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[03:03:04] <chromas> tama: boxes are for munching
[03:03:04] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[03:03:43] <chromas> tama: boxes are for poking things into
[03:03:43] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[03:04:21] <chromas> Like cucumbers and remote controls
[03:07:38] <tama> your mom is so big her shadow has its own gravitational pull
[06:06:26] <chromas> tama:
[06:06:26] <tama> tama is taking to a robot
[06:09:44] <tama> two testicles are redundant
[06:13:04] <chromas> Come again?
[06:16:44] <tama> windows is shit
[06:24:14] <chromas> tama: linux is the shit
[06:24:14] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[06:27:44] <tama> <Bytram exec [soylentnews] - australian gov pushing hard for metadata retention law - http://räksmörgås.
[07:13:58] <crutchy> tama, american pie is a sexual stimulant
[07:13:58] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[07:17:46] <tama> onions are not for dogs
[07:24:25] <crutchy> really?
[07:27:46] <tama> Ruby is for...uh, some term that would offend Japanese people
[07:52:52] <arti> boing
[07:52:57] <arti> hung out with mrcool
[07:56:47] <tama> ciri is not to be trusted.
[08:37:46] <chromas> Cool
[08:37:50] <chromas> Bp
[08:41:49] <tama> tama is a poop master
[08:44:05] <crutchy> arti, how does he smell?
[08:47:49] <tama> poopsicles are not for eating
[08:48:10] <crutchy> oh now you tell me
[08:51:49] <tama> ciri is funnier than will farrel
[09:04:19] <arti> like a man
[09:07:50] <tama> soft-core is better because they don't focus on one tight shot for forty-five minutes
[09:15:17] <crutchy> true that
[09:18:50] <tama> the key is subtlety. You have to make them think you're serial and/or honest
[09:19:56] <crutchy> tama, corn flakes are the best serial
[09:19:56] <tama> Okay, crutchy.
[09:23:50] <tama> this is the greatest and best song in the world...tribute
[09:58:12] <chromas> Well pc's fucked. Guess I should pull the bot source to the server and sshin by phone :D
[10:01:51] <tama> pron is another term for pornography. pornography built the web.
[10:07:52] <chromas> Apparently all I had to do is say something and now it works :/
[10:08:05] <chromas> Flaky_hardware+-
[10:11:52] <tama> yo mamma is so fat that if she wanted to go to the moon they would need a saturn 5 just to lift her undies
[10:15:27] <chromas> tama: I've got a Saturn v in my pants right now
[10:15:27] <tama> Error at 0x08: Reference not found
[10:15:39] <chromas> ciri: I've got a Saturn v in my pants right now
[10:15:40] <ciri> chromas: The one i'm drinking from right now, what time you got a saturn v in my browser.
[10:18:52] <tama> crutchy's dirty secrets are found in the hamper.
[10:26:18] <crutchy> ciri, you're drinking from the saturn v that was in chomas' pants that's now in your browser
[10:26:20] <crutchy> ?
[10:29:52] <tama> white people and dogs are both natural swimmers.
[10:54:32] * juggs gives tama a dragon
[10:54:32] * tama is now carrying a dragon.
[10:57:53] <tama> ethereal means the stats are pretty terrible because of the aprs citizen weather observer program (cwop) @ 0.1 hrs ago.
[13:56:19] * paulej72 gives tama a fup
[13:56:19] * tama is now carrying a fup.
[13:59:59] <tama> your mom is so fat, and probably lives in New Orleans
[17:32:47] -!- exec has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[17:33:49] -!- crutchy has quit [Ping timeout: 244 seconds]
[22:48:17] <chromas> tama, there is an old expression, don't keep both your nuts in one sac
[22:48:17] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[22:52:16] <tama> chicken stock is better than beef stock in most situations
[22:54:10] <paulej72> tama: lama
[22:57:16] <tama> your balls are an eggdrop
[22:57:18] <ciri> With robocop like cubbies for stuff (phones, stress balls, yep.
[23:01:17] <tama> australians are what they eat.