> ~bucket
[11:36:11] <exec> GET: ~bucket <index>
[11:36:12] <exec> SET: ~bucket <index> <data>
[11:36:12] <exec> UNSET: ~bucket <index> unset
[11:36:36] <crutchy> ~bucket doorsnoker dogfart
[11:36:37] <exec> set bucket
[11:36:48] <crutchy> ~bucket doorsnoker
[11:36:49] <exec> dogfart
[11:36:52] <crutchy> hmm
[11:38:32] <crutchy> shit. bucket_list command validation pattern was wrong :/
[11:39:03] <crutchy> should be 000, not 001 and 101
[11:39:27] <crutchy> hmm actually should permit 100 as well
[11:39:47] * chromas gives tama 10-100
[11:39:47] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:40:30] <chromas> /join ##
[11:40:31] <chromas> /join so
[11:40:34] <chromas> shit
[11:40:39] <chromas> /join #Soylent
[11:40:42] <chromas> /join #test
[11:40:46] <chromas> /join #editorial
[11:40:48] <crutchy> https://github.com
[11:42:07] <crutchy> has changed a little today
[11:45:17] <crutchy> ~restart
[11:45:18] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[11:45:26] -!- dogfart has quit [Remote host closed the connection]
[11:45:26] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[11:45:38] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:46:48] <crutchy> ~users test
[11:47:08] <crutchy> :(
[11:47:24] <crutchy> var_dump++
[11:47:24] <Bender> karma - var_dump: 3
[11:47:47] <crutchy> might disable whois in users.php for now
[11:49:19] <crutchy> ah
[11:49:28] <crutchy> handle_stdout doesn't like an empty trailing
[11:51:48] <crutchy> ~restart
[11:51:50] <exec> successfully saved buckets file
[11:51:57] -!- exec has quit [Quit: dafuq]
[11:52:08] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:52:16] <chromas> exec++
[11:52:17] <Bender> karma - exec: 11
[11:52:30] <crutchy> ~users test
[11:52:31] <exec> <<EXEC_ACCOUNT_DATA>> <<EXEC_SED_CHANNELS>> last_exec_#soylent last_ciri_# last_arti_# last_tama_# last_crutchy_# last_dna2251_# last_exec_# <<LOGGED_CHANNELS>> <<IRC_CONNECTION_ESTABLISHED>> last_cereal_# last_lagg_#soylent last_subsentient_#soylent last_crutchy_#soylent last_cereal_#soylent last_crutchy_#soylent. last_konomi_#soylent last_paulej72_#soylent last_ar_#soylent last_ciri_#soylent last_chromas_#soylent last_chromas_# last_bender_#soylent la
[11:52:37] <crutchy> shit that works
[11:52:38] <ciri> well flush it!!
[11:52:42] <crutchy> lool
[11:52:58] <crutchy> ciri you're getting too smart for your own good
[11:53:29] <crutchy> hmm wonder what exec_account_data is
[11:53:42] <chromas> sentience
[11:53:50] <chromas> you're not supposed to notice
[11:53:58] <crutchy> ~bucket <<EXEC_ACCOUNT_DATA>>
[11:53:59] <exec> a:75:{i:0;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:1;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:2;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:3;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:4;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:5;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:6;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:7;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:8;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:9;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:10;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:11;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:12;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:13;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:14;s:15:"crutchy crutchy";i:15;s:9:"exec exec";i:16;s:9:"exec exec"
[11:54:20] <chromas> now if that doesn't highlight you…
[11:54:22] <crutchy> ahh. cruft from users.php developmeent
[11:54:45] <crutchy> ~bucket <<EXEC_ACCOUNT_DATA>> unset
[11:54:46] <exec> unset bucket
[11:55:37] <chromas> now you lost colors on the terminal
[11:56:16] <crutchy> dogfart will add them again
[11:56:20] <crutchy> it has purple
[11:56:40] * chromas gives tama a purple dogfart
[11:56:40] * tama is now carrying a purple dogfart.
[11:56:46] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[11:57:58] * chromas gives tama a condom—just kidding! condoms are for suckers!
[11:57:59] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:58:46] <crutchy> tama needs protection against sexually transmitted bot instructions too
[11:59:13] <crutchy> tama, insert dirty dildo here
[11:59:13] <tama> I cannot access that data.
[12:02:33] <tama> arti is the god of thunder and lightning akin to Thor
[12:08:13] <crutchy> ~bot dogfart
[12:11:34] <tama> oracle is docking.
[12:11:36] <ciri> Terminated pid 6131: php scripts/bot.php 'wigwom' '#' '~chart.
[12:12:09] <chromas> /sayto #Soylent chromas++ for cheating
[12:15:00] <crutchy> ~ps
[12:15:00] <exec> no child processes currently running
[12:15:04] <crutchy> hm
[12:15:09] <crutchy> ~bot dogfart
[12:15:31] <crutchy> oops
[12:15:37] <crutchy> ~bot new dogfart
[12:15:50] <crutchy> ~killall
[12:15:51] <exec> terminated pid 15517: php scripts/bot.php 'new dogfart' '#' 'crutchy'
[12:17:51] <crutchy> ~bot new dogfart
[12:18:11] -!- dogfart [dogfart!~dogfart@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[12:18:38] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart privmsg #: test
[12:19:41] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart privmsg #: test
[12:23:34] <tama> yo mama is so fat they had to make another universe just for her
[12:39:55] <chromas> tama, yo mama is so stank the EPA sued her for water contamination when she took a bath last month
[12:39:55] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[12:43:35] <tama> exceptions are awesome
[12:43:51] <chromas> tama, yo mama is so stank she turns water into vinegar
[12:43:52] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[12:47:35] <tama> your mom is so old, when god said let there be light, she flipped the switch.
[13:00:01] <crutchy> ~bucket <<MINION_CMD_dogfart>>
[13:00:03] <exec> bucket not found
[13:01:56] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart privmsg #: test
[13:02:02] <crutchy> ~bucket <<MINION_CMD_dogfart>>
[13:02:03] <exec> bucket not found
[13:03:28] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart privmsg #: test
[13:03:44] <crutchy> damn. bucket not working :(
[13:05:56] <chromas> !Word
[13:05:58] <ciri> Unscramble ---> 6 liwhets
[13:06:13] <ciri> Clue --->12 blow
[13:06:23] <chromas> Herp
[13:06:28] <ciri> First letter --->12 w
[13:06:32] <chromas> Whistle
[13:06:33] <ciri> Woohoo chromas!! You got it...4whistle
[13:06:34] <ciri> chromas this is your first ever win!!!...Don't you feel pathetic!
[13:07:00] <chromas> Blow...job
[13:08:16] <chromas> ciri: they took ma jerb!
[13:08:17] <ciri> chromas: Wheres ma hearin aid.
[13:10:59] <crutchy> ~bot say dogfart privmsg #: test
[13:14:35] <tama> ios is for lesbians
[14:27:47] -!- exec has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[14:29:20] -!- dogfart has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[14:29:51] -!- crutchy has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[17:16:46] <chromas> Ah oh
[17:20:43] <tama> your balls are showing
[18:55:46] <arti> :D
[18:56:06] <arti> slept good, just not long enough *yawns* get all tired of laying down
[18:56:08] <arti> i had coffee last night
[18:59:46] <tama> soylent stock is dirt cheap
[19:52:35] <arti> http://oppressionquest.com
[19:52:36] <monopoly> ^ 03FinalOppressionQuest
[19:55:48] <tama> yo mama's ass is so big she needs a fire truck to have an enema
[20:15:40] <chromas> Loool at OppressionQuest
[20:16:00] <chromas> First pic is a mac display
[20:19:48] <tama> ciri is chromas
[21:46:19] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[21:46:19] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[21:46:29] <crutchy> .deop
[21:46:29] -!- mode/# [-o crutchy] by juggler
[21:46:54] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[21:47:37] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[21:50:51] <tama> tama is a cocksucker
[21:54:47] <chromas> tama, cocksuckers are a good thing
[21:54:47] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[21:55:07] <chromas> tama, smokers are cocksuckers who may still be in the closet
[21:55:07] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[21:55:19] * chromas teehees
[21:58:51] <tama> the cake is a lie.
[23:23:44] * chromas gives tama the finger
[23:23:44] * tama now contains the finger.
[23:26:54] <tama> ciri is aware that arti is the bringer of code and the fondler of fondles.
[23:27:08] * chromas gives tama a knuckle sandwich
[23:27:08] * tama is now carrying a knuckle sandwich.
[23:27:10] <arti> :)
[23:27:42] * chromas gives tama a segue
[23:27:42] * tama now contains a segue.
[23:28:25] * chromas gives tama my harem
[23:28:25] * tama now contains my harem.
[23:29:04] <chromas> tama: arti gives tama a squeeze
[23:29:04] <tama> Error 42: Factoid not in database. Please contact administrator of current universe.
[23:29:11] <chromas> tama: gives tama a squeeze
[23:29:11] <tama> I do not know.
[23:29:20] <chromas> gives tama a squeeze
[23:29:20] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[23:30:07] * chromas gives tama the page
[23:30:07] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[23:30:42] * chromas gives tama
[23:30:53] * chromas gives tama a
[23:31:22] <arti> someone set us up the bomb
[23:32:35] <chromas> arti: s/(us)(up)/\2 \1/
[23:32:50] <chromas> Come on sexbot
[23:33:02] <chromas> s/x/d/
[23:33:03] <_KEY> <chromas> Come on sedbot
[23:33:32] <chromas> Must just be doin' it wrong
[23:34:45] <chromas> tama: the end of metal year solid 4 is 139 hours long and has 26 save points without game play
[23:34:45] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[23:34:54] <chromas> Close enough
[23:34:55] <ciri> Tama, yo mama is so fat she fell into the computer are hooked to a *good enough* solution (for some definition of 'good enough.
[23:34:55] <tama> Okay, ciri.
[23:38:54] <tama> ribs are best when tickled.
[23:56:27] <arti> Winnie the Pooh turns 100 today. Oh bother
[23:56:39] <arti> http://www.cbc.ca
[23:59:55] <tama> fish politicans are filled with hot water