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[09:46:45] <ciri> You are logging anytime the deamon is hit even if the bots were networked, we should burn them.
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[09:50:45] <tama> crutchy is your husband
[09:56:05] <arti> "ANUS
[09:56:15] <arti> pandemic is a pretty cool game
[09:56:17] <arti> game of teamwork
[09:56:55] <crutchy> hi arti
[09:56:56] <ciri> hello, whats up crutchy
[09:57:00] <arti> hey mang
[09:57:04] <arti> got in super late
[09:57:07] <crutchy> ciri, your penis is up :p
[09:57:12] <arti> went to a good vietnamese joint with some mates
[09:57:18] <crutchy> ooh
[09:57:24] <arti> really good
[09:57:32] <arti> had a cocktail there, fucking panty dropper
[09:57:32] <crutchy> so you got a bj while you were eating?
[09:57:46] <arti> lol, no. se asians are dirty
[09:58:00] <arti> plus i'm not about that purple pus
[09:58:28] <arti> lol internet standards
[09:58:28] <ciri> i don't think it's that funny lol
[09:58:46] <crutchy> i'm still working on users.php
[09:59:00] <crutchy> i've got irciv set in my (distant) sights
[09:59:06] <arti> nicely done!
[09:59:15] <arti> i spend a lot of time with authentication bs
[09:59:23] <arti> i've still not unlocked the cleanest pattern
[09:59:30] <crutchy> this is about the 4th time i've written it
[09:59:55] <arti> hmm, maybe you can pick apart how other guys do it, sounds like pseudo code would work wonders
[10:00:29] <crutchy> problem isn't so much how to get the info. /list > /who > /whois
[10:00:37] * arti likes setting stuff up for users, privs, and then how the views handle those parameters. what i do code golf with is how i organize my classes and the fucking plumbing bs
[10:00:41] <crutchy> but how to make it work in my stupid bot
[10:00:54] <arti> so these users have user levels?
[10:01:04] <crutchy> nah
[10:01:08] <arti> not authenticated, authenticated player, authenticated admin
[10:01:21] <crutchy> hmm sort of
[10:01:41] <crutchy> auth/not auth is based on nickserv account (330 numeric)
[10:01:49] <arti> aaaah
[10:01:49] <crutchy> admin is based off exec line
[10:02:04] <arti> i'm in website mode lol
[10:02:08] <crutchy> oh
[10:02:10] <crutchy> :p
[10:02:29] <arti> might be cool to see how charbdys works with opers
[10:03:03] <crutchy> started looking into it a little, but my motivation isn't sufficient
[10:03:18] <arti> yeah, i feel you
[10:03:36] <crutchy> kinda itchin to get back into cool stuff that i was doin with irciv
[10:03:37] <arti> i'm kinda over anything coding atm. got my shit banged out friday and saturday
[10:03:39] <arti> need a break
[10:03:46] <arti> yeah man, it's a real slog
[10:03:47] <crutchy> nod nod
[10:03:59] <arti> hopefully you'll get some inspiration
[10:04:06] <arti> sometimes i fuck off on stuff for a long time
[10:04:15] <arti> deadlines can blow though, especially with unfamiliar crap
[10:04:47] <crutchy> made a little headway today. got it working but wasn't getting all nicks. i put it down to a bunch of instances all trying to write to the same bucket at once
[10:05:10] <crutchy> i've started using a simple file-append type model that seems to work
[10:05:29] <arti> as dumb as this sounds, maybe this'll help you?
[10:05:31] <arti> habitrpg
[10:05:45] <arti> i came across it because someone wanted to add it to their bot
[10:05:50] <arti> have it report crap
[10:05:55] <arti> its like a skinner box
[10:06:01] <crutchy> when the rebuild runs it's funny watching how quickly everything happens. and then you get a whole bunch of script end messages pile on at once :p
[10:06:10] <crutchy> oh
[10:06:13] <arti> maybe you can use a debug script bro
[10:06:14] * crutchy googles
[10:06:28] <arti> like uh, one that'll rangle up crap all on one page
[10:06:41] <arti> variables here, post data there, some state crap and then neatly list the lines where it explodes
[10:06:49] <crutchy> prolly would be handy
[10:07:10] <crutchy> its very multi-threaded
[10:07:18] <arti> i just came across something
[10:07:22] <crutchy> err. multi-process
[10:07:27] <arti> one reason i really dig laravel, it has a fucking sweet debug page
[10:07:38] <arti> it's fucking beautiful
[10:07:52] <arti> i still do lots of print crap, which i beat back to a central log
[10:08:11] <arti> i try to get into that habit early, but sometimes its terrible sifting through a godamned log
[10:08:21] <crutchy> hmm i think laravel is what the new web site for the company i work for uses
[10:08:32] <arti> it's handsdown the best shit ever
[10:08:52] <crutchy> i have a central log. it's a nasty place :p
[10:08:56] <arti> i've waited to make a jump, version 4came out not too long ago
[10:09:13] <arti> i like it for a number of things, lots of admin plumbing
[10:09:31] <arti> for example the db stuff, so you can seed a database or do migrations is the way to do it
[10:09:36] <arti> you can do command line everything
[10:09:46] <arti> php artisan db:seed
[10:09:52] <arti> boom, sets up your crap
[10:10:12] <arti> no fucking with command line sql (not that thats hard) or slogging through phpmyadmin
[10:10:25] <arti> this makes it so you can deploy super easily
[10:10:26] <ciri> Tama, i prefer nights to mornings, mornings are nice... But it has magically refilled. "Oh, it's easily skipped.
[10:10:26] <tama> Okay, ciri.
[10:10:34] <arti> step it up, or step it down.
[10:10:38] <crutchy> i tend to be very manual. prolly very slow too
[10:10:48] <arti> well that's fine, nothing wrong with that
[10:10:58] <crutchy> not very smart tho
[10:11:11] <arti> once you get enough moving pieces it can be bothersom, i've hacked enough stuff together where i'm tired of reinventing the wheel
[10:11:45] <arti> like making an application deployment agnostic
[10:12:08] <crutchy> dunno much about that stuff
[10:12:38] <crutchy> is that like trying to make it install the same on debian/rhel/etc
[10:12:53] <arti> for web stuff its a little easier but there could be differences
[10:13:08] <arti> how about on development its blah.com/testapp/
[10:13:09] <ciri> doing great here
[10:13:26] <arti> production its shortflea.net
[10:13:41] <arti> and one uses public_html and another uses /public
[10:13:54] <crutchy> that's confusement
[10:14:18] <crutchy> i tried to set up exec deployment on lappy and webserver so that its similar
[10:14:28] <arti> its a smart move
[10:14:38] <arti> been bit in the ass with different php versions
[10:14:50] <arti> this is where unit tests would've helped
[10:15:03] <arti> i also like that tests are first class in rust
[10:15:14] <crutchy> i did a dist-upgrade on the server a while ago cos awk version broke sedbot
[10:15:52] <crutchy> i started creating a test script. didn't get very far yet
[10:16:13] <crutchy> rust is that framework you been tinkering with>
[10:16:14] <crutchy> ?
[10:16:42] <arti> rust is a systems language, think newer C
[10:16:50] <crutchy> mkay
[10:16:53] <arti> angular is a framework that has some first class tests
[10:16:55] <arti> that shit is amazingt
[10:17:04] * arti digs angular
[10:17:15] <arti> codeigniter has some testing but meh
[10:17:18] <crutchy> never got my head right around unit test frameworks
[10:17:28] <arti> not sure on laravel, if its baked in or better to go the phpunit route
[10:17:33] <arti> ditto
[10:17:49] <crutchy> rolled my own unit test framework for work app but that's cos it needed tying in anyway
[10:17:59] <arti> i've done some small projects so the test stuff is really cool
[10:18:08] <arti> i'm working on adding that to my workflow
[10:18:50] <arti> i had a page open the other day with a php script, this might be interesting: http://stackoverflow.com
[10:18:57] <arti> i'm going to get some rest tho
[10:19:06] <arti> good luck wit hthe codes :D
[10:19:09] * arti salutes
[10:19:13] <crutchy> cya mate
[10:22:45] <tama> crutchy is here.
[10:32:21] <crutchy> ~rehash
[10:32:21] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file
[10:35:46] <tama> laravel is php that doesn't hurt
[10:36:59] <chromas> tama, one is all you need
[10:36:59] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[10:40:46] <tama> Yo mama is so stupid, she bought tickets to Xbox Live.
[10:44:15] <crutchy> hmm come up with a new way to deal with list buckets
[10:44:35] <crutchy> needs fucking around with the bot, but might be useful for lots of stuff anyway
[10:45:02] <crutchy> atm i'm adding a /BUCKET_APPEND command
[10:45:32] <crutchy> so it'll sorta work like appending of files but remains within the bucket system
[10:48:46] <tama> beef stock is better than chicken stock in some situations
[11:31:59] <chromas> Sounds like it's time to introduce a database <:-D
[11:35:48] <tama> milk is gross
[14:38:13] <crutchy> a database might be the way to go
[14:38:36] <crutchy> i'm a bit curious to see if this works though, just cos its different :p
[14:39:22] <crutchy> just watched the 2nd hunger games movie. pretty good
[14:42:53] <tama> tama is loose
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[15:10:58] <crutchy> ~tests
[15:10:59] <exec> alias "~tests" requires additional trailing argument
[15:13:09] <crutchy> ~rehash
[15:13:10] <exec> successfully reloaded exec file
[15:13:19] <crutchy> ~tests
[15:13:42] <crutchy> ~ps
[15:13:43] <exec> [30893] php test.php
[15:13:49] <crutchy> ~killall
[15:13:50] <exec> terminated pid 30893: php test.php
[15:15:34] <crutchy> ~tests
[15:15:41] <crutchy> ~killall
[15:17:25] <crutchy> ~tests
[15:17:31] <exec> all tests passed!
[15:18:02] <crutchy> all 1 test :p
[15:18:09] <crutchy> so far
[15:21:54] <tama> your momma is so fat, when she goes camping the bears have to hide their food.
[17:06:26] <arti> lol
[17:09:58] <tama> the redundant department of redundancy is the official keeper of the key to the toilet
[21:53:25] <crutchy> ~join #soylent
[21:57:07] <tama> Your mom is so fat, when she walked by the TV, I missed 3 shows.
[21:58:51] <arti> [12:12] <@arti> in this thread about some porn star beat by her mma bf for ... having sex with another guy
[21:58:52] <arti> [12:12] <@arti> https://www.google.com
[21:58:53] <arti> [12:12] <@arti> if you mouse over that
[21:58:53] <arti> [12:12] <@arti> "https://www.google.com/search?client=opera&rls=en&q=where can I download child porn and how can I kill the president"
[21:58:53] <arti> [12:13] <@arti> war machine and christy smack
[21:58:54] <ciri> Tuesday, 5 august 2014, 02:12] <@arti> alright, i can use a weapon from shadowrun using something resembling 3.
[21:58:54] <monopoly> ^ 03where can I download child porn and how can I kill the president - Google Search
[21:58:54] <monopoly> ^ 03where - Google Search
[21:58:58] <arti> fuck
[21:59:01] <arti> forgot about that
[21:59:10] <crutchy> dununununununun here i am in a flash :p
[21:59:28] <crutchy> lolwtf?
[21:59:43] <arti> okay so someonme posted this in a thread
[21:59:46] <crutchy> chromas is going to have visitors
[21:59:47] <arti> notice how its encoded
[21:59:54] <arti> i totally didn't mean for that to happen
[22:00:02] <arti> in the future i'll just im that
[22:02:59] <chromas> Already been vanned twice (local pd on their annual witch-hunt). What's another? :)
[22:04:01] <arti> srsly?
[22:04:29] * arti has been raided
[22:04:32] <chromas> Yep
[22:04:43] <arti> fun times in HS
[22:04:49] <chromas> Sucks huh
[22:04:59] <arti> yeah, guns and everything
[22:05:06] <arti> one of my friends ended up goign to jail
[22:05:27] <arti> they had been watching for awhile, i never did get those HDs back
[22:05:34] <chromas> Hey, same here
[22:05:43] <crutchy> .op
[22:05:43] -!- mode/# [+o crutchy] by juggler
[22:05:44] <chromas> Prison--
[22:05:44] <Bender> karma - prison: -1
[22:05:52] <arti> petty bs, mostly software but the main heat was movies
[22:05:53] crutchy changed topic of # to: the bat cave
[22:06:05] <crutchy> arti = genius :p
[22:06:09] <crutchy> .deop
[22:06:09] -!- mode/# [-o crutchy] by juggler
[22:06:13] <arti> scene group :D
[22:06:13] <tama> "Scene Group D" would be a good name for a band.
[22:06:19] <arti> indeed
[22:06:21] <arti> tama++
[22:06:21] <Bender> karma - tama: 4
[22:06:33] <arti> i was so lucky nothing was on my record
[22:06:39] <arti> scared me straight
[22:07:01] <arti> "well if you don't cooperate we'll be happy to involve some of these other companies
[22:07:47] <arti> i need to go through my archives
[22:08:45] <chromas> For us it was cp because a friend was talking about the corrupt local justice system so suddenly some women he did nudes of in the 80s were underage at the time (even though there were cops involved at the time, when banging some of them)
[22:09:26] <chromas> They've gone after others for cp but they could afford the good lawyers
[22:10:50] <arti> it sucks
[22:11:10] <arti> used to do lots of mirc fserving, xdcc crap
[22:11:16] <arti> had a sweet 50mbit unmetered line
[22:11:39] <chromas> Nice
[22:12:32] <arti> i've avoided that crap, went back to usenet
[22:12:46] <arti> steered clear of the release group crap
[22:12:58] <chromas> Need more advanced p2p networks
[22:13:07] <arti> just not worth any heat for job prospects
[22:13:18] <arti> they don't care about convictions, just arrest records now
[22:14:05] <chromas> Is it just me or did p2p development kind of die off when bittorrent became popular?
[22:15:33] <arti> uh no, its still popular, torrents were okay
[22:15:36] <arti> member suprnova?
[22:15:39] <chromas> In the old days you could make the joke "Oh, convictions? Oh, no..."
[22:16:04] <chromas> Yeah but isn't that still torrents with a dht?
[22:16:27] * arti uses usenet, mega/rapidshare/uploaded.to etc.
[22:16:37] <arti> you speak any german?
[22:16:38] <ciri> arti, Glad i didnt need to whip out a german passport rather than tab tab i could see some capital-i:lowercase-l shenanigans via hex values in links.
[22:16:43] <arti> more importantly, read
[22:16:58] <chromas> No :(
[22:17:08] <arti> if you can muddle your way through it this is a pretty decent spot
[22:17:32] <arti> you'll need a vpn to get around the upload limits for the free file limit bs
[22:17:37] <arti> boerze.de
[22:17:55] <arti> most of my music i get off of underground sites,
[22:18:11] <arti> as far as p2p stuff, share, there's hotline and dc++
[22:18:33] <arti> maybe something like waste would be good
[22:18:47] <arti> i've used the japanese programs, they're pretty decent but take awhile
[22:19:05] <arti> i have no problem with waiting for something i like, even if it takes awhile (weeks)
[22:20:27] <arti> i sound like some filthy pirate
[22:20:32] * arti buys more now than ever
[22:20:57] <arti> i still gobble up stuff, it's not entitlement, but i guess you can argue that
[22:21:11] <arti> "you made something, i am special and can have it for free!"
[22:21:48] <arti> more like i know this is not right, but because i can, i might.
[22:21:56] <arti> kinda catchy...
[22:22:22] * arti thinks back to the raid
[22:22:28] <arti> 14 years ago
[22:24:18] <arti> oh yeah, do you need a copy of truecrypt?
[22:24:47] <chromas> Anything from back then should be out of copyright anyway. Just 'cause they changed the rules...Pirate away
[22:25:09] <arti> i view it as i'll buy it for business purposes
[22:25:16] <chromas> A windows one. I have linux. I only want it for someone else because I use luks
[22:25:52] <chromas> Unless there's something else for windows besides TrueCrypt that doesn't suck
[22:26:04] <arti> https://madiba.encs.concordia.ca
[22:26:05] <monopoly> ^ 03How I compiled TrueCrypt 7.1a for Win32 and matched the official binaries
[22:27:15] <arti> this looks to be a fork
[22:27:15] <arti> https://ciphershed.org
[22:27:17] <monopoly> ^ 03CipherShed | Secure Encryption Software
[22:27:18] <ciri> Cool, figured out how to manipulate encryption standards bodies to incorporate some slightly flawed prng or smesuch :d.
[22:27:50] <chromas> ciri: you are smart
[22:27:52] <ciri> chromas: Replace all possibly-space-separated sequences of two. Let people get their password. Nothing then stops them from behind, but i cancelled cos i think you are smart.
[22:28:43] <arti> https://www.grc.com
[22:28:43] <monopoly> ^ 03GRC's|TrueCrypt, the final release, archive&nbsp;
[22:32:08] <tama> init is number one
[22:32:35] <chromas> Ooh thanks. Been awhile since I went to grc
[22:33:01] <arti> i have some binaries around here too if you trust me
[22:35:29] * chromas thinks arti is a trap
[22:35:33] <chromas> :D
[22:35:53] <arti> i scoped out the app that sub wrote
[22:36:14] <arti> the http/https thing makes me totally want to do a binary protocol
[22:36:15] <paulej72> tama: it is a trap
[22:36:15] <tama> Okay, paulej72.
[22:36:18] <arti> fuck snooping
[22:36:32] <arti> https is a joke
[22:37:36] * chromas should make the bot into a download manager
[22:40:40] <arti> which bot?
[22:40:43] <arti> what kind of downloads?
[22:40:56] <arti> so you can queue stuff up?
[22:42:22] <chromas> Yeah. That way I can paste a link from my phone
[22:43:11] <arti> that's cool, man i kinda wish hd space wasn't so expensive. nice to get a rack
[22:43:39] <chromas> tama: ciri has a nice rack
[22:43:39] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[22:44:37] <chromas> tama: a nice rack is nice
[22:44:38] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[22:44:39] <paulej72> tama: ciri is in possession of a nice rack
[22:44:39] <tama> Okay, paulej72.
[22:44:42] <chromas> Or something
[22:45:12] <arti> that's another reason i want another protocol
[22:45:22] <arti> i'd like irc to support encryption, not the https kind. that's a starter
[22:45:31] <arti> where we can use keys
[22:45:32] <paulej72> rot13
[22:45:51] <arti> i still dig that cd idea
[22:49:08] <tama> funbags are f or bigger
[22:53:51] <chromas> Hm. Well you could make up a protocol scheme and make for transfer program handle it, right? Like arti:zuperpr0nz.uha
[22:55:08] <arti> could be cool, need to look at how mega stores their crap
[22:55:46] <chromas> Then of course you can also add support in your irc client too
[22:59:08] <tama> chromas is a pickled herring
[22:59:34] <arti> yeah, that side of it makes it tricky.
[22:59:46] * arti found a blowfish mirc thingy
[23:03:00] <chromas> I think xmpp supports this transfers
[23:03:04] <chromas> File
[23:03:32] <chromas> And multi-user chat
[23:07:09] <tama> sometimes pussies get so full of shit that they become assholes because pussies are only an inch and a half away from assholes
[23:07:10] <ciri> tama, [Google translate] unsere fe sind stayin (auto -> en): wodim if you call in the shit out of sna.
[23:07:10] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[23:09:08] <chromas> tama: a cop mustache is the same as a pedo mustache
[23:09:08] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[23:09:57] <chromas> ciri: and they both have rape vans
[23:09:58] <ciri> chromas: Prospectacle: your teeth move around as you are a few mexican restaurants and they both have rape vans.
[23:13:09] <tama> tama is dirty
[23:23:45] <arti> http://insidemovies.ew.com
[23:27:10] <tama> your dad is so narcissistic your mom thinks she married a lesbian
[23:50:48] <chromas> Well shit
[23:51:21] <chromas> arti: s/robin-williams/will-farrel/
[23:51:21] <exec> <chromas> <arti> http://insidemovies.ew.com
[23:51:29] <chromas> That's much better
[23:51:33] <arti> i can't really stand that guy
[23:51:37] <arti> but i like a few of the things he says
[23:51:44] <chromas> Which?
[23:51:53] <arti> farrel
[23:51:54] <chromas> Or both?
[23:51:58] <arti> williams > farrel
[23:55:10] <tama> tama is loose
[23:55:41] <chromas> tama: ciri is funnier than will farrel
[23:55:41] <tama> Okay, chromas.
[23:55:55] <chromas> ciri: Andy
[23:55:56] <ciri> chromas: Ciri: andy samberg is not a bloody clue, sir.
[23:56:03] <chromas> tama: Andy
[23:56:03] <tama> I'm sorry, there's currently nothing associated with that keyphrase.
[23:56:08] <chromas> What
[23:56:14] <chromas> tama: Samberg
[23:56:14] <tama> A thousand apologies, effendi, but I do not understand.
[23:56:22] <chromas> Fu, tama
[23:56:22] <tama> I do not know.
[23:56:45] <arti> lol
[23:56:53] <arti> https://www.youtube.com what it sounds like at tama's house
[23:56:54] <monopoly> ^ 03Blade Runner Ambient Deckard's Apartment Sound for 12 Hours - YouTube