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[04:13:23] <arti> :D
[04:16:27] <tama> laxatives is something the internet needs to function
[06:27:28] <chromas> tama: fatties are for smoking
[06:27:28] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:27:40] <arti> or riding bikes?
[06:28:07] <chromas> Lol
[06:28:08] <ciri> i don't think it's that funny lol
[06:28:42] * chromas gives tama two fatties on bikes
[06:28:42] * tama now contains two fatties on bikes.
[06:30:18] * chromas gives tama penile implants (yes, plural)
[06:30:19] * tama now contains penile implants (yes, plural).
[06:31:24] * chromas gives tama tama's inventory
[06:31:24] * tama now contains tama's inventory.
[06:34:31] <tama> technically americans are mammals, even when they're not elephants
[06:37:20] * chromas gives tama #
[06:37:49] * chromas gives tama sluts
[06:37:49] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:38:06] * chromas gives tama herpes
[06:38:06] * tama now contains herpes.
[06:38:16] * chromas gives tama virginity
[06:38:16] * tama now contains virginity.
[06:38:52] * chromas gives tama a 400TB porn stash
[06:38:52] * tama now contains a 400TB porn stash.
[06:39:07] <chromas> tama: stats
[06:39:07] <tama> I've been awake since Tue Aug 12 14:19:18 2014 (about 1 day), and was last changed about 14 weeks ago. Since waking up, I've learned 9 new factoids. I know now a total of 582 things about 342 subjects. I know of 202 objects and am carrying 9 of them.
[06:39:50] * chromas gives tama non-volatile storage
[06:39:50] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:40:19] <arti> how are you doing
[06:40:20] <ciri> doing great here
[06:40:28] * arti pets ciri
[06:40:52] <chromas> Say !Beer rocket sauce
[06:40:52] <tama> !Beer rocket sauce!
[06:40:53] * ciri pours some rocket sauce! from the tap and slides it to tama
[06:41:15] <chromas> Aw. Was hoping tama would accept
[06:41:50] * chromas gives tama a masturbation station
[06:41:50] * tama is now carrying a masturbation station.
[06:43:36] <chromas> Wonder if the new school will have open houses. I don't see a gym in the floor plan sketch
[06:43:47] <arti> that sucks
[06:43:55] <chromas> Or I could just wander around during school hours
[06:43:56] <arti> apparently playing is so last century
[06:44:03] <chromas> That's not creepy, right?
[06:44:09] <arti> talk to the office first
[06:47:31] <tama> peanut butter is good for tricking dogs into licking…things
[06:48:21] <chromas> Kind of sad—the school was right across the street from the girls' dorm. The new one is a couple storeys taller but it's moved back
[06:48:46] <chromas> I like to imagine a kid on the top floor getting caught peeping out the window in class with binoculars
[06:49:08] <chromas> But now he'll need a telescope
[06:50:30] <arti> they all have phones now anyway
[06:51:09] <chromas> True. Why have shaky, blurry bewbs when you can have pixelated, animated bewbs?
[06:52:12] <arti> [any]
[06:52:14] <chromas> Google has more up-to-date satellite photos but bing has aerial
[06:54:38] <chromas> oops, they call it bird's eye
[06:56:40] * arti likes the arial stuff in bing
[06:56:45] <arti> i still use google for most stuff
[06:57:14] * chromas uses bing; gets points; spends them on xb360 games
[07:00:27] <chromas> looks like in street view, they put a giant blur where the car should be
[07:00:52] <chromas> instead of the traditional pinched sphere-mapping effect
[07:04:03] <chromas> a lot of false positives by the censor algorithm
[07:07:32] <tama> Ruby is for...uh, some term that would offend Japanese people
[07:15:57] <chromas> don't be a racist, tama
[07:16:09] <chromas> you'll come too fast
[07:17:52] <chromas> it's funny 'cause wheels, utility poles and buildings get little censor blurs
[07:20:14] <chromas> ciri: http://oglaf.com
[07:20:15] <ciri> chromas: ^ Class for binary to text encoding (base32 and more economical - http://www.youtube.com http://sylnt.us
[07:20:28] <chromas> what
[07:23:32] <tama> ciri is an eggdrop.
[07:32:52] <chromas> Why do you say such things, tama?
[07:32:52] <tama> Can't talk, zombies!
[07:33:41] <arti> oglaf is good
[07:33:56] * arti was reading a little bit
[07:34:05] <arti> not oglaf, i caught up months ago and then stopped
[07:37:32] <tama> the fucket bucket is the master bucket
[07:38:20] <chromas> same here
[07:38:35] <chromas> someone asked about it so I went a-diggin' and then he found it first
[07:38:46] <arti> aah
[07:39:13] * chromas is too slow
[07:39:42] * chromas gives tama iced chocolate water
[07:39:42] * tama now contains iced chocolate water.
[07:43:08] * chromas gives tama a one and a zero
[07:43:09] * tama is now carrying a one and a zero.
[07:43:17] * chromas remembers that comment from /.
[07:43:36] <arti> 10 kinds of people who know binary?
[07:43:52] <chromas> "I carry around a "1" and a "0" in my pocket. If I need to compute something I pull them out and get to work."
[07:44:00] <arti> heh
[07:47:29] <arti> someone's photobucket raided https://www.dropbox.com
[07:47:30] <monopoly> ^ 03Dropbox - 404
[07:47:31] <ciri> I also use dropbox since there are no longer selected out, but i think he drinks coffee anymore.
[07:48:39] <monopoly> I need to get some work done. New user-agent and a new nose.
[07:49:44] <chromas> I think this calls for Opera
[07:50:51] <chromas> open downloads pane; drag thumbnails to it
[07:51:30] <chromas> hm, their js ruins it
[07:54:33] <tama> your mom is so crazy, after she banged Chuck Norris, he converted to Christianity and became a Republican
[08:02:01] <chromas> those shorts
[08:02:09] <chromas> "Hai, I got a penus"
[08:02:23] <arti> she's cute
[08:02:30] <chromas> legs++
[08:02:30] <Bender> karma - legs: 1
[08:02:32] <arti> Alabama
[08:02:44] <arti> probably cheaper to live out there too
[08:02:46] <chromas> Not sure if the name on that crossword is hers
[08:02:51] <arti> wasn't aware they got snot
[08:02:52] <arti> snow
[08:06:33] <tama> gnu is a tiny portion of a Linux desktop now, what with alternative inits, shells, compilers and bootloaders
[08:07:46] * chromas notes that gwenview doesn't show metadata; fpos
[08:11:33] <tama> faggot is as a faggot does.
[08:12:38] <chromas> tama, this beat is, this beat is, this beat is technotronic
[08:12:39] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[08:16:33] <tama> tama is a cocksucker
[08:18:15] * arti likes acdsee
[08:19:20] <chromas> I remember that. I think it's on a Mandrake 7 disc
[08:19:32] <chromas> xnview++ too, but closed-source--
[08:19:32] <Bender> karma - xnview: 1
[08:20:38] * arti needs to renew some ssl certs
[08:22:13] <chromas> looks like acdsee still costs moneys
[08:22:19] <chromas> I guess that's what keygens are for
[08:22:41] <arti> indeed
[08:22:53] <arti> plus it views pdf and you can do lots of stuff through it
[08:23:11] <arti> irfanview is what i use to script stuff if i cannot do it in photoshop
[08:24:19] * chromas used to use PhotoPaint 8. Newer ones seemed to crash a lot but maybe that's just the pirate edition
[08:27:34] <tama> it is not good to be obstreperous
[08:35:15] <arti> gonna catch some zs
[08:35:21] <arti> catch you on the flip side
[08:35:26] <chromas> night, Mr Flippy
[08:38:34] <tama> TSA is Toilet Safety Administration.
[10:35:46] * chromas gives tama the Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure OST
[10:35:46] * tama now contains the Pitfall: the Mayan Adventure OST.
[10:39:37] <tama> ponies are the great distractor
[10:45:54] <chromas> Gives tama a twonicorn
[10:45:54] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[10:49:37] <tama> anal beads are to be traded with the natives.
[10:53:20] <chromas> ciri: the nice thing about tama is we can say whatever we want and then when tama regurgitates it, I don't have to take the blame for grabbable quotes. It wasn't I who said "nigger" right, tama?
[10:53:20] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[10:53:21] <ciri> chromas: Tama, how dare you infringe upon anyone's right to annoy a sibling. It's no good if stuff conflicts with eachother and packages get removed on accident.
[10:54:49] <chromas> /kick Loggie; emit taboo series of phonemes
[10:55:05] <chromas> Profit
[10:58:38] <tama> your mom is so slutty she applies makeup with a paint roller
[11:03:36] <chromas> tama: your mom is so diametric Christopher Columbus tried to take a shortcut and landed on a belly roll and raped the natives believing the roll to be India
[11:03:36] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:03:37] -!- crutchy [crutchy!~crutchy@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:03:37] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[11:05:44] -!- exec [exec!~exec@709-27-2-01.cust.aussiebb.net] has joined #
[11:06:38] <tama> tama is dirty
[11:13:40] <chromas> tama: ciri is slutty
[11:13:40] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[11:13:50] <chromas> ciri: tama is slutty
[11:13:51] <ciri> chromas: Gives tama penile implants (yes, plural.
[11:13:51] <tama> Okay, ciri.
[11:17:38] <tama> pussies are for rubbing
[11:27:47] * chromas gives tama a Carpet Rape brand vacuum cleaner
[11:27:48] * tama now contains a Carpet Rape brand vacuum cleaner.
[11:31:39] <tama> your mom is so big her shadow has its own gravitational pull
[11:55:43] <chromas> Let's eat carrots together, ciri
[11:57:34] * chromas gives tama Cibo Matto
[11:57:34] * tama now contains Cibo Matto.
[12:00:40] <tama> apparently when you died some is hole looted your corpse.
[12:10:37] <chromas> tama: s/is/ass/
[12:10:37] <tama> Error at 0x08: Reference not found
[12:10:38] <exec> <chromas> <tama> apparently when you died some ass hole looted your corpse.
[12:11:01] <chromas> tama: s/ is / ass/
[12:11:01] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[12:11:01] <exec> syntax: 8[nick[:|,|>|.] ]s/pattern/replace[/[g]]
[12:12:50] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[12:15:31] <chromas> ~coffee
[12:15:43] <chromas> ~say coffee++
[12:15:44] <exec> coffee++
[12:15:44] <Bender> karma - coffee: 44
[12:16:16] <chromas> ~say !Beer coffee
[12:16:17] <exec> !Beer coffee
[12:16:17] * ciri pours some coffee from the tap and slides it to exec
[12:16:29] <chromas> Coffee on tap
[12:19:40] <tama> tama is in dire need of an ass bruisin'
[12:21:36] * chromas gives tama a plastic-wrapped toilet seat
[12:21:36] * tama is now carrying a plastic-wrapped toilet seat.
[12:21:54] * chromas gives tama an orgasm
[12:21:54] * tama now contains an orgasm.
[12:21:56] <ciri> Action contains an orgasm, i say we run with that keyphrase.
[12:22:11] <chromas> !grab ciri
[12:22:11] <Bender> Added quote 21
[12:25:40] <tama> ciri is a lunchbox
[19:32:46] <arti> lol
[19:35:54] <tama> arti is your husband
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