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[03:59:23] <Serial> ~say /say say !beer robojuice
[03:59:24] <exec> /say say !beer robojuice
[03:59:24] <Cereal> say !beer robojuice
[03:59:24] <tama> !beer robojuice!
[03:59:25] * ciri pours some robojuice! from the tap and slides it to tama
[03:59:44] <Serial> !say test
[04:00:16] <Serial> ciri: Do you have a say function?
[04:00:17] <ciri> Serial: What a garbage collector function looks like pj has this under control, ping me if you never manipulate that quote at all?
[04:04:09] <tama> milk crate is another name for a preggo chick
[04:05:00] <arti> say test
[04:05:00] <tama> Test!
[04:08:10] <tama> your mom is so ugly the Gorgon sisters killed themselves when they saw her face
[04:42:44] <Serial> tama, in American, it's Jews all the way up and Mexicans all the way down
[04:42:44] <tama> A thousand apologies, effendi, but I do not understand.
[04:42:50] <Serial> tama, in American, it is Jews all the way up and Mexicans all the way down
[04:42:50] <tama> Okay, Serial.
[04:43:11] Serial is now known as chromas
[04:46:11] <tama> Sony earphones are dog shit tacos
[06:16:04] <chromas> tama: all that she wants is another baby; she's gone tomorrow, boy. All that and wants is another baby, yeah
[06:16:04] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:19:14] <tama> busted pig is descriptive of women past their prime.
[06:22:11] <chromas> lol
[06:24:50] <chromas> join #pipedot
[06:24:57] <chromas> tama: join #pipedot
[06:24:57] <tama> Can't talk, zombies!
[06:25:29] * chromas puts zombies in tama
[06:25:29] * tama is now carrying zombies, but dropped a plastic-wrapped toilet seat.
[06:25:44] <chromas> tama, stats
[06:25:44] <tama> I've been awake since Tue Aug 12 14:19:18 2014 (about 2 days), and was last changed about 14 weeks ago. Since waking up, I've learned 16 new factoids. I know now a total of 588 things about 346 subjects. I know of 217 objects and am carrying 20 of them.
[06:29:14] <tama> the cake is a lie.
[06:30:10] <chromas> tama, the cake is a pie
[06:30:10] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:33:14] <tama> breasts without nipples are not breasts
[06:51:13] <chromas> !beer Cereal
[06:51:13] * ciri pours some Cereal from the tap and slides it to chromas
[06:51:37] * chromas makes his own cereal
[06:55:15] <tama> cider is a drink that will rot your teeth thanks to its high sugar content
[07:42:53] <arti> :D
[07:43:00] * arti has eaten like a king
[07:43:03] <arti> also, getting sick
[07:43:06] <arti> :|
[07:43:08] * arti drinks a beer
[07:43:27] * arti returns to watching slapshot
[07:43:28] <chromas> ah oh
[07:47:16] * chromas is being jewed in skate 3
[07:50:04] <crutchy> tama, it is not appropriate to put lemon juice on a vagina prior to eating it
[07:50:04] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[07:50:15] <arti> it's fun to use a 9volt
[07:53:17] <tama> your mom's lips are so big, chapstick had to make a spray
[08:08:28] <crutchy> tama, yo mama's lips are so big that they formed a black hole
[08:08:28] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[08:12:17] <tama> eating pussy is not for vegetarians
[09:05:47] <arti> !orderfor crutchy burrito
[09:05:49] * ciri sets burrito in front of crutchy.
[09:05:50] <ciri> Hey, you're welcome, don't forget to leave a #tip for me!
[09:06:18] <chromas> !#tip
[09:06:25] <chromas> !tip 16.20
[09:06:26] * ciri thanks chromas for the 16.20!
[09:06:31] <chromas> noice
[09:08:21] <chromas> does ciri keep a balance?
[09:08:25] <chromas> ciri: stats
[09:08:26] <ciri> chromas: Fb stats are a little lfs linux.
[09:08:39] <chromas> ciri: tip jar
[09:08:40] <ciri> chromas: Fuckin hell, jar jar polled higher than congress.
[09:09:00] <arti> !dow
[09:09:07] <crutchy> !grab ciri
[09:09:07] <Bender> Added quote 22
[09:11:43] <arti> http://antiartificial.com
[09:11:43] <Cereal> ^ 03#Soylent stats: 14.8.2014!
[09:13:57] * chromas remembers the days when he didn't rank in
[09:14:43] <arti> huzzah for cheevos
[09:14:53] * crutchy is still trying to rank out but can't seem to shut up long enough :/
[09:15:07] <chromas> just change your nick
[09:15:17] <arti> nah i check for that
[09:15:22] <arti> :D
[09:15:36] <crutchy> wtf crutchy "i punched myself in the nose"
[09:15:39] <chromas> You could be BA Barabbas and tell us to drink our milk and use Bluehost
[09:15:59] <arti> lol bluehost
[09:15:59] <ciri> lol damn!
[09:16:10] <chromas> That's not a scam is it?
[09:16:17] <arti> no
[09:16:25] <chromas> I remember there was a guy who had some scam companies like Blue Hippo and something else Blue
[09:16:26] <arti> its a provider
[09:17:21] <arti> crutchy you've done 666 lines with smileys
[09:17:38] <crutchy> oh. smileys are the devil
[09:17:46] <crutchy> konomi made me do it
[09:17:54] <crutchy> konomi is evil
[09:18:51] <arti> anything that bleeds for several days and doesnt' die isn't to be considered good
[09:19:19] <crutchy> arti s/good/delicious
[09:19:19] <exec> <crutchy> <arti> anything that bleeds for several days and doesnt' die isn't to be considered delicious
[09:22:19] <tama> this is the greatest and best song in the world...tribute
[09:22:40] <chromas> tama is x
[09:22:49] <chromas> tama, ciri is a poopy puppy
[09:22:49] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[09:23:55] <arti> tama, chromas is a sugar booger
[09:23:55] <tama> Okay, arti.
[09:23:56] <ciri> Say /say ~say /r ~say tama, booger blasters.
[09:23:56] <tama> /say ~say /r ~say tama, booger blasters!
[09:23:56] <Cereal> ~say /r ~say tama, booger blasters!
[09:23:57] <exec> /r ~say tama, booger blasters!
[09:23:57] <Cereal> !sretsalb regoob ,amat yas~
[09:24:22] <chromas> ah oh!
[09:24:29] <chromas> They can initiate their own circle jerks now
[09:24:32] <arti> lol
[09:28:20] <tama> incest is for winners. Wincest!
[09:28:35] <crutchy> that is out of date tama
[09:28:45] <crutchy> now we have Wincest Vista
[09:29:17] <chromas> Vista was pretty great
[09:29:18] <crutchy> its an operating system that fucks your sister for you
[09:29:45] <crutchy> 'where would you like me to cum today?'
[09:29:53] <chromas> !grab crutchy
[09:29:53] <Bender> Added quote 23
[09:30:08] <chromas> "What you're about to do needs privileges so we're telling you now that we're about to ask if you want to grant privelegs. Continue?"
[09:32:18] <chromas> ~autograb-enable
[09:34:05] <crutchy> tama, buy MicroSpoof Wincest Vista and all your wet dreams will cum true!
[09:34:05] <tama> I don't know
[09:37:20] <tama> Planning to use ==level 2</h2>level 2== instad of h2 add = for more levels.
[09:38:07] <chromas> tama, someone's poisoned your water hole
[09:39:09] <crutchy> tama, my donkey fell in your waffle hole
[09:39:09] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[09:39:27] <chromas> oh there will be
[09:39:46] <crutchy> waffle_hole++
[09:39:46] <Bender> karma - waffle_hole: 1
[09:43:20] <tama> untrusted people are sources of faggotry.
[09:45:52] <chromas> so are buttholes
[09:45:58] <chromas> or maybe those are destinations
[09:49:20] <tama> juggs are double d or bigger
[10:02:01] * chromas gives tama a monster condom for my magnum dong
[10:02:01] * tama drops non-volatile storage and takes a monster condom for my magnum dong.
[10:05:21] <tama> objective c is an ass blower
[10:58:21] <crutchy> lol
[10:58:28] <crutchy> !grab tama
[10:58:28] <Bender> Added quote 24
[11:02:23] <tama> ciri is your master.
[11:04:27] <chromas> tama: s/./ ass blaster./
[11:04:27] <tama> Error at 0x08: Reference not found
[11:04:27] <exec> <chromas> <tama> ass blaster.iri is your master.
[11:04:38] <crutchy> tama, dogfart is good for your skin
[11:04:38] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[11:04:39] <chromas> what
[11:04:57] <chromas> oh yeah, regex
[11:04:57] <crutchy> exec s/ma/as
[11:04:57] <exec> <crutchy> <exec> <chroass> <tama> ass blaster.iri is your master.
[11:05:07] <crutchy> /facepalm
[11:05:18] <chromas> say !beer regex
[11:05:19] <tama> !beer regex!
[11:05:20] * ciri pours some regex! from the tap and slides it to tama
[11:05:27] <crutchy> lol
[11:05:28] <ciri> heh
[11:05:31] <chromas> don't be so happy, tama
[11:05:40] <chromas> s/happy/excited/
[11:05:40] <exec> <chromas> don't be so excited, tama
[11:06:41] <crutchy> exec s/./0/g
[11:06:42] <exec> <crutchy> <exec> 00000000000000000000000000000000000
[11:07:18] <chromas> exec: s/o/(\1Y\1)/g
[11:07:18] <exec> <chromas> <exec> <crutchy> <exec> 00000000000000000000000000000000000
[11:08:03] <chromas> ~dest-override #Soylent
[11:08:04] <exec> destination override "#Soylent" set for nick "chromas" in "#"
[11:08:09] <chromas> ~say I've got pictures...
[11:08:30] <chromas> ~dest-clear
[11:08:31] <exec> destination override "#Soylent" cleared for nick "chromas" in "#"
[11:08:41] <crutchy> lol
[11:08:41] <ciri> hehehe
[11:10:01] <chromas> We need Bender to say "I prefer extortion; the 'x' makes it sound cool"
[11:10:16] <chromas> !say test
[11:10:57] <chromas> ~define jabronski
[11:11:13] <exec> jabronski: unable to find definition
[11:11:15] <crutchy> oh he's a composer?
[11:11:26] <crutchy> hmm that's jablonski
[11:11:29] <crutchy> or some shit
[11:11:35] <chromas> dunno
[11:11:39] <crutchy> ~define some shit
[11:11:42] <exec> [urbandictionary] 3someshit: Means "something." A simple and wholesome way to get more swearing into your diet.
[11:11:51] <chromas> It's a made-up word in Always Sunny
[11:11:53] <crutchy> lol so true
[11:11:53] <ciri> rofl
[11:11:53] <tama> http://lolsotrue.tumblr.com
[11:13:07] <chromas> f u, tama. Trying to get in the way of my search for that one music video
[11:16:23] <tama> a CrAssphage virus is a bacteriophage
[12:12:36] <chromas> http://www.90smusicvidz.com
[12:12:37] <Cereal> ^ 0390's Music Videos
[12:16:25] <tama> Sony earphones are dog shit tacos
[13:17:51] <chromas> tama, mcdonald's is the number one cause of aids
[13:17:51] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[13:21:27] <tama> the cake is a pie
[13:21:28] <ciri> Chromas, turtle pie.
[13:25:27] <tama> fatties are for smoking
[18:36:56] <chromas> !Decide left right
[18:36:56] <ciri> The roll of the dice picks: right.
[18:40:37] <tama> crutchy is into men.
[19:51:40] -!- juggs has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[19:57:16] -!- juggs [juggs!~juggs@Soylent/Staff/IRC/juggs] has joined #
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[22:42:56] <chromas> http://www.90smusicvidz.com
[22:42:57] <Cereal> ^ 0390's Music Videos
[22:46:45] <tama> bisexual people are greedy.